Normani Teases ‘Wild Side’ Live Performances & Dishes On Debut Album

Published: Wednesday 4th Aug 2021 by Sam

Normani is hot on the promotional trail for her new single ‘Wild Side.’

The Cardi B assisted cut opened strong on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the singer’s highest-charting debut on the coveted count.

Still, the 25-year-old is hard at work on a radio tour in support of the track and Z100 New York was her latest stop.

Sitting down with Josh Martinez, the star opened up about her hotly anticipated album debut, incoming live performances of ‘Wild Side,’ her plans for the rest of the year, and much more.

Watch the interview after the jump…

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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

    Hunnie, Wild Side run it’s course, it’s very SHORT course. Move on… 😘

  2. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    Poor girl, she doesn’t know the ship has sailed

    She’s delusional just like her fans on Twitter.
    Coming up with silly conspiracy theories about how Camila is sabotaging normani behind the scenes.

    This is what happens when u are delusional, u start making up things in ur head, u start thinking people are working behind the scenes to stop u from succeeding, when in reality nobody is thinking about u or cares about u.

    • Le le August 4, 2021

      “ when in reality nobody is thinking about u or cares about u.”

      The self drag. 🤣🤣🤣

      Clearly the nonsense you wrote only applies to your fave …A whole live performance on the tonight show & bots couldn’t help your girl from flopping below the top 40


      • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

        Yes, nobody is checking for Camila

        Dont go yet
        26 million streams
        Released 1 week ago

        Wild side featuring Grammy winner cardi, the hottest rapper at the moment
        16 million streams
        Released 2 weeks ago


        And this is why normani will continue to fund her career with her own money even tho shes signed to a major label.

      • Are You Kidding Me? August 4, 2021

        Drag him. I suspect he’s Rasahad or one of the other writers who have it out for everyone Black but praise white mediocrity. Look who he stans for. There’s so many talented Latinas and he lives for an untalented racist.

      • Le le August 4, 2021

        Your mad.lmaooo. Bringing up Cardi for what?? Wildside is her most successful feature out of all her recent so now what?

        chlamydia cabella selling the single for 69 STILL couldn’t stop her from debuting BELOW the top 40! Embarrassing!


      • Clarks0o00ñ August 5, 2021

        “Wildside is her most successful feature”

        Yes , it’s all because of normani

        Normani stans are really sick in the head.

        And you are still comparing a solo song to a cardi feature
        And that solo song has already outstreamed that cardi feature

        If ur really stable in the head, u should be comparing wild side to Havana but u wouldn’t dare try that would u

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 5, 2021

        “. I suspect he’s Rasahad or one of the other writers who have it out for everyone Black”

        Normani stans are sick individuals

        U are imaging things.
        I also work for Camila and I am sabotaging normani behind the scenes cause I’m afraid of her power and her potential

        I have never met a stable normani stan ever.
        All sick delusional people.

        Black twitter have been trying to make this girl happen for the past 4 years and she still hasnt happened,

    • Dc August 4, 2021

      You calling someone delusional please your still in denial about a 69 cent song that couldn’t debut in top 40 with radio payola

    • Dc August 4, 2021

      Why you keep talking about streams they don’t matter if it didn’t help Camilla debut in top 40 billboard
      So what did all those 26 million streams really do ??????????????????

  3. Nicky August 4, 2021


    Wild Side was removed from Apple Music and is already racing back up the top 100 again

    Sorry Camicky. Nice try.

    Remix coming. Performances coming. More music coming

    Guess the budget is keep coming 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      She is funding all of that herself.

      The will soon drop her.

      Number 190 on USA spotify
      Complete out of global spotify 200 chart
      Completely out of iTunes 100

      • beyunlimited August 5, 2021

  4. Nicky August 4, 2021

    Awwww poor Camicky

    Dropped from the movie studios
    Financing the soundtrack that no one will stream
    And now a flop song that’s projected to tumble even more on Billboard.

    The movie executives were smart to cut their losses

    A lead single that’s not even top 40 😂

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      U are sick.
      U better take ur meds

      A whole cardi feature

      Us spotify 200 chart
      Number 190- 205k streams

      Global spotify 200 chart

      And u wonder why she’s funding her own projects like an indie artist, even tho she’s signed to a major record label.

      • Nicky August 4, 2021

        Last week. According to Billboard AGGREGATE streams. A Dummy. 😂

        Mani 9.7m streams
        Camicky 7.2m streams

        I literally cannot stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

        Numbers don’t lie. And that’s just US. 😂😂.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

        @Nicky go cry to mommy 😂😂😂😂

      • Dc August 4, 2021

        You never admit to how Camilla flopped you switch to normani stats truly delusional person

    • beyunlimited August 5, 2021

  5. Nicky August 4, 2021

    How do you get dropped from a movie studio?!!

    I literally cannot stop laughing. Movie studios only do that when they know they will lose money

    I literally cannot stop laughing. Camickys acting career stopped before it started. 😂😂😂

    A straight to DVD HorseFace broad. Even Halle from a flop group has a blockbuster movie 😂😂

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

      Cry to mommy 😂😂😂😂 Cry to mommy 😂😂😂😂

  6. Le le August 4, 2021

    Lmaoooo. A number 14 debut for Normani. The song hasn’t been played on radio yet & live performances are otw🤣

    meanwhile chlamydias debut sits below the top 40. Tell me why that ugly bítch did a whole performance on the tonight show & she’s still flopping hard!

    Break in
    Racist therapy
    Using bots for YouTube views
    Flopping on iTunes/Spotify/billboard
    Can’t sing
    Can’t dance
    Hated by the Industry

    Normanis keeping her heels PLUNGED on that flops neck & We love to see it

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      All these comments, aren’t u supposed to be streaming ur girl?

      Number 190 on USA spotify chart

      Completely out of global spotify chart

      A whole cardi feature

      • Dc August 4, 2021

        All those comments you shoulda been downloading that 69 cent flop for all the times you been on here mentioning normani you coulda helped Camilla debut in top 40 that’s where you shoulda been investing your time

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 5, 2021

        I dont need to do anything.
        Camila has 2 number 1 songs
        She has nothing to prove.

        The bar is so low for u flopmani stans that u always compare normani’s most successful song to Camila least successful songs.
        And the funniest thing ever is, Camila least successful songs always outstreamed flopmani most successful songs

        Normani most successful solo song motivation
        260 million streams

        Camila cabello flop liar
        380 million streams


        The bar is so low.
        I dont even want to mention
        My oh my
        Never be the same
        Bad things

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      U literally had to open ur second account

      Not u still comparing a solo song to a cardi feature

      Don’t go yet
      24 million streams
      Released 1 week ago

      Wild side featuring cardi the biggest female rapper at the moment
      16 million streams
      Released 2 weeks ago.

      And this is why RCA isnt spending any penny on flopmani.
      All that promo money and playlisting money and payola money is going to doja

      • You’re Gagging and That’s Ok! August 4, 2021

        Yep comparing you said Camila is an IT girl! So that means it doesn’t f****** matter that the song is solo! If she’s an IT girl solo or feature should do very well..but y’all are dumb as f*** going back and forth over how many streams these artists have they’re still making lots of money and their fans will still be ready for the concerts and more music..stop sucking Billbords D***

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 5, 2021

        U still dont get it do u?

        Not stsns are really sick individuals

        Ur comparing a solo song with a cardi feature

        Even my oh my outpeaked this mess

        Normani is in her first era,u should be comparing wild side to Havana
        Do that let’s see what’s gonna happen

      • Kix August 5, 2021

        Slow and steady wins the race. Camilla might have started off strong with a Rihanna reject song “Havana” but she couldn’t hold on to the success and she fizzled out quick. Normani is taking her time and slowly building a genuine fan base and signature sound so idc if she isn’t an 9vernight sensation. She isn’t someone to be compared to a white pop artist especially since we know Camilla and 5th Harmony fans are racist.

  7. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    Poor girl
    She’s using that fenty check Rihanna paid her to finance her career cause RCA has refused to spend any penny on her.
    RCA doesn’t want to go bankrupt trying to make an overhyped flop like normani happen.

    RCA records learnt their lesson after they spent millions on motivation only for it to TANK
    They cut her budget immediately.

    According to reports , normani still owes RCA records 1 million dollars for motivation flopping.

  8. The Drag Queen August 4, 2021

    Chileeeeee what in the FBI is going on….

    I’m starting to believe TGJ be trolling in the comments and sending the remarks we make on these posts to these celebs because someone was dragging her JUST the other day about her lack of performances with the song and her late debut album and now this…😂

    • Are You Kidding Me? August 4, 2021

      All of this.

  9. Nicky August 4, 2021

    Camicky the Clown. Dropped from a movie studio

    Mani still on RCA. More music. More performances

    Facts are facts. Keep creating fairy tales.

    How’s Camicky doing on Apple Music US or Global?

    I literally cannot stop laughing. She’s not even in top 300 😂😂😂😂😂


    • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

      “Mani still on RCA”

      But she’s funding the shooting of her music videos herself with her own money like an indie artist.

      This is a warning sign that the label doesn’t care about her and they will soon drop her cause she’s a flop and a waste of time and resources.

      All that payola money and playlisting is going to doja and sza. 2 bonafide superstars who has proven themselves to be hit makers and safe investments for the label.

      It happens to Christina milian back in the day.
      They took her budget and gave it to a promising singer named Rihanna who was showing huge potential.

      Christina milian was financing her videos herself even tho she was signed to def jam
      They eventually dropped her and def jam put all their focus and resources on Rihanna and the test is history.
      Best decision the label ever made.
      Now look at Rihanna today.

      This is normani’s fate.
      She has 1 more chance.

      Motivation flopped
      Wild side is flopping
      She has one more chance to prove herself and then it’s completely over for her. RCA would throw her away like a used rag

      • Nicky August 4, 2021

        You wrote an essay with a theory. 😂 here are the facts:

        Mani still on RCA
        Camicky dropped from a movie studio

        The rest is your opinion 😂

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

        U are consoling urself

        what’s the point of being signed to a major when ur still financing your own projects like an indie artist

      • beyunlimited August 5, 2021

  10. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    Anytime this girl flops, they always blame someone.

    It’s the manager’s fault

    It’s the label’s fault (the same label doja and sza are signed to and are succeeding)

    Its Camila cabello’s fault, she sabotaging normani behind the scenes

    Its beyonce’s fault, beyonce is jealous of normani cause normani is young and she’s afraid normani will take her spot.💀

    Its chloe and Halle’s fault
    Its colourism
    Its racism.
    YouTube is deleting her views
    Spotify is deleting her streams

    Camila cabello’s manager is paying people behind the scenes to sabotage normani’s mic anytime she’s performing. 💀

    La Reid paid billboard 1 million dollars to cancel normani’s performance

    Normani stans are sick in the head.
    I have never encountered a normani stan who is mentally well. Bunch of delusional people.

    This is how delusion works. U start creating false scenarios in ur head, u start imaging things that dont exist.
    Normani stans= mentally I’ll people.

  11. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) August 4, 2021

    Told ya flop side will slide off chart fast like sitting in a toilet after a Taco Bell feast 💅🏿 We love to see it👠

  12. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    The #CinderellaMovie trailer received over 13 million views across all platforms in its first 24 hours.

    — It’s one of the biggest opening days for an Amazon Prime Video movie trailer this year.

    They are perched.
    They hate on her on Twitter but they still tune in to watch.

    • You’re Gagging and That’s Ok! August 4, 2021

      Like you do for everything Normani! You are truly a f****** psychotic b****.

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 5, 2021

        Nah, flopmani is too boring.
        No personality.

        If I’m having trouble sleeping, I watch a flopmani interview and that puts me to sleep immediately.

        That’s how boring and void of personality the bìtch is

    • beyunlimited August 5, 2021

  13. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    The official Cinderella trailer has now surpassed 6,106,000M views on Facebook alone….

    They are perched

    They are gonna tune in cause it looks good. Lol

    • Nicky August 4, 2021

      You’re an idiot. Have you ever heard of Paid advertising on Facebook? 😂😂

      A no name can generate 6m views on FB

      You know nothing about digital marketing. That means absolutely nothing. A whole clown 🤡

      • Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

        Yes, cause amazon prime would pay bots to watch a video on Facebook.

        Gurl, what of YouTube, and Instagram and Twitter? Did they pay bots there also to watch?

        Ur so pained.
        My girl is about yo break into Hollywood, while ur girl cant even launch her music career

        I feel sorry for u and normani.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

        Paid advertising beats paying for your own music video 🤣 One shows faith in someone’s success, the other doesn’t. The self-drag. Cry to mommy 😂😂😂😂

  14. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 August 4, 2021

    Manimonkey needs to give it up now, she is only embarrassing herself. First she tries to steal an Aaliyah sample then second she tries to piggyback of Cardi B success, no wonder she is flopping down harder then Nickys t i t s.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

      All of this 💯

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

      And LOL at Nicky’s tïts 🤣

  15. Patsy August 4, 2021

    Yessss mani! Keep outcharting that ugly illegã apē looking gal illegãlmila! Loooooooooooool. We’re about ready to deport her right bck to her filthy country as soon as we get a live performance for wildside! Period!

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