Megan Thee Stallion Announces Groundbreaking ‘Hottieverse’ Virtual Reality Tour

Published: Wednesday 2nd Mar 2022 by Rashad

Megan Thee Stallion may be set to trot to a stage near you as a supporting act on Dua Lipa‘s globe-spanning ‘Future Nostalgia Tour’ (as we reported here), but a surprise announcement reveals the GRAMMY winner has her own headlining trek coming soon.

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Announced Monday (February 28), Stallion’s ‘Enter Thee Hottieverse’ is branded as the “first-ever VR concert tour.”

Hitting select theaters across America starting in April, the venture – which will visit 10 cities including New York City, Los Angeles, the diva’s native Houston, and more – comes as a collaboration with AmazeVR and will see each attendant given a “Hottie Mounted Displays” VR headset upon entry.  After that, Meg will “arrive” and perform four of her biggest hits “in front of them” via a set that will include costume changes, environmental/background transformations, and more.

“The immersive and innovative experience is an excellent way for people to both experience VR at a low barrier to entry, at a movie theater and in the presence of other Hotties, and enjoy an incredible show from one of their favorite artists,” AmazeVR Co-CEO Ernest Lee said in a statement.

Stallion shared Lee’s elation.

“Virtual reality has always been an interest of mine and I’m glad that we’ll be able to make history with this experience,” Megan said. “My hotties will get to watch me perform in a completely different and unique way and I appreciate the AmazeVR team for helping me to bring this VR vision to life. I can’t wait to see the Hotties show up to the tour.”

Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘HottieVerse’ Tour Dates

Los Angeles April 5-10
San Francisco April 21-24
Chicago May 5-8
Dallas May 12-15
Houston May 19-22
Atlanta May 26-29
Miami June 2-5
Charlotte June 16-19
Washington DC June 23-26
New York June 30-July 3

Tickets go on sale March 2.  Click here for details.

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  1. Dc March 2, 2022

    Sounds wack she’s trying to do everything all at once she’s not genuine at all so fake and overrated roc nation really over saturated her quick

    • True Tea March 2, 2022

      This could become a thing, like talking to a camera became a thing. It’s NOT a bad idea especially since ppl are already in a virtual world w/ social media. For once she is showing some innovation.

  2. Danny Bey March 2, 2022

    This is actually very innovative and might take her to the next level. Im here for it. This is what we want from new artists. Give us something cool and refreshing!

    • Ijs March 2, 2022

      Agreed 👍 but could you imagine if Meg had a better catalog and did this? Meg has a few good songs and I’m no hater but don’t you think ?

      • True Tea March 2, 2022

        Agree! And no shade but Nicki would have killed this. Her style & visuals would be Perfect for VR IMO. With Megan & Cardi, they feel more one dimensional.

      • Danny Bey March 2, 2022

        I think would be the better candidate. Megan prob doesn’t have the catalogue but Nicki can’t perform so he would all be effects and images for her. Doja would slay in both areas plus it would def go with her current era so this would’ve been perfect for her

      • Ijs March 2, 2022

        Yes. Doja came to mind for me as well. I’m Actually a little surprised her team didn’t think of this first. Especially after her virtual Grammy performance. She did a really nice job imo.

    • Danny Bey March 2, 2022

      *Doja would be the better candidate

      • True Tea March 2, 2022

        Well I assumed the VR concert would introduce NEW concepts when it comes to Performance as oppose to the Traditional style. The Virtual World is NOT suppose to be the same as the REAL WORLD.

        Kinda defeat the whole purpose.

  3. Sgt March 2, 2022

    Her music isn’t good enough to be groundbreaking. Her discography is truly terrible. She’s successful because of the Tory Lanez scandal and Roc Nation behind the scenes deals. That’s truth tea.

  4. UHoesFunny March 2, 2022

    But she not selling records. Y’all be claiming all these btchs be superstars becuz they over saturate your timeline, but in reality, they are NOT selling out arenas, they are NOT meeting album sales. Comical for you all to say Nicki is “washed” when she’s the ONLY artist to have her day SOLD OUT for the UK festival. The festival is literally using NICKI for clout to sale Meg and Cardi’s tickets 🤣🤣🤣 talm bout some bundle packet Fri + Sun or Sat + Sun

    • Dc March 2, 2022

      Meanwhile Nicki flopping as we speak -57 spot stop nobody using Nicki name if she was so important she would’ve got 2 dates flop only got 1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dc March 2, 2022

      Cardi has 3 diamond singles and album still on
      Billboard 200 3 x platinum almost 4 x so stfu bout sales b i t c h

    • Dc March 2, 2022

      All them people who bought tickets didn’t support those flop singles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • March 2, 2022

        That was an error on those people’s part to give her 2 dates, they probably thought them bot streamers would have translated into ticket sales.

    • UHoesFunny March 2, 2022

      Meanwhile you’re a dumbass 🥴 and proving my point. You can fake awwwwwolll those numbers, but if NOBODY showing up to your shows, YOU ARE NOT A SUPERSTAR 🤣🤣🤣

      Cardi waiting room for the ticket had only 12 people in the queue 💀 and Nicki had over 2,000 lmaooo. Queen Sht 👑

      Y’all hate to see it. Your favs CANNOT SELL OUT ARENAS! Only a real SUPERSTAR CAN. BOW DOWN!

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