Little Mix Star Perrie Edwards Hits the Studio Solo

Published: Thursday 13th Jan 2022 by Sam

Little Mix announced their hiatus at the end of last year and it’s become clear that its members are mapping out their respective next moves.

And it appears solo ventures are top of the list for most of the Pop ensemble – including Perrie Edwards.

Full story below…

While news of new label deals has surrounded her bandmates, headlines about the vocal powerhouse have largely centered around the recent birth of her first child, Axl.

However, it’s become apparent Perrie is working on fresh material.

Moments ago, Little Mix’s longtime collaborator Kamille shared footage of herself in the studio with the 29-year-old. The caption read:

“studio wit my boo Perrie Edwards and the goat Fred Again.

@kamilleofficial studio wit my boo @perrieedwards ❤️🎶 and the goat @fredagainagain #fyp ♬ Rodeo – City Girls

It goes without saying that Perrie’s voice packs power and distinctiveness that makes her solo prospects oh so exciting.

We’re buzzed to hear what she’s been working on. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Uggh January 13, 2022

    Let me guess, 5 songs about Zayn, 5 songs about little max drama. This girl is boring as hell

    • Aj January 13, 2022

      Worked fine for Taylor- all her albums are about her famous exs

  2. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 13, 2022

    Average gurl. C’mom, do they realize there is no Beyoncé in little mix? None of them are solo star materials💅🏾

    • Aj January 13, 2022

      On the basis of what? You have no grounding to say that. Perry is one of the best vocalists in the UK. Unlike many of her contemporaries she writes some of then music she sings. She’s probably not legendary like Adele or Beyonce, but definitely has a cracking pop voice.

      • Clarks0o00ñ January 13, 2022

        She is not a star.
        She looks like a young keran. Yelling is not singing, but u dont know that cause ur ear if full of c*** from the 50 guys you have fcùkèd this week

        U stan little mix and ur here crying on a blog, u h0 mother should have drank u, but she didn’t, biggest mistake. Now look at u, a little mix stan crying and trying to convince people that this keran can sing, on a blog,

        I think u should u kìll yourself, what do u think?

      • truthteller January 14, 2022

        One of the best vocalists in the UK? According to who? You and the other Mixers who think that screeching is a sign of a good vocalist? I bet you cannot name one credible person who has said this generic white girl is one of the best vocalists in the UK

  3. Clarks0o00ñ January 13, 2022

    If she went solo some few years ago, she could have been big like dua but that ship has sailed.
    She’s old and has a baby.

    • RBRT January 13, 2022

      I know right she should have gone solo earlier

    • Aj January 13, 2022

      She’ll blow Blackfishy Nelson outta the water. Ain’t it crazy when you Diss a talented woman for giving birth. At least she has a career, beautiful baby and amazing voice to her name. Less can be said for your own mother. Imagine how disappointed she was giving birth to a misogynistic, racist hater like you?

      • Clarks0o00ñ January 13, 2022

        U stan little mix, 😂😂😂

        A little mix stan. I dont even know how to drag u, what is there to drag?

        I hope u get ràpèď this year tho.
        I hope pierre gets ràpèď this year
        I hope her baby dìès also.

        That’s all.
        Now cry😂

    • Aj January 14, 2022

      What a sad pathetic life you love when you’re full of that much hate that you judge someone’s work before its even been released.

      You’re a nasty troll full of hate. What a delightful waste of space and disappointment to your family

  4. Benreisha January 13, 2022

    Amazingly talented and beautiful woman.
    Her voice is stupendous.
    On another note..

    how tasteless for poor people to criticize the rich.. especially the decent ones..

    get off yo fat American ass, stop eating carbs, go on the keto diet.. you fat lame loser…
    and get a second job so u can have enough funds to stop caring about other people..
    especially people you’ll prolly never meet because they are out of your tax bracket

  5. Isnyhalostr8 January 13, 2022

    Best vocals of the group.

  6. Paulo January 13, 2022

    If you stan squeaky and screechy vocals, sit this one out – you know who you are ☕ I didn’t want them to take this break now but Kamille has worked with LM on some of their best hits and Perrie can blow! I’m excited for what’s to come from her solo

    • truthteller January 14, 2022

      Do you feel embarrassed? You insisted they were not taking a break and how LM3 was coming and it was going to be like the third lineup of Destiny’s Child.
      Chart Run for Between Us: USA – #182 > Out, Japan – #65 > Out, Germany – #21 > Out, France – #47 > #128 > Out, Italy – #31 > Out. Camilla’s third album will do a lot better.

  7. Clarks0o00ñ January 13, 2022

    She cant sing and look like a young keran.

    very generic. F****ìng zayn, didnt help her profile or career in the uk.

    Little mix stans, I said what I said, cry.
    Yall dint want me to hating this keran, cause I will do her the same way I did m0nkèý- màni last year. 😂😂

    • Paulo January 13, 2022

      😂 the way you project is so pathetic. Zayn is a one hit wonder and Perrie turned their breakup into a Brit for the group. Chipmunkmilla is the one who needed Shawn Mendes and instead of rising with him dragged him down. Now cry about it caps lock on, bug 😂

      P.s.: the f*** is a ‘keran’ lmao dumb ass trick

      • Clarks0o00ñ January 14, 2022

        this is 2022, where is normani’s album? Lol 😂😂

        Until u answer this question, I will continue to ignore u ugly rat. 😌

        Here comes the deflecting and excuses. Lol

  8. truthteller January 14, 2022

    None of them are going to be successful solo artists. They will have a few hits in the UK and Ireland only because of Mixer loyalty and that will be it. Then, their will be the inevitable reunion in a few years, but their fanbase will have moved on by then.

  9. Abel January 14, 2022

    The sick people commenting on this blog are so toxic I dont even care to express my opinions on the articles.

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