Chris Brown Eyes Beyonce Collaboration

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jun 2022 by Sam

Chris Brown may be on the cusp of unleashing his new album ‘Breezy,’ but he’s already looking past that to a big collaboration he has on the mind.

A team with none other than Beyonce. 

Full story below…

Speaking on the Millions Worth of Game Show during his promotional run, the 33-year-old was quizzed on his dream collaboration and he named Queen Bey herself.

Speaking on a potential team-up with the ‘Break My Soul’ belter said:

“Honestly, Beyonce. Only because of what that would look like. Both of us do a dope song with both of us dancing in it. That would be dope. Like a check off my to-do list. She’s the only [major] artist that I haven’t worked with before. We’ll just see when it happens.”

Peep the clip:


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Would you be here for a Chris Brown and Beyonce collaboration? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mototo June 22, 2022

    Hope is life but it ain’t gonna happen breezy.
    I want à collab between Rihanna and Beyoncé that would be so dope

  2. Bey Is Grown June 22, 2022

    Nope, it’ll never happen

  3. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

    Beyonce will visit The Breakfast Club before doing a song with FIST BeatEmDown Brown…

    YouTube TRENDING

    #1 Break My Soul (Song)(5.7M)
    #9 Warm Embrace (Video)(1.2M)

    (Both Released same day)

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

      #9 Warm Embrace (Video)(1.4M)

    • TeamBreezyho June 22, 2022

      Chris is more talented then Beyonce and more hits‼️

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

        Must suck for Chris knowing Bey would rather collaborate with a ugly no talent Subhuman Trænny (big freeda) than do a Pop/dance collabo with a Talented Chris Brown.

        (If he didn’t beat rih they might have already collaborated multiple times by now.)

      • Beyonce June 22, 2022

        Beyonce haters say anything. Y’all been in a tizzy since DBMS dropped!! Now Crack Brown is more talented & successful than Bey. LOL. He can’t even see Usher in terms of talent and success. He’s not touching Bey. Let me guess he can do backflips and paint so that makes him better LOL. Byeeee.

      • FLOPAISSANCE June 22, 2022

        LOL chris hit the top 10 on the hot 100 every time he releases an album, that wig wearing flopped roach always has to piggyback off somebody else to stay relevant. watch her do a remix with chris after FLOP MY SOUL tanks off the hot 100 in week 2 lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      • Beyonce June 22, 2022

        -looks at Beyonces pure sales then looks at CB- enough said. No comparison. I also can’t find CB on the list of highest grossing tours. Beyonce is listed multiple times. CB thrives off of streaming. Beyonce stopped releasing her projects on platforms other than Tidal for a period and still left CB in the dust. Don’t be stupid. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • FLOPAISSANCE June 22, 2022

      LOL floproach needs to do both if she wants to sell this FLOPAISSANCE mess, chris has seen the top 10 of the Hot 100 in the last decade, floproach cant say that, she hasn’t had a hit since gas was $1.50 a gallon lmaoooooooooooooooo

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

        You mean since SAVAGE?

        LOL I live for the self drags you always commit.

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

        #SAVAGE FT MEG THE HORSE went #1

      • FLOPAISSANCE June 22, 2022

        LOL that was MEGANS’ song horseface lmaooooooo, she threw the floproach a charity bone, her last SOLO hit jabba, you cant even remember cuz its been so long lmaoooooooooooo

  4. FLOPAISSANCE June 22, 2022

    LOL so chris is lookin to flop too? dont do it bro, your albums sales are bad enough as it is without adding this flopped roach to the mix lmaooooo

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

      Renaissance will have the biggest sales of 2022.

      Both Anti and Lemonade went 3X Plat but…

      Lemonade sold 1.5 Million US
      Anti Sold 600K US

      And Both were released For Free prior. Anti free via Downloads & Lemonade was free via HBO.

      Anti Tour VS Formation Tour tells a similar Story

      Same story with 2017 Grammy’s
      (Rih won 0 for Anti lol)

      How is Rih not a FLOP just like THE QUEEN?

      • FLOPAISSANCE June 22, 2022

        LOL FLOPAISSANCE will struggle to flop past the 250k mark.

        ANTI is STILL in the Billboard top 200-6 YEARS LATER

        QUEEN RIRI is a multi BILLIONAIRE & one of the TOP FIVE most successful female acts of all time on Billboard.

        FLOPROACHYONCE is putting out dated house music reject trash and getting dragged all over social media for it.

        Anymore questions fatso? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

        Where is this Anti Social album you keep bragging about at #197?

        Where is R9???????????

        Is Rih THAT scared of Cardi, Bey, & Adele?

        (Rih got to billionaire status by doing WHAT? Selling áss or MUSIC?)

        When the Video Drops BREAK MY SOUL is going straight to #1 despite being such a lame song.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

      You love bragging about Anti selling 1k per week via streams as if its not because NOBODY actually bought it & where are all those LAUGHing emojis you usually post? The Queen’s Return got you that depressed?. Aren’t you and ‘Normani’s understudy’ one and the same Troll?


        LOL stop deflecting from floproach fatso, shouldnt you be streaming FLOP MY SOUL so it wont debut bubbling under? and whatever happened to your new fave, that pie faced Uglie bailey you said was the second coming of the floproach? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

        Lemonade cost significantly more than Anti which had WORK, a #1 Hit. Still Anti got beaten by Lemonade so bad that the Navy lies and claims Anti sold 11 million WW LMAO

        BWHAHAJA 😂😂😂😂😂😂

        List of artist that will release an album before Normani…

        Chloe Bailey
        Halle Bailey
        Blue Ivy
        Big Freeda
        Saucy Satana
        Sasha Fierce (after being resurrected)

  5. Gworl Bye June 22, 2022

    Beyonce cl*triding season is in full swing. Do ANY of these celebrities have any self pride anymore smh.

  6. Normila June 22, 2022

    She may hop on a remix if he gets a #1 song. Ed Sheeran duet anyone?

  7. Beyonce June 22, 2022

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown: 3x platinum
    Exclusive: 2x platinum
    Graffiti: 400k
    F.A.M.E.: 900k
    Fortune: 500k
    X: 400k
    Royalty: 375k
    Heartbreak On a Full Moon: 120k
    Indigo: 90k



    Dangerously In Love: 11x platinum
    Bday: 8x platinum
    IASF: 8x platinum
    4: 3x platinum
    Beyonce: 5x platinum
    Lemonade: 3x platinum


  8. Wilky June 22, 2022

    Scrawny Druggy perm head flop! Keep dreaming

  9. Keith June 22, 2022

    If Chris and Beyonce want to make a house record, I’m here for it…

  10. UHoesFunny June 22, 2022

    FLOPAISSANCE? Like really? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Please try again, if you gonna try to read, please do it right. And be funny 💀

    Bey haters are DESPERATE and HATE to see her win. We love to see them stress and struggle 😂😂



  11. Vivian Hunter June 23, 2022

    Chris Brown and Beyonce will be that thang!!!! Can’t wait for the release!!!

  12. Ailed June 23, 2022

    Like to see duo Chris Brown and Beyoncé and JLO be dope

  13. Divab June 23, 2022

    Just saw Chris interview and surely he looks and spoke like he is doing coke. He appears high and jumping. Chris stop with the drugs, get some real help. You are to talented to waist your life away, you have little children depending on you. For the record sorry that collaboration won’t happen, sorry

  14. Lenore June 23, 2022

    Yes I would love to see them do a song together I can’t wait 💗

  15. Monet June 23, 2022


  16. Yaya45 Yaya45 June 23, 2022

    Yes,most definitely yes. Chris and Beyonce, now that’s fire🥰🥰 But you know the haters are going to hate.

    • TheeQueenK June 25, 2022

      I think 🤔 it would be 🔥 !!! Different is Good!!! Why not???

  17. TheeQueenK June 25, 2022

    I think 🤔 it would be 🔥 !!! Different is Good!!! Why not???

  18. Ethelyn June 25, 2022

    They are both amazing performers. I would love to see the energy between the two of them on stage. That would be epic!! I haven’t seen any two people that can do that since Michael and Janet Jackson.

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