R. Kelly Trial: Singer Confessed Aaliyah Was PREGNANT, Tour Manager Testifies

Published: Friday 20th Aug 2021 by Sam

R. Kelly‘s racketeering and sex trafficking trial has been underway for just one day and the bombshells are already dropping.

For, the singer’s former tour manager has testified that the singer allegedly impregnated Aaliyah when she was a minor.

Full story below…

Kelly’s tour manager from 1984 to 1996, Demetrius Smith, testified at the Brooklyn courthouse that he believed the star “told me that Aaliyah was ‘in trouble.'”

Smith continued “he said, ‘Don’t call Barry, it’s deeper than you think.'” A comment which referred to Kelly’s manager at the time Barry Hankerson – Aaliyah’s uncle.

He claimed the conversation happened after a concert in a limo.

“As soon as the show was over, we got in the car and went to the airport,” he added.

“R. Kelly said, ‘Aaliyah, man. She think’s she’s pregnant. It was a shock.”

It was further claimed that Kelly arranged for a marriage to Aaliyah, who turned 15 just six days prior. The marriage certificate was forged to say she was 18. The union eventually annulled.

The news comes on the same day Aaliyah’s music hit streaming services.

Kelly has been charged with racketeering and 14 additional acts – including sex trafficking, kidnapping, and forced labor. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

This is one of several trials Kelly is on the hook for.

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  1. Becky Goodhair August 20, 2021

    SICK 😵 Bury him in wet cement!

    • C**-ila August 20, 2021

      I want this sick man behind bars for a long time!

    • yababba August 23, 2021

      bury every grown person involved including her stanking ass parents they knew

  2. Lovergirl August 20, 2021

    And you kept quiet about it for almost 30 years? SHAME ON YOU

  3. Lmfao_Hoe August 20, 2021

    I don’t believe this, one where is the evidence to support such a thing and how could he be trail for this if Aaliyah has been gone for over 2 decades smh I know her family especially mother is sick of this whole thing. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’ll be optioned to be present in court.

  4. Le le August 20, 2021

    Sick f***. This we all knew though. She ended up getting an abortion.

    Smh, folks including the BET network thought this inappropriate relationship was cute during that time too. Smdh. They all failed her from her parents to everyone hyping them together.

  5. Bravo!! August 20, 2021

    Around the “One In a Million” album rumors was Aaliyah had a Baby girl. The little girl in the “Hot like fire” video supposedly was Aaliyah’s child. Now, we need to dig up proof. Did Aaliyah have an abortion?

    • Detruth August 20, 2021

      I don’t think she disappeared for any length of time and she was always pretty slim and was always showing a lil skin so it never looked like she had some baby fat or stretch marks. I believe there was an abortion if she ever was pregnant.

    • KeyLoLo August 21, 2021

      Actually that girl in the HLF video is Aaliyah’s little cousin, Mintis Hankerson (named after the grandmother they both share). Little Mintis was also the flower girl in Toni Braxton’s wedding when she married ole dude from Mint Condition

      I’m not sure why this family act like Aaliyah only had ONE cousin when truth be told she got more family than they have always let off…NONE OF THEM HAS EVER SPOKEN publicly…that whole family is just weird

      I love Aaliyah but her family is just wayyyyy too weird, private and secretive for me

  6. Detruth August 20, 2021

    I wish her legacy could be in peace but as soon as we get her music on streaming services this mess comes back up. RIP Aaliyah ill always be a fan.

  7. True Tea August 20, 2021

    Like I said once before, R. Kelly was protected until very recently. There was always evidence around to take him down but his wealth allowed him to persue his career unscathed.

    Jeffery Epstein case is proof a lot of wealthy celebraties are involved with underage women, men. Why do you think a lot of male celebrities haven’t publicly condemned R. Kelly?? As the saying goes….silence is violence.

  8. Bravo!! August 20, 2021

    2 years in-between the first & second is enough time to deliver a baby. Not all woman who give birth get stretch marks. There should be paper work for Aaliyah abortion somewhere.

    • Detruth August 21, 2021

      You are right 2 years between albums would be enough time but if you check YouTube she had performances in 94, 95, and 96. I don’t think she disappeared from the scene long enough to have a baby secretly.

  9. Wwwd August 21, 2021

    He not a pervert .. and why only Rkelly in jail.
    they’re all getting locked up…. tour manager is free wooooooooow

  10. Detruth August 21, 2021

    Just tried to play Aaliyah try again video and the video has been completely scrubbed from YouTube wtf?

  11. Nippian August 21, 2021

    No one ever discusses that Wanya was 24 and got a 15 y6ear old Brandy pregnant as well. Both Aaliyah and Brandy had abortions.

  12. Ms. Ling Ling August 21, 2021


  13. Wwwd August 21, 2021

    Tour manager is a liar

    • Wwwd August 21, 2021

      As flat as Aaliyah tummy was
      Rkelly Tour manager is a liar.

  14. yababba August 23, 2021

    bury her parents to they sick to they let that man f*** they kid also mom f***** him to and i oop !

  15. yababba August 23, 2021

    bury her parents right along with him for letting that 30 sum year old d*** in there kid they sick f**** to her mom wanted to f*** him even though she knew he was f****** her kid but she was to old for him so that did not happen all the parents that brought there babies to him for there own sick materialistic life style need to be in prison with him and the girl that got pissed on her aunt sparkle need to be under the jail to along with her fonkey ass brother they gave her to him for money and a record deal sooo be fore you folks go in on kells go in on the other grown ass sickos to k

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