Tank Reflects on Backlash For Performing at Gay Pride: ‘Calling Me Gay Won’t Stop Me From Supporting the LGBTQ Community’

Published: Wednesday 25th May 2022 by Rashad

From discussing R. Kelly‘s impact on the music industry to praising Aaliyah, Kelly Rowland, The Weeknd, and others, Tank‘s recent chat with the good folks at Drink Champs podcast was chockfull of headline-grabbing quotes.

Yet, as a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, the biggest standout segment of the interview may have come when the GRAMMY nominee (born Durrell Babbs) reflected on the backlash he received for agreeing to perform at a Washington D.C. gay pride event in 2017 (as we originally reported here).

Reflecting on how the hometown performance divided his fans and critics then (and continues to do so years later), the veteran singer-songwriter waxed honest with the podcast’s host while reaffirming his stance against homophobia.

Hear it from him inside:


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As seen in the clip captured by our friends at TNT, Babbs expressed disappointment for what he suggests is a continued disdain for the LGBTQ+ community within the Black community – a state he says does not influence who he performs for as he would “entertain whether it’s a bunch of girls in the front row or a bunch of guys.”

In the video’s comments, some users asserted the singer’s support of the gay community is actually a coverup for his true sexual preference.  Tank slammed the notion, however.

“As you can see by these comments, the hate will never stop. The divide will continue as long as people lack love and understanding,” he said. “You calling me gay or making up shit to support your gay claims about me won’t make me gay…lol. It also won’t stop me form supporting the LGBTQ community,” he relayed in another comment.


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Addressing this hot topic isn’t all Tank said that has viewers talking!  Look below to watch the full Drink Champs special.

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  1. Jared May 25, 2022

    Intelligent black king. We love to see

  2. Hmm May 25, 2022

    To the gay men of tgj even you writers, does it feel weird to y’all to have everyone obsessed with your sexual orientation?

    • Clitney Houston May 25, 2022

      Like being obsessed with SKIN COLOR and that’s all the matters?

      Shut up, bigot. Go kiss a white cop,..

      • Loser ^ May 26, 2022

        Put down the meth pipe sir…

  3. Ijs May 25, 2022

    Stupid blog. So no post on the Texas school shooting???

    • MustyBallz May 25, 2022

      Why? Just for it to be inundated by disrespectful trolls?

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 May 25, 2022

        Says you with the name MustyBallz.

      • MustyBallz May 25, 2022

        My name has nothing to do with my statement which is factual btw. You have nothing of substance to add to this conversation so feel free to dismiss yourself, troll.

  4. Are You Kidding Me? May 25, 2022

    Imagine if Chingy said “Yeah Sidney Starr ruined my career, but I fw the LGBT”, performed at Pride, tell me we wouldn’t revive his career?

    Boosie, all these idiots, stop working against us. You’re in our DMs anyways….(yes your favorite rappers are sloppy and use social media, TRUST)

  5. True Tea May 26, 2022

    Tank issa freak & therefore isn’t bothered about selling s/e/x to gay men. And even if he’s Gay or Bi…who cares. The man can sing and he’s GROWN & S***!!! Not MESSY & Ratchet.

    Tank is Good Vibes. And usually drama free!!!

    We LOVE to see it.

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