Report: Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Sign Ironclad Prenuptial Agreement

Published: Tuesday 14th Jun 2022 by Ryan

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari may have tied the not, but a new report claims that some very serious legal documents were signed before their ceremony.

More details below…

According to TMZ, sources close to the ‘Toxic’ singer and her now husband share that they signed an ironclad prenup. As a result, the publication claims that Asghari doesn’t get a dollar from the fortune Spears made up to this point.

Spears is worth a reported $60 million and there is a report of serious earning potential coming in the future. For, she is allegedly readying an all-new Las Vegas residency (as we reported here).

The news of a prenup comes after it was reported that the couple had begun to draft one shortly after their engagement earlier this year (as we reported here).

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  1. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 14, 2022

    Hot messssssss💅🏾 Y’all f u c k boys wishes you can bait a sugar granny like Britney

  2. Kool June 14, 2022

    Who cares? That is a private part of their life we don’t need to know, we are here for the music.

  3. Christina Aguilera June 14, 2022

    Britney should be worth AT MINIMUM $500 million. Sad state of affairs. She’s a n**.

    • Neutral June 14, 2022

      Her dad sucked her dry. Her worth was 250mil during the femme fatale era (2011). Hollywood issues

  4. Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 14, 2022

    He is fiiiiine! He could take every cookie in my JAR! (And the one between my legs 💋)

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 14, 2022

      Me too, hunnie💅🏾 Diva would love to breastfeeding this yummy baby boy. He can suck on my chocolate chips like there’s no tomorrow.

    • Mandy Moore Fanclub June 14, 2022

      You don’t have a cookie sir you have a pickle. A diseased, putrid one at that. Go take a bath and make a doctors appointment.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 14, 2022

        H*** please. You the type of trick to only make 10k a night and think you making big money lmaoooooooooo 🤣

      • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 14, 2022

        Mandy Moore has a fan club? Screaming 🤣😂🤣 no cookies for u but candy 💅🏾

      • Cash app request June 14, 2022

        Not a Mandy Moore fan club LMAOOOOOO!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 14, 2022

        Mandy Moore though! SCREAMING! 🤣

  5. Paulo June 14, 2022

    how is she only at 60 milli her team better be ready to sue dad and get every penny back

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