Stream: Tinashe’s New Album ‘333’

Published: Thursday 5th Aug 2021 by Rashad

Nearly 2 years after earning critical acclaim aplenty for her fourth studio album, ‘Songs for You,’ Urban Pop stageblazer Tinashe is ready to garner the same for its highly anticipated follow-up, ‘333.’

Officially announced just two weeks ago, the set – her second LP to be released independently via her Tinashe Music Inc. (TMI) imprint – is being led to chart battle on the wings of its official and buzz singles ‘Bouncin,’ ‘Pasadena,’ and ‘I Can See the Future.’

Now, a month ahead of the launch of its supporting Stateside tour (click here for dates), the 16-song ‘333’ is available for a full listen.

Hear it inside courtesy of Apple Music and Spotify.


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  1. Zion August 5, 2021

    She’s done, it’s over

  2. Ace Blanks August 6, 2021

    It’s sad to say but her music is sooooo much better now that she’s independent. That label kept f***** her up! Labels be ran by old white men that are so out of touch and think they know everything about “BLACK” music!!!! Kudos to her for leaving them!!!

    • Clarks0o00ñ August 6, 2021

      “Kudos to her for leaving them!!!”

      She got dropped cause she wasted the label’s money and resources, the normani is doing right now to her label

      • Ace Blanks August 6, 2021

        Who cares the point is her music is much better without them. They wasted their own money making her do music that didn’t fit her or show us who she is.

  3. Credits August 6, 2021

    There’s some interesting sounds on here. The production is 🔥

  4. ajm265 August 6, 2021

    Where the f*** does she keep getting money to put out music. No one streams or buts her stuff. And to my knowledge she’s only had one semi hit with 2on. It baffles me but… Carry on … her and normani

    • Cs August 6, 2021

      Cause people like you keep following / commenting / listening her tracks despite saying her music is garbage. Ur own fault ass***e.

  5. The Drag Queen August 6, 2021

    Years from now I feel like she will be respected more than she is now.
    She really is doing things her way with no seeking of anyone’s approval and I respect.
    I have such a weird love/hate for her. She’s uber talented and I love her music then a part of me finds her a bit annoying…idk what it is…
    but good for her for being relentless and never stopping.
    She has music on top of music on top of music and is building an impressive and diverse catalogue for herself between her mixtapes and albums and I give credit where it’s due.
    Still bumping that black water mixtape to this day! Wish I could get it on vinyl…😞

  6. Cs August 6, 2021

    Interesting project. Cant denied her creativity. Not 100% fan of the entire album but some good tracks for sure.

  7. Clarks0o00ñ August 6, 2021

    Music is not for u tinashe.
    2 on was a cute moment thanks to 106 and park but that’s about it.

    Give these songs to ariana, doja, Taylor, Rihanna , watch these songs become mega hits and cash your royalty checks in peace.

  8. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) August 6, 2021

    It’s funny that F******* had been in this game since 2012 and she still hasn’t released a god damn album. Tinashe blast the scene with 2 on in 2014, now she had been released 4 LPs & 4 mixtapes 💅🏿

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