Hot 100: Normani’s ‘Wild Side’ Slips Outside Top 40 in Week 2

Published: Tuesday 3rd Aug 2021 by Rashad

After a promising top 20 opening last week (as we reported here), the refreshed Hot 100 reveals Normani‘s ‘Wild Side’ has landed on its lower side.

Details inside:

The Cardi B-assisted ‘Wild,’ released July 16, pounced onto the Pop chart last week at #14 – not only marking the highest premiere of the week (among all artists) but also Normani’s highest debut on the Hot 100 to date.

Fueled by a handsome mix of radio airplay, streaming, and digital sales (the most of any female artist last week), the Pardison Fontaine and Starrah-co-penned bop seemed poise to see that success follow to its sophomore seven days of availability.

Peruse of the updated chart, however, may suggest otherwise.

Slipping out of the top 40, ‘Wild Side’ landed at #45 on this week’s chart – a feat that mirrors the chart performance of the song’s forerunner, ‘Motivation,’ which also debuted in the top 40 but lost footing in the chart territory in the week that followed.  To add to its troubles, Cardi publicly announced intent to abandon promotion of ‘Wild’ after staunch criticism from fans.

However, growing interest at Urban radio – and Normani’s murmured intense promo schedule in the works – could turn the tide on the tune’s trajectory, leading it down the same path to Platinum status afforded to its predecessor.

Click here to see this week’s full TGJ chart rundown.

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  1. Bambam1031 August 3, 2021

    Y’all didn’t discuss how the song wasn’t on streaming services for a day on both Apple Music and Spotify. And yes she’s been on radio but she had a scheduled performance but they cancelled at the last minute but Camilla ends up performing. It’s smelling like sabotage!

    • BUZZ August 3, 2021

      But why did they Cancelled?
      That’s the Question?
      Whether or Not Camila got that date Scheduled, it’s not like she Cancelled Normani’s Performance.. It’s called Coincidence ..

    • Rei August 4, 2021

      Her team never cleared the Aaliyah sample, I foresee more problems in the future

      • dichead August 4, 2021

        Lol , Timberland Produce One in Million

      • Rei August 4, 2021

        And? Timbaland did not produce Wild Side. Producing a record does not mean you have rights to that song

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      U are not well in the head

      U are a flopmani stan so I dont expect u to be stable.
      U are sick nust like every other normani stan I have ever encountered .

      Anytime normani flops it’s always somebody’s fault
      They always blame these people

      The record label
      The manager
      Chloe and hailey
      Taylor swift

      U normani stans are sick individuals.

      Nobody is checking for ur girl. She can not sing and she has the personality of a brick
      This song charted only because cardi was on it.

      Whether u like it or not, Camila will always be more successful than normani cause Camila has the songs, the identity, the talent, the unique sound and voice and lastly the personality.

      • Delonjo August 4, 2021

        This song is the definition of FLOP. It’s so boring and derivative of “1 in a Million” by Aaliyah. Why is this BIG rapper on her debut? it’s just not hot. She looks better than her voice actually is. This is a shame.

  2. DC3 FORVER August 3, 2021

    Listen I’m just here for the comments! This def about to hit 100 comments lol

    • BUZZ August 3, 2021

      😂 😂 😂 You and Me…
      All I be doing is just be scrolling and KiKi’n…
      hurry Up Brother CLARK. I’m waiting ..

  3. jet August 3, 2021

    Now that radio has picked up tremendously, I am thinking this will rebound. The songs that have succeeded in the past for her have always been slow sleep hits (see Love Lies and Dancing with a stranger). Or… this could go the way of Motivation. eek

  4. That Dead Juice August 3, 2021

    This is what happens when you try to sell s** and you aren’t s***…. She thought showing a little ass and playing s** kitten would get her a hit… It’s a Nah! Normani is a flop and they need to stop trying to shove her crappy music down our throats.

    • BUZZ August 4, 2021

      Me as a black person, I been trying my best to like her but…
      ever since she was in 5th Harmony my biggest issues with her was her voice and it’s still is… her voice is too poor Quality. No foundation or Leverage…and lack Luster..
      She sings on one tone and on one Note.. her songs are boring asf.. shes a black Artist with poor vocals techniques.. how can you Créate songs without any Ad-libs And High Notes?
      She loves Beyoncé but She has not learn nothing from her..

      The Ad-libs gives volumes to the song And she don’t do neither of such..Just Boring… she still scared of the Mick I see… Even Camila song has more RYMTH than hers..All this Dan, Choreography for no damn reason.. SMDH .. CAMILA hits her Ablibs and notes at the end of every one of her songs and Close it off with that.. MAKE YOUR S*** BELIEVABLE NORMANI.

      • The Drag Queen August 4, 2021

        Yes Buzz! This comment slays and speaks facts to infinity and BEYOND!
        I Stan.

      • Credits August 4, 2021

        I’m actually going to listen to the song again to see if there are any Adlibs now……

      • Gayla Queef👑 August 4, 2021

        Bye Clarkson

  5. Pat August 3, 2021

    This was as an easy slow burner hit. No live performances. No urban radio interviews. No strategy. Looks like she’s on her own

  6. Tommy August 3, 2021

    Colorism within the entertainment industry has been a serious issue since day one, regardless of talent. Some have pushed through but not as big as fair skin individual. They don’t see them as marketable beyond us. It’s sad.

    • BUZZ OFF August 4, 2021

      That’s not the issues with Normani.. the problem is that girl can’t sing.. And were not in the 2000’s where being a dancer in music videos is sellable…Look at Tinashe ? Even tho her voice is waaaayyy. better than Normani’s.. at least Tinashe can hit high noreste and Ad-libs … Normani song choices are not really good…..

    • Naked August 4, 2021

      unless it comes with a splash ignorance

  7. IKNOWTHETRUTH August 3, 2021


  8. The Drag Queen August 3, 2021

    Baby listen…slipped is an understatement ok?
    More like skated, heel toed and then did the cha cha slide all the way into the top 50.
    Now the first poster above is speaking some facts…the songs WAS indeed unavailable for streaming from what I saw a few accounts that I follow on social media saying yesterday BUT that’s also debatable in regards to it putting her back into the top50 because the same situation happened to LNx with CMBYN and his song still remained in the top 10 of AppleMusic/Spotify as well as the Billboard Top 5. *rolls eyes*
    Wild Side was bound to nosedive on the charts.
    It’s a sampled song from an iconic singer that left many wanting more believe it or not…
    To be straight up, I liked Tinks 2015 sample of the OneInaMill beat better than Wild Side.
    For this situation, I feel all the energy and effort went into the video which was cute but all over the damn place at the same time.
    I will argue to this day that Waves is her best musical effort/visual/performance.
    It didn’t perform well, yes, but it got rave reviews and was such a vibe. S*** but classy. She should of just took that applause, built from it, and came back harder with that sound or similar for her encore.
    Right now her signature sound is all over the place and I feel she is buying into her own hype too much and it’s ruining her direction.
    Even though Cumilla continues to steal unwanted Dora tracks with Diego on production, AT LEAST It’s her own sound.
    At this point with Normani, im sleep chile and need a whole medicine cabinet of b12 to revive me. 😴

    • Ace Blanks August 4, 2021

      Sadly the song not being able to be streamed that one day has nothing to do with it. The song was going to do this whether is was on there that one day or not! It’s just not a HIT HIT!

    • Ace Blanks August 4, 2021

      And Omg I told people that too. Listening to this made me wanna go listen to Tink. Her sample was better and more unique. But I agree with all of this. Even in my comment below I mentioned how “Waves” was a slay!!! That was where she needed to expound on. So sadly I have to agree with all of this. My faith is not as high as it use to be! Now as a dancer/performer I’m all in for her. Just musically I don’t know!

      • The Drag Queen August 4, 2021

        Yes! Waves was a bop though! And the girls weren’t ready.
        Such a strong debut just for her to fall back into a pit full of nonsense.
        And her cover of Cranes in the sky was PHENOMENAL!
        Like Normani please please PLEASE, give us that vibe again with some bomb choreo in the middle of it all!

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

        People call me a Normani hater but I also LOVED Waves and believe that’s the direction she should have continued in! It all went downhill when she decided to do Motivation, thinking Ariana’s writing credit would make it a hit.

  9. Ace Blanks August 4, 2021

    Sad to say but I predicted this!!! It has nothing to do with her being dark skin. The song just ain’t a HIT HIT! Do I hate it? No but do I love it? No! Unfortunately it’s a very forgettable song. And that’s no shade that’s just being brutally honest and I can say this because I’ve supported her for yearsssss. I knew from jump it wouldn’t debut #1 and I knew it wouldn’t climb higher after week one. Falling 31 spots is bad I didn’t expect that big of a drop. The music video is epic for sure but that doesn’t help when people wanna listen to music and not watch the video every time just to enjoy it and that’s the case with this song and “Motivation”. Great videos with blah songs and that doesn’t help when it comes to listening in the car and you can’t watch the visual. And the numbers speak for themselves so I’m not making this up! They aren’t horrible but just not great or Grammy worthy songs. Hell “Waves” and “Checklist” I still bump to this day. Those were really good songs. I wanna be a fan and deep down I want her to win but I won’t lie my faith has waned a little in her music ability. I will still check out whatever she puts out but it’s gonna take a lot for me to be a full on board fan again. I gotta hear HITS and need to give us more pipes!!!! Her voice is a part of the reason why the songs aren’t selling. It doesn’t have any spice or flavor if that make sense. Just sort of monotonous with no tone variation and people want more these days! Again I’m not saying this to be shady. I’m saying it out of real concern and not sugar coating the truth! I want this girl to win I really do! I’m a music artist myself with music out so y’all can check it out to know I really know what I’m talking about. Just search Ace Blanks on your streaming platforms lol IG: @_aceblanks

    • The Drag Queen August 4, 2021

      Yes king! You better!
      We shall check you out! I love to see it.
      I actually hope many of y’all expand outside of the TGJ comment section and go far.
      So much talent, potential, and personality on here BUT the negative ones can choke though….Oop! 😌

      • Ace Blanks August 4, 2021

        Right leave the negative ones out!!! 😂😂😂 And ayyyyy yes Queen thank you for the love!!!! I’m sending it all right back to you and yes we all gonna be big in our callings! Nothing but positivity for us all!! And yesss if you can let me know what you think boo! Im not one to toot my own horn but 🔊🔊🔊 lol 😂 I do believe my music is what the R&B scene is missing. Really 90s SANGIN!!! lol And I humbly say all of this!!! But I know my time is coming! But I appreciate all this love boo!

  10. BUZZ OFF August 4, 2021

    Normani needs to go back to the Drawing board and start with her voice..
    Her voice is poorly Handle and too Mellow, she has a good tone , but not enough to hear her when she on a LIVE stage..
    I know cuz that’s always been her problem since she was in 5th Harmony… While all the other 4 girls belting Notes..she’s whispering to save her life… Like Come On¡ YOU ARE BLACK GIRL, HOW THE HELL YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO SING?

    She loves Beyoncé but she’s not learning nothing from her..
    i realized that in all her songs She don’t have no Ad-Libs or a groundbreaking high note at the end of each song.. I mean
    how is the song suppose to be sellable ? Where’s the Wow Factor part in the song? ….it’ll be matter of time her choreography won’t be enough for her… she’s needs to get it together and created better music …

    • Ace Blanks August 4, 2021

      1000% this! Voice not strong enough because it’s monotonous. No vocal variety and I said the same thing there was no “money note” which would be the groundbreaking high note you speak of lol I totally agree and I said the same thing to my bf about the adlibs. I was like on “Waves” she was singing and giving adlibs at the end that made me love it and believe it so for this song to not have adlibs seems like a regression. This is why the song is not soaring! You don’t have to be a powerhouse to make great music. Just have to know how to use your voice and that’s the problem she don’t really know what her voice is and being that she has limited vocal ability it makes it even harder to find it.

    • AnonymousTruth August 4, 2021

      1,000 % this. Normani can or could hit whistle register , and usually girls who can do that, be throwing that in everything and she is very much the opposite . Her songs sound lazy and incomplete without adlibs . Nothing worse than a song that’s just a bunch of doubled up vocals , no key change no elevated bridge no standout adlibs . It’s very much giving ‘album’ song , not single – and if she wants it to do well she gone have to perform her a$$ off and do a live version that has adlibs and makes the song come alive, make it more 3D than the flat 2d monotonous song it is now.

      • BUZZ OFF August 4, 2021

        SPILL QUEEN and this is why Camila was the Front Woman.. she used to go AWF on her verses .. Let people know “Hey I can hit them high Notes and them Ad-libs… I’m waiting for Dinah to come back Cuzco I feel Ike she deliver.. her songs are always a Bop cuz she knows the capabilities in her voice.. and she uses it..

  11. Haterz Gon’ Hate August 4, 2021

    WHERE were the LIVE performances??? Even Armadilla Cabello got a live talk show gig (but look how that turned out). How can you release a single and not promote it? It’s not 2020 anymore – you can perform again and it’s a mess of a rollout that they’re doing it the other way round when people will have moved into the next shiny thing. Feels like we’ll get another single by September at this rate and she’ll do award shows performing both singles. The greats from the 90’s and early 2000’s would never have rolled out like this 🙄🙄🙄

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      “WHERE were the LIVE performances??? Even Armadilla Cabello got a live talk show gig (”

      Camila and flopmani are not on the same level, u flopmani stans need to start understanding that.

      Camila is the main priority at her label.
      She has given her label
      2 number one songs
      2 platinum albums
      3 Grammy nominations
      Billions of streams and views on YouTube

      Normani is not the main priority at her own label.
      Doja is the priority at RCA.
      So all that payola money, promo money,playlisting money , appearances money etc is going to doja.
      Doja has given the label a massive number one hit (say so),there’s demand for doja cat music.

      That’s how the music industry works

  12. truthteller August 4, 2021

    Is anyone really surprised by this? It debuted high because of the Cardi B feature and the video. After that, people lost interest. The truth that Mani fans have difficulty with is the song is just not good enough. It would be passable for an established artist, but not somebody in Normani’s position.

    • Ace Blanks August 4, 2021

      Yea I feel like if Ciara did this song he may would’ve done better. Or even Summer Walker probably could pull the song off!

    • T August 4, 2021

      I think times has changed, it’s not easy to chart this day’s you can say whatever you want. The song was to slow, the streaming platforms did this and that the truth is this industry is manipulative. You don’t have to chart this day’s to become a successful Artist
      the people behind billboard always going to manipulate people and Artists. Don’t do music to chart, do music to build a fan base, to tour, to build a strong income. This day’s we have a lot of indi artists who are really successful with sold out shows, making more money than signed Artists. I’m tired of all the billboard and Grammy rules.
      Normani should stop doing songs with other Artists, we know that her label are doing all of that to get her on the charts. Sam Smith,Cardi B etc!

  13. Riribadgal August 4, 2021

    Wow thank you for being somewhat fair this time TGJ 😝 ☺️😍

  14. Fufu August 4, 2021

    she’s basic as a singer , adds nothing to a song that makes it hit. I’ve been checking for her since her love lies days. she doesn’t do much to songs so probably she doesn’t get many offers from songwriters and/or her label doesn’t do much to get her hits. she’s not a hitmaker, neither can she be a Grammy fave type of singer because she lacks personality and vocals. not to add she can’t base on looks to sell. she’s pretty, just not enough for her to sell records by merely looking cute on camera. I do think she can improve vocally though . vocals can be improved. she does have a career waiting for her despite all the negatives. she just needs to add some magic to her music.

    • Paulo August 4, 2021

      now I used to think Mani was a weak vocalist until I saw some random video on vocals on YouTube and it showed her doing some whistle notes on 5H rehearsals… so she has the range and she can project! but now I wonder what’s not clicking for her to not be showing these vocals on the records she’s putting out.

      • BUZZ OFF August 4, 2021

        But then at the same time like I said.. you can’t whistle for 3 minutes on a song either.. Mariah gave us more than Whistle notes.. she can do other high keys of notes, so can Ariana, she can whistle notes too but she don’t revolve herself around them cuz she has more to offer vocally..
        So idk Normani needs to go be a model instead cuz her voice never did it for me..

  15. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    delusional flopmani stans have started accusing Camila of sabotaging her
    U see what happens when ur delusional, u start imaging things. Lol

    What is Camila’s business with normani?

    What does Camila have to lose or gain with normani succeeding or flopping?

    Camila has her own career to worry about.

    Beside flopmani can never achieve one tenth of what Camila has achieved.

  16. Keeping it real 💯💯💯 August 4, 2021

    Song is a flop and cardi don’t want to promote it anymore. Normani thought selling sèx and getting a cardi feat would guarantee her a top hit. Wrong. and how could she use an Aaliyah sample but not get clearance to use it. That’s shameful on her.

  17. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    And this is why the label refused to spend money oh her.

    The label heard the song and they knew it wouldn’t do well so they didnt bother spending any money on it.

    This song features cardi, the biggest female rapper at the moment. It embarrassing.

    Normani gonna have to use that fenty check Rihanna paid her to fund that album cause RCA will never spend one cent on her.

    Infact they will soon drop her.

    Normani is signed to a big label but shes still funding her own projects with her own money, that’s a warning sign that the label doesnt care about her and they have plans to drop her in future.

  18. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    Normani flops on the charts,
    They blame Camila , who herself is barely getting by on the charts.

    Normani get caught lip syncing at the VMAs
    They blame Camila for tampering with normani’s mic backstage.

    Normani performed badly at that NBA all star show
    They blame Camila for tampering with her mic, even tho Camila was far away in the UK filming her movie Cinderella.

    Normani cancels her late night show performances due RCA records not wanting to give her funds for the performances cause her song motivation was already dead on arrival.
    They blame Camila.

    Normani hasnt released an album 4 tears after going solo
    They blame Camila for making normani sign a bad contract.

    U see the problem with flopmani stans

    U guys are imaging things. Normani stans are not stable in the head.
    This is what happens when u want something to happen so bad , but when it doesn’t happen u become cynical and u start thinking everybody is sabotaging u and working against u.

    What is Camila’s business with normani?
    Camila dont know that girl. 😂

    Camila is busy. She has a movie to promote, a soundtrack and her 3rd album.

    She is a serious artist. Even tho her 2nd album didnt do so well, she is still moving forward and doing her thing, releasing music cause she understands what consistency is, and this why she will continue to experience little success here and there. Unlike flopmani who tanks then disappears for the next 2 years.

    Camila is barely standing right now, so what makes u think she has the power or influence to sabotage another artist.

    • Lady Gaga August 4, 2021

      Camila needs to lose 50lbs with her fat ass

  19. UHoesFunny August 4, 2021


    Clarkduncan and her minions pulled up a seat for this one. Still doesn’t change the fact that CaBloata flopped HARD and that her debut really isn’t anything to be proud of and also only a few slots higher than Normani…which is a song that debuted weeks before 😂😂😂 now that’s actually pretty bad. How Normani second week chart is still on Camicky’s turkey neck?!!

    I predict Don’t Flop Yet will continue to FALL. And eventually into oblivion. Talm bout not on the same level. Chile plz 😂😂 CaBloata def should be doing waaaay better than this hunny. Especially since you claim Normani doesn’t have IT, then seems CaBloata doesn’t either 💀 make it make sense love lmfaooo

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      U mad mad cause everybody is finally seeing normani for who she really is, an untalented, overhyped flop who cant sing, dances like a backup dancer and has no personality

      Not u comparing a solo song to a song that has a cardi feature.

      U should compare wild side to Havana.
      That’s the only ideal comparison, but u can’t

      And yes Camila’s solo song has more streams on spotify than normani’s wild side that features cardi, the biggest female rapper at the moment

      Dont go yet- 22 million streams
      Released 1 week ago

      Wild side- 16 million streams
      Released 2 weeks ago

  20. Delonjo August 4, 2021

    This song is the definition of FLOP. It’s so boring and derivative of “1 in a Million” by Aaliyah. Why is this BIG rapper on her debut? it’s just not hot.

  21. Paulo August 4, 2021

    the song is a cute bop and has potential to rebound. but her team needs to get it together and get her BOOKED – she dropped a hot video that created a lot of buzz and then went back on Twitter and Instagram? wtf is that

    • Fufu August 4, 2021

      her team is not applying enough pressure!

  22. Suck My Balls August 8, 2021

    Honestly the song sucked. Cardi’s verse was wack and Normani’s voice sounded monotone asf. Her team also does a terrible job of promoting her and her label obviously doesn’t care about her. Normani can’t sing, is overhyped, and lacks personality. Her fans spend more time blaming Camila for everytime she flops instead of just supporting her music so I really don’t feel bad for her.

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