Exclusive: Kranium Talks ‘Wi Deh Yah,’ Return to Touring, & More

Published: Thursday 7th Apr 2022 by That Grape Juice

Dancehall titan Kranium continues to bring vibrant vibes.

Indeed, after titillating with the ‘Toxic’ EP last year, the Jamaican-raised stage blazer kicked off 2022 in seismic style with his latest effort, ‘Wi Deh Yah.’

Now, as gears up to embark on a like-titled stateside tour of the US, the star chopped it up with That Grape Juice. 

During the candid conversation, Kranium opened up about his new music, returning to the live circuit, staying true to himself artistically, and more.

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That Grape Juice (Chet): A year ago, you delivered ‘Toxic’ EP. What has Kranium been up to since then?

Kranium: I’ve been good. I’ve been great. I’m seeing the success of ‘Gal Policy’ in the midst of a lot going on. I can’t complain. And not everybody’s as lucky as me. Actually, I am blessed I should say. I don’t know anybody who’s as blessed as me to actually stay really fine during a time when the world was shut down. I could never complain about anything. I just give thanks.

That Grape Juice: Tell us about the new single, ‘Wi Deh Yah’?

Kranium: The new single is basically a vibe of just me expressing myself. I’m happy, I am free. I am vibrant. It’s like a taste of summer until summer comes up. I’m happy about how this record is actually being received by fans and DJs right now.

That Grape Juice: Is there a certain concept when you go into making these videos? Because I see you love a red convertible and beautiful women [laughs]. Or it’s more so just ‘let’s have a good time and let’s feel like summer vibes’?

Kranium: Yeah, just have a good time. I always do everything organic, just like my records. My records, they take their time to pick up. But when they pick up, they pick up. It’s all organic. I like to just do organic stuff. When I’m shooting, I don’t think about what this video is going to do or what this song is going to do. What’s going to come. I just work in the moment. And at that specific time, I was shooting the video, it was just a good vibe. And it shows.

That Grape Juice: The last time we spoke, you mentioned that one of the things you wanted to do was start touring again. And you’re doing it!

Your tour kicks off in Philadelphia on April 28. What can we expect from the concerts? What hits are you going to perform? We’re keen to hear everything about it.

Kranium: I mean, just vibes. Just me in my art form on stage and happy to see my fans. Everybody obviously knows I just give them the music. Nobody has seen me since ‘Gal Policy’ in a real way yet. So, it’s gonna be excitement and energy. I’m a crazy guy on stage. So, the vibe will be nice [laughs].

That Grape Juice: We’ve seen a lot of Dancehall and Reggae acts dabbling in different sounds to reach a broader audience – with varying levels of success. Do you see yourself doing other genres?

Kranium: For me personally, no, I don’t see myself doing any of that that you just described. But at the end of the day, I feel like there are artists and there are teams and there are people who feel like they want to try new things and see how it works. And I mean, sometimes we have to try things and then if it doesn’t work, you know to find yourself back and go back [to what makes you who you are]. I wouldn’t say it’s something that I really think about. If you watch my career over the years, I’ve never done that. But as I said, you know, some people want to try something different. Hopefully everybody [understands] the vibe and decision behind it. It might work for them; it might not work for me. So, let’s see and everybody has the time to just try out stuff and hopefully, it works out for the best.

That Grape Juice: And at this point in your career, are there any artists that you still want to collaborate with?

Kranium: I mean, I don’t have a “dream artist,” but I do have times when I go to the studio to make a record and there are certain people who come to mind. I don’t really have a specific artist who I say, I want to work with per se. It’s just like I make a song and I am like, I would love Rihanna on this verse, Kehlani on this verse, Big Sean on that verse. I feel like when you create music, it should come down to chemistry. And chemistry always comes off of what works with your songs. Not everybody we want to work with will sound good with it. So, I don’t really have that mindset of [forcing it]. I just want to make a record and if I feel that Rihanna sounds good, then, we will try and make it work.

That Grape Juice: Thank you for your time.

Kranium: Thank you, Chet.


Kranium’s ‘Wi Deh Yah Tour’ kicks off on April 28. Click here for tickets.

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