Dua Lipa Sued for Allegedly Stealing ‘Levitating’ From a Reggae Band

Published: Tuesday 1st Mar 2022 by Rashad

With a whopping 68-week stay on the Hot 100, Dua Lipa‘s ‘Levitating’ is two weeks shy of becoming the longest-running, female-led hit in the history of Billboard.

But just as headlines celebrating the milestone are on the horizon, Lipa’s seeing her name levitate to the top of news for another headline – one that suggests her unrelenting smash single was stolen from an uncredited source.

Details inside:

On Tuesday (March 1),  reports surfaced the 26-year-old – currently on the massive 9-month Future Nostalgia’ tour – may be making a pit stop at a courtroom soon thanks to a copyright infringement lawsuit from a Reggae group called Artikal Sound System.

The quintet claim Lipa intentionally ripped off their 2017 song ‘Live Your Life.’ 

In the filed suit, reps for the group say “Dua and her team heard their [track] pre-2020 (when they started writing ‘Levitating’) and [released] a carbon copy.”

Naming Lipa’s label home, Warner Records, and others as defendants in the case, Artikal Sound System is asking for “any profits [the alleged perpetrators] may have made off of ‘Levitating'” plus undisclosed damages.  As of time reported, the Pop diva hasn’t responded to the claims.

Listen to a mashup below and tell us if you hear any similarities.


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  1. eric March 2, 2022

    Wow. The likeness is undeniable. It’s a real shame when artists and creators have their work stolen by the same companies that are quick to penalize when it’s the other way around. Can’t even have popular songs in a talent show on YouTube without the threat of your account being suspended, but it’s okay for a label to try to pass off someone else’s work as their own.

  2. Truth March 2, 2022

    Pay them

  3. Paulo March 2, 2022

    YIKES I was rushing to defend Dua and team cause why would they wait close to 2 years to file this but it’s too similar nonetheless.

    • Ladi March 3, 2022

      That’s literally the same Melody and the same beat. It’s a damn shame, especially with the fact that this song is one of the most successful hits in the past decade yet the real “Creators” aren’t even seeing the fruits of their art and are not credited for actually giving her her best hit of her career. SMH.

  4. True Tea March 2, 2022

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…

    You’re going to pay!

  5. Clayne March 2, 2022

    Yikes, millions in their pockets. Sorry Dua but this is undeniable.

  6. Clarks0o00ñ March 2, 2022

    The same song.
    Gurl, u better cut a deal real quick cause if j ho to court, ur gonna lose.

    Dua lipa doesn’t write her music.
    All those bangers from future nostalgia, she didn’t write any of it.

    • SoNotSorry March 2, 2022

      Stop that, you’re still hating on her? Man… stop that, don’t do what you don’t like people to do with Camila.

  7. SoNotSorry March 2, 2022

    Lies, why they didn’t react earlier then? Again, lies, opportunist people.

    • MissImpartial March 2, 2022

      How can it be lies if it’s identical ??🤨

    • AJ March 2, 2022

      It takes time if you’re a small artist to get the money and legal time together. Plus you have to serve papers etc. Gosh people so ignorant. Regardless of how long it takes, just basically the same song.

  8. OUTKAST March 2, 2022

    ROSA PARKS called as well. 😌 Pay up, payola queen. 💁🏻‍♀️💵

  9. Party in my Holes 🎉 March 2, 2022

    The chorus sounds like Jessie ware’s spotlight and sailor moon theme song as well

    • Huhu March 2, 2022

      I thought of Jessie’s song, too!

  10. NickiNationOfRapists March 2, 2022

    Usually, I don’t care about these kinds of lawsuits because so much music sounds alike, but REALLY.



  11. Hmm March 3, 2022

    I listen to both songs individually. Part of the song has somewhat of a similar chord progression that’s the only similarity I found. This is on the producers and the writers of that part of the song. Artikal Sound System may get a piece of the pie lol we shall see.

  12. Nope March 3, 2022

    I don’t hear it at all you have to listen to both songs in its entirety to determine if this true. This is overlapping both songs and I can’t tell the similarities. They’re definitely reaching. Cash grabbing off a successful artist. Congrats to Dua Lipa on a successful era. This is on her team not her. She wouldn’t have known what was going on. I still don’t hear it. Sorry not sorry trash!!

  13. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 March 3, 2022

    Hold ya head up Dua, this lil reggae band needs to listen to OutKast before they come for your profits lmaooooooooo…the NERVE of their asses 🤣 They wouldn’t see a DIME if I was your lawyer 💯 AHN HA, yeah yeah, baby lol 😂🤳🏽 Cut a deal with Outkast and “encourage” that lil reggae band to do the same lol…that lil reggae band will most likely drop the lawsuit cause they know they can’t afford it lol 💋 Shoutout to Big Boi and Andre, the REAL source of that melodic genius! 💯 And the funniest part is, the lil reggae band’s chorus sounds the MOST like OutKast lmaoooooooooooooooooo 🤣 The NERVE lol

  14. Wow March 3, 2022

    LMAO. My mouth dropped. Sahmbahdeegettinfiiyerd.

  15. Jay J. March 4, 2022

    Okay, do we actually blame the ARTIST… or do we go after the PRODUCERS? C’mon now, let’s make it make sense. Dua isn’t the one who crafted the instrumentation to the song, her PRODUCERS did, so therefore, they should be suing THEM, not her.

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