Chris Brown Unlocks New Preview of Single ‘Warm Embrace’ [Listen]

Published: Tuesday 29th Mar 2022 by Sam

Chris Brown is drumming up the buzz machine for his incoming new single ‘Warm Embrace.’

Serving as the latest single from the performer’s 10th studio album ‘Breezy,’ the track has been set for an April 1 arrival.

With just a few days to go before its unwrapping, Brown has titillated fans with another preview of the song.

‘Embrace’ (which is already receiving exactly that from Team Breezy) follows the project’s lead single ‘Iffy.’

Prior to its premiere, take a listen to the latest preview below…


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Sounds strong!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Livincolour March 29, 2022

    Sounds OK….

    Chris has released sooooooo much music over the years. Some of it is good, some is mid and most is filler. He’s reaching year 33 and I’m still awaiting his BLOCKBUSTER hit.

    • Holliewuudd March 29, 2022

      Are you kidding me? Try putting out a alive of what he has then check back. Folks kill me trying to downplay others success. And musical tastes are subjective. He’s had plenty hits. Your personal preferences are NOT the benchmark. STOP IT

      • Livincolour March 29, 2022

        When was his last BLOCKBUSTER hit… 2007… With You? Musically he should be further ahead at age 33. He been around since a 16 year old. No growth. His stans are stupid. Subjective that.

      • True Tea March 29, 2022

        2007?? His catalog is full of hits dear. Most of his music between 2007-2020 have over 100,000+ views on YouTube.

      • True Tea March 29, 2022

        “His fans are stupid”

        Clearly ur miserable because ur FAV is STALE AF while Breezy keeps his fans fed w/ bops.

      • Livincolour March 29, 2022

        Still didn’t answer my question… when was his last BLOCKBUSTER hit? 2007… With You hit #1 and was a massive hit during the NeYo era. My fav focuses on quality & not just “bops”. Chris is 33 years old with 17 years under his belt…… The Jokes write themselves dear.

      • True Tea March 29, 2022

        Artists best singles are NOT always their biggest hits. Most ppl who follow an artist from the very beginning understand this.

      • True Tea March 29, 2022

        There are multiple factors why certain singles become bigger hits than others. And it’s NOT because of Quality.

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