Billboard 200: Adele Scores Biggest Sales Week Of The Year With ’30’

Published: Sunday 28th Nov 2021 by Ryan

Adele is back in a big way.

For, the ‘Water Under The Bridge’ singer has topped the Billboard 200 chart with massive numbers.

More details below…

During its first week of availability, her album ’30’ sold 839,000 units. Of that sum, 692,000 units came from pure sales alone.

With the large album sales, Adele now claims the distinguished honor of having the biggest sales week of the year. Previously, the record-holder was Drake. His album – ‘Certified Lover Boy’ – opened with 613,000 units in September.

Moreover, Adele boasts the biggest sales week since Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ last year.

The news of ’30’ topping the Billboard 200 chart comes shortly after she topped the UK albums chart, also with the biggest sales of the year and the biggest sales for a female album since her own album ’25’ (as we reported here).

’30’ is home to the chart-topping single ‘Easy On Me’ and follow-up single ‘Oh My God.’

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  1. Farrah’s Luggage (8k Camila) November 28, 2021

    Congrats, but, I’m still bored with her album.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 28, 2021

      Like all Adele albums, 30 is great & FILLED with Singles. Adele better release 7 more singles to save face. These sales are ATROCIOUS 😂

  2. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) November 28, 2021

    I see why f l op m a n I is still hiding her chicken little a s s 💅🏿 Hunnie, I knew you were chicken out for your music career which still hasn’t taken off…..

  3. DrHuq November 28, 2021

    She lost weight and the majority of her fanbase. These are huge numbers but for someone of her stature (no pun intended) she should be selling 1.5 million FW at minimum.

    • Dc November 28, 2021

      Exactly not impressed at all

  4. Dc November 28, 2021

    Far from the 3 million last time not impressed she didn’t sell a million this time she falling off. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    • Josh L November 28, 2021

      What have you sold? Also, it you’re not a fan why comment? You’ve posted this same comment in previous posts. You’re just a miserable person.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 November 29, 2021

      Cardi has never, could never and would never lmaoooooooooo 🤣

  5. Paismuchachas November 28, 2021

    Okay wasnt really impressed I had to finally give it a few listens and I’m starting to enjoy it, but not as much as the others albums. I’ll give 30 album 7 out of 10 stars.

    • Check Your Lipstick B4 U Cumm 4 Me November 28, 2021

      Too generous…I give it 2 stars tops…the album is a snooze fest…There’s no catchy chorus or hook on 30…i see why Easy on me was chosen as the lead single cuz the rest none of the songs is radio friendly

    • Paismuchachas November 28, 2021

      Fell of Beyonce can’t even get that much lol. Plus adele has an Oscar also. Vocals adele will eat up Beyonce.

  6. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 28, 2021

    #FLOP. THE QUEEN’S SELF TITLED debuted at number #1 on the Billboard 200, with three-day sales of 617,213 digital copies and 900K in first 7 Days. Beyonce’s only promo for that album was a mere GREATEST HITS Tour. Adele hacked literal BILLBOARDS hired Oprah for huge interview and had the strongest promotional campaign in the buisness and sold less than bey did with no promo no official single or even real album artwork. This is ADELE doing DRAKE numbers after a SIX YEAR BREAK. Looks like Adele finally fell off.

    • XYZ November 29, 2021

      Beyonces numbers are from ten years ago and her last two efforts (with Jayz and lion King) werent that big sellers either. Adele did 3 mio in a week after Beyonces selftitled…

  7. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 28, 2021

    30- 692,000 (7 DAYS)
    SELF TITLED- 617,000 (3 days)(Actually 2 1/2 Day sales 😂)
    25- 1,000,000+ (First Day Sales)
    The Jokes just Write themselves 🤣᭄

    • Munny November 28, 2021

      How much did Beyonces last few projects sell first week? Everything Is Love? Lion King? FLOP

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 28, 2021

        LEMONADE sold on Par with 30 also & with TRAP music and lemonade didn’t receive barely 1 Third of Adele’s Promo 🍋

      • Paismuchachas November 28, 2021

        Exactly adele still outsells Beyonce any day and even has an Oscar to her name.

    • Kelly Rowland November 29, 2021

      Ciara “The Evolution” 338,000 first week
      Beyonce “Dangerously in Love” 317,000 first week
      Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday” 375,000 first week

      The joke write themselves lol

  8. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 28, 2021

    Like all Adele albums, 30 is great & FILLED with Singles. Adele better release 7 more singles to save face. These sales are ATROCIOUS 😂

  9. J November 28, 2021

    I hope she gives us an actual era. Still haven’t listened lol but congrats

  10. Adele Fan November 28, 2021

    These numbers are great. Look at those pure sales. I don’t see anyone else pulling in these numbers lately especially in pure sales. Taylor is the only exception. Overall the album is great she’s just needs to continue to promote the album. Release singles and videos. She should perform at the 2022 Grammys.

  11. Rayban November 29, 2021

    Knocked knee Beyonce and her botched BBL could never

  12. Yo November 29, 2021

    That means folklore stilll has the biggest sales recently in a week’ Even lover selling 860k, sold more than this album.
    And reputation is still the last album to sell 1 million in the states..

    • Adele Fan November 29, 2021

      Adele did this without bundling and concert tickets . Lover sold 679k in pure sales and Folklore sold 615k in pure sales. Adele sold 692k in pure sales without bundling or concert tickets. Adele only has 12 songs on her album so she’s going to have less streams look how many songs are on Lover and Folklore. Overall these are great numbers Taylor will never sell 3.3 million first week NEVER!!

      • Yo November 29, 2021

        3.3 million to 800k. Surely that’s got to be the biggest drop in history. I was expecting higher, let’s see where Adele is in 5 albums, cause her sales won’t be near taylors after 8 albums.

    • Adele Fan November 30, 2021

      I know one thing Taylor will NEVER sell 3.4 million copies of an album first week. Taylor had to release all those albums to break old records because she’s greedy and a snake. Adele takes her time she doesn’t have to release 30 songs on one album or 4 – 5 albums in one year that is pure desperation. Greedy Swift is just entitled and likes to play the victim. I’m sure Adele will continue to dominate with her future projects and do massive numbers. The Largest debut of the year in overall sales both SPS and pure sales.

  13. Lizel November 29, 2021

    Who cares? Adele’s new album 30 is boring and not that great dont see the hype around it? Adele stared with 116 countries having the number one song , it is far less now. She only has the number one song on worldwide itunes, united kingdom and united states and in a few countries. Go check the global itunes adele is losing the number one song. and has the number one album in 25 countries still. Not so impressive. No one stays at the top forever. BTS would outsell adele in seconds.

    • Lizel November 29, 2021

      Forgot to put in she had the number one song and album in 116 countries, its less now. I have never liked adele or her music and could care less.

    • DiioraCouture November 29, 2021

      if i am not mistaken, iTunes is only for sales, right? so excuse a lot of us outside of the US/UK for not being able to afford the cost of an album, when our gross income is not much over $400 US.

      i am fortunate enough to use spotify and tidal….but dont base you argument on a PAID SUBSCRIPTION’S worlwide tally….b/c i am willing to be people in 3rd world countries would rather spend a dollar on food than on a wealthy artist’s sales.

  14. James November 29, 2021

    Congratulations to Adele for having the Number 1 song and album the same week lol!! Biggest debut of the year and the largest pure sales figure of 692k. Oh My God🔥🔥🔥 debuts in the Top 5 Lol. Do it Adele!!

  15. Adele and Mariah Fan November 29, 2021

    Although I wanted her to sell over a million first week, these numbers are still great. She did better than many of your faves. Adele still holds the record for the most sales in one week with 3.3 million. Your faves cover NEVER, not even dry vocal singing Swift lmao!! Easy On Me is back at number 1. Oh My God debuts at number 5. Yes Adele show them how it’s done!!

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