Jermaine Dupri Shades Diddy After #VERZUZ Diss: ‘I’m in the Songwriters Hall of Fame…He’s Not’

Published: Monday 20th Sep 2021 by Rashad

The clash of the songwriter-producer titans continues!

As we reported here, ‘Cant Nobody Hold Me Down’ hitmaker Diddy made headlines when he suggested nobody but Dr. Dre was worthy of challenging him in a #VERZUZ battle.  Once Jermaine Dupri entered the chat to assert his worthiness as a competitor, he was shot down when the Bad Boy mogul said:

“You aiint got enough hits. I’ll smash you with just biggie n Mary . But I do have the upmost respect on you as a musical legend – Dre the only one can get in the ring with me…”

The statement set off a firestorm of chatter from social media commenters, many of whom cited Dupri’s lengthy list of hits with the likes of Mariah Carey, Usher, Monica, and more as reasons why he would likely win a showdown with Diddy.

Said sentiment was doubled down on recently when Jermaine took to a radio interview to run down some of his accolades.


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After exchanging words with Diddy during a heated Livestream recently, Dupri visited our friends at with V103 in Atlanta to yet again discuss why he’s ready to get into the #VERZUZ ring.

As seen in the clips above, Jermaine shared:

“I just want to make sure everybody understands this. I am in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. I am in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Puff Daddy’s not in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Steve Stoute and the Trackmasters are not in the Hall of Fame.”

Elaborating on the previous point, J.D. said:

“Me, Dallas Austin, Jay-Z, and Missy Elliott—when it comes to songwriting… I shouldn’t have to play nothing… I am in a seat that Puff Daddy can’t pay for. You have to write songs, and as far as I’m concerned, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t know if he’ll ever get in that club.”


Ouch! As of time reported, Diddy hasn’t hit back.

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  1. What September 21, 2021

    Diddy didn’t release nothing that was not hott. Love love Diddy Jermaine purposely f*****-up Janet’s album. If he did work on Mariah, usher. what happened to the Janet album I had wasted my money when I was a little kid on that album.

    • What September 21, 2021

      When Janet was asked if she was in love with Jermaine she had said no . So he was mad and made it flop.

      • J September 21, 2021

        How did he have the power to flop an era. She was cancelled at the time, it didn’t matter what she put out she was going to flop

    • What September 21, 2021

      he knew janet was going to flop harder..He the producer . He just took her money he can hear it. . but ok JD.

    • Nomeena September 21, 2021

      Janet wasn’t really cancelled by the time 20 y.o. came out. But I personally thought it was a great album.

  2. stan September 21, 2021

    he’s not wrong

  3. Danyboo September 21, 2021

    Battling diddy wouldn’t make sense… Timberland would eat JD alive tho!!!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 21, 2021

      Timbaland vs The Neptunes would be a great one! 🔥

  4. Tori September 21, 2021

    Hole tole the truth. He is the HOF, even if all his songs sound drastically the same, he is in the HOF.

  5. Mr RCW September 21, 2021

    All facts! JD is definitely the MAN

  6. J September 21, 2021

    He is really in his own league. “Kick Your Game” is still a bop. And I love the new Ari joint

    But his attitude idk lol I guess when you are a great you can have one

  7. Becky Goodhair September 21, 2021

    Fun fact: Debutina eclipsed Diddy

  8. Detruth September 21, 2021

    Diddy should have just shut the hell up! I don’t think he wants the smoke.

  9. Anne September 21, 2021

    I don’t know which one has the most hits, but J.D. has a good point; the fact that he’s in the songwriter’s HOF proves he has made an impact, one that Puffy has failed to make. As far as a battle, I’d probably prefer J.D. because he worked with Mariah and any of her work can top anything Diddy ever did in my opinion. Heck, I’d prefer even Janet’s flop album over most of Diddy’s stuff which I know includes a lot of sample-heavy songs that only make me want to hear the original song.

  10. Daniel Abeyta September 21, 2021

    In the time where we have a traitor/p******** in the White House… Who the f*** cares about your petty entertainment drama,we’re literally on the way to socialism and on the brink of war with China and all you want to talk about is two washed up celebrities, who in fact gets paid to start these little dramas with each other.. grow the f*** up people

    • Daniel Abeyta September 21, 2021

      It’s censored me saying biden’s a p********.. fine Biden touches little girls and possibly little boys try to censor that

  11. Abel September 21, 2021

    It’s about hits, not who has his name in the hall of fame of songwriters

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