Watch: Trick Daddy Addresses Renewed Backlash for Reiterating His Belief Beyoncé Can’t Sing

Published: Thursday 21st Apr 2022 by Rashad

‘Take It To the House’ hitmaker Trick Daddy has taken to TMZ to set the record straight on his thoughts about Beyoncé.

As we reported last year, the 47-year-old sent the diva’s fans – affectionately called the #Beyhive – swarming after he said she doesn’t ‘write her own songs’ and ‘can barely sing.’

Just last week, he doubled down on the notion by asserting her vocal ability paled in comparison to the likes of Whitney Houston, Stephanie Mills, Adele, and Jennifer Hudson.

With the reiteration causing his once-cooled backlash to reheat, Daddy – hot on the promo trail in support of his FOX SOUL cooking show ‘B*tch I Got My Pots’ – is stirring up the pot with a direct address to some of Bey’s fans.

Slide inside to see what the Slip N’ Slide star said:

*Video may not stream in every country*

During his interview with TMZ Live! this week, Trick made clear he doesn’t actually believe the BeyHive has been at the helm of the ongoing online attack against him and his restaurant.  Instead, he thinks ‘trolls’ are responsible.

“Trust me, I love Beyoncé, I respect her business aspect, I have known her, I have watched grow since a little girl into what she’s become,” he said. “I was talking about ‘sanging’ and ‘singing’ is two different things, and that’s what we was talking about. And one of these trolls took a piece of the conversation and put it on the internet.”

Click PLAY on the clip above to watch the full inteview and see what else he said.

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  1. DC3 FOREVER April 21, 2022

    So she wasn’t SANGING in Love On Top? She wasn’t SANGING in Start Over or I Care? She wasn’t SANGING at the Grammy’s with Take My Hand, Precious Lord?

    Trick shut up and attend to your many law suits and your foreclosures.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 April 21, 2022

      Boy, shut UP! 🤣

      • Roberta FlackSabbath April 21, 2022

        She was SAGGING on those songs with her fat, floppy teets, all girdled up and her bleached skin because White is Queen!

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED April 21, 2022

      The commonly compared to KEKE is a SANGER but also BORING with a common VOICE. I’ll take Beyonce (a non Sanger with a) UNIQUE Voice and complex Vocal Style any day. And Beyonce even today PAST HET PRIME can outsing ADELE & Especially Alicia Keys 🤣

  2. Shayla Queen™ 👑 April 21, 2022

    She can’t sing! Ms Robot.

    • Roberta FlackSabbath April 21, 2022

      She can sing VICTIM really loud!

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 April 21, 2022

        With her white woman-wannabe ass! Her love for Africa is as fake as that bleached skin, marriage to Jay-Z and those album “sales.”

      • Dwayne Demary April 22, 2022

        You’re pressed and ugly 😂

  3. True Tea April 21, 2022

    She can’t SANG & he can’t RAP!!! But at least Beyoncé Non-SANGING a$$ get coins.

    And why is this man so pressed over her SANGING?? Most men don’t GAF. They are too busy looking at her appearance.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 April 21, 2022

      Do those big balls of your’s ache, dear?

      • True Tea April 21, 2022

        Did you take ur daily medication for ur itching & burning??

  4. Paulo April 21, 2022

    Oooh ok so he wants to promote this show I never heard about until now. Ok

  5. Moose’s Wig April 21, 2022

    She can’t. She’s no Whitney, Mac, Aretha, Jhud etc. She lip synchs all the time. She’s too young to have to already be lip syncing. She can’t act either. Barely can speak. Sounds illiterate af.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED April 21, 2022

      Beyonce has a RARE Michael Jackson/Tina Turner Quality Voice that can Reach MARIAH CAREY Heights. Beyonce is definitely on Par with Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce has a hesitant vocal projection as it pertains to Vocal Power but she has just enough vocal power even today above that of ADELE.

      In Beyonces prime her vocal power was EQUAL to Jhud. Better overall. I do think Jhud can out sing Beyonce TODAY tho but even that’s debatable.

    • Dwayne Demary April 22, 2022

      Adele can’t sing let’s start there …….. trick hasnt been on the radio in 4 decades lets stop there 🙃😂 The girls and gurls know Beyoncé gonna get you noticed 🤣 trick must still be high from the night Beyoncé let him open up for her DJ Khaled set 🤣

  6. Diva of Soul April 21, 2022

    Whatever. Beyonce CAN sing. Her voice just isn’t interesting. She’s an entertainer and nothing is wrong with that. I’d rather listen to soulful vocalists like Mariah and Monica…

    • I said what I said April 22, 2022

      This is true… her voice is not interesting, dare I say generic. She can sing she’s just not in the same calibre as the great vocalists. Although her fans like to force her into that stature.

  7. Diabetes UNBOTHERED April 21, 2022

    What Trick Daddy & Music lovers in general need to realise is Beyonce is NOT and does NOT have to be a SOUL singer to be classified as a Great Vocalist.

    Beyonce has a MARGINALLY soulful voice (DIL, Otherside, Resentment), more than that is not a requirement.

    Beyonce has a Michael Jackson/Tina Turner Quality Voice that can Reach MARIAH CAREY Heights. This makes Beyonce the first of her kind. This fact however shouldn’t make it difficult for Nonfans to categorize her Vocally…

    Black Soul Singers don’t Even Sell records so why should Beyonce even want to sound like them?

    Beyonce can sing ANY Adele or Jennifer Hudson song and do it Justice, the same can not be said in reverse.

    Vocally/Musically has very few limitation and Whitney IMO was Vocally BORING. Beyonce (along with Mariah) has done WAY MORE IMPRESSIVE things with her voice than that of Whitney.

  8. Aquanetta April 21, 2022

    “ Vocally/Musically has very few limitation and Whitney IMO was Vocally BORING. Beyonce (along with Mariah) has done WAY MORE IMPRESSIVE things with her voice than that of Whitney.”

    Yeah, you’re credibility is shot. All that cholesterol clogged your arteries and now it’s reaching your brain. Beyonce isn’t even in Mariah or Whitney’s vocal class. Nobody would agree but some lame bottoms on twitter and YouTube. Whitney’s voice transended genres. She wasn’t called THE VOICE for no reason. Beyonce WISHES!!!!

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED April 21, 2022

      I know I’m biased because I personally do not like Whitney’s Voice but Bey does have more RANGE… 4 Octaves and BETTER MUSIC and the list goes on. Both Beyonce and Mariah makes Whitney’s vocal technique look BASIC.

      Again i know I’m biased because Whitney’s voice BORES me, always has, always will.

      Opinions… Opinions.

      • The delusion lmao April 22, 2022

        Beyonce will never possess the sheer power, emotion or control that Whitney had! Even Beyonce would agree with your ludicrous statements. Whitney’s voice is the standard. Mariah had a good whistle and harmonies but her regular chest voice and tone could NOT compare. There’s a reason why she shriveled up in Whitney’s presence. HER words not mines!!!

      • Lmfao_Hoe April 22, 2022

        ” 4 Octaves and BETTER MUSIC and the list goes on. Both Beyonce and Mariah makes Whitney’s vocal technique look BASIC.” Better music??? than The Greatest of All, Saving My Love For You, I Wanna Dance With Someday, All The Man That I Need, My Love Is Your Love, IWALY etc?? the first black woman in History to have 3 Diamond albums to her name PURE SELLS AT THAT??

        Whitney is a better actor than both, especially no shade to Bey. Besides The Bodyguard there’s Waiting to Exhale, The Preachers Wife, Cinderella with Brandy classics still watched today what other films has Mariah or Bey starred that are considered classics?? Bey live don’t got nothing on Whitney vocally especially in her prime 80s – 94 and that special quality towards the late 90s. Every time Whitney sung you felt every phrase, tone, emotion, spirit alike, it was as though she was sangin directly to you.

        You said in a previous post she had more power over Mariah which is true, however what Mariah sadly lacks ultimately without a doubt nor debate even til this day aside power is confidence. Whitney even at her lowest could’ve easily lip-sync the I Look to You era Tour but instead kept it real wiith what she had and had she gotten plenty of rest and quiet smoking at times she would’ve done fair where’s Mariah until Caution wouldn’t fully embrace her new age singing voice. Smh the whole Rockefeller Xmas/ New Years 18

        Whitney may have not been a dancer as Beyonce but she damn sure had undeaible stage presence to none, and had the entire audience at her hands every time she hit the stage. No need for extra lights, high video cams or backup dancers just her natural beauty, voice and band of amazing musicians in which by her body language orchestrated them in every performance.

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