‘Suck It!’: Macy Gray Addresses LeBron Laughing At Her & Drug Abuse Rumors in Rant Against NBA Performance Critics

Published: Monday 7th Mar 2022 by Rashad

It’s been over two weeks since Team Lebron walked away as champions of the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, but the most memorable shots from the showdown were fired before the game even started.

Soul diva Macy Gray kicked the event off with a polarizing rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner,’ leading some to cheer while others ridiculed her wardrobe and unique take on the historic number (as we reported here).

Among those believed to be poking fun was LeBron James himself, who made headlines for what many perceived were attempts to stifle a laugh during Gray’s performance.

Reflecting on the incident Sunday (March 6), Macy says the report left her ‘devastated’ and ‘crying’ – until James made a call to clear up the confusion.


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Taking to Facebook over the weekend, the 54-year-old waxed honest about her response to reports LeBron was making fun of her during her stunning performance of the U.S. national anthem.

Saying she didn’t know until after her showing was over that he was allegedly laughing at her, Macy indicated the news was heartbreaking.

“I was devastated,” she said at the clip’s 52 second mark.  “I ran to my trailer, I’m crying, and bawling my eyes out.”

Later that night, her son called to offer her reassurance James wasn’t laughing at her.  The sentiment was echoed by her manager, who got a call from the sports mogul himself to confirm he wasn’t.

For Gray, the comforting words from LeBron were enough to put the hot topic to rest, but some critical commenters continue to dredge up the old news.  Finally, she’s clapping back.

“He didn’t laugh at me and [my performance] wasn’t horrible,” she relayed at the video’s 2:23 mark. “I know the standard is to get up and hit all these notes and do all these runs and stuff, and I didn’t do that because I didn’t feel the song that way and I don’t sing that way. I did my thing and it was proper. It may not be to your liking or taste, but I did my thing.”

As for those who suggested Macy was under the influence during her performance, the ‘I Try’ singer had words for them as well.

“I wasn’t drunk, but here’s the thing:  I’m grown!  So, if I wanted to be drunk, I can be drunk,” she shared at the clip’s 3:02 mark before later saying,  “I do not do drugs.  Proof of that is I’m too old for the sh*t.  I’m in my 50’s!”

All-in-all, the Soul diva wanted to make sure the haters knew where she stood in regards to their critiques.

“All you trolling, cornball motherf*ckers who couldn’t wait to jump on this whole ‘it was so bad’ train – all I can say is go suck it. Suck a big fat one. You can lick my pinky toe,” she said.

Click below to watch the full clip.

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  1. Liam March 7, 2022

    I love Macy Gray and her rendition wasn’t bad at all I enjoyed it. But ppl not familiar with her style should have done their research instead of jumping a bandwagon. She’s right it doesn’t always have to be sung with all that extra vocal gymnastics 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • ahahahahahahahahahahahaha March 7, 2022

      STFU it was a mess.

  2. Monica Stan March 7, 2022

    Macy SLAYED I love her ashy smoky vocal

    • ahahahahahahahahahahahaha March 7, 2022

      Like your ashy troll dry skin yikes!

      • UHoesFunny March 7, 2022

        Why u so mad 💀

      • Monica Stan March 7, 2022

        Big mad💀 ugly ass. That’s probably Shayla pressed ass

  3. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) March 7, 2022

    Yo that’s granny is ashy💅🏾

  4. WOW March 8, 2022

    Completely agree with Macy Gray. You got some miserable ppl online who are all looking for someone to jump on. Trust, they were SALIVATING. It’s so ugly and it’s a shame cause those people don’t seem to realise that their own lives never seem to get better, they never really have any ‘luck’ and their confused. They can’t see their own feedback loop of nastyness.

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