‘I Sound a Hot Mess’: Vickie Winans Responds to Ridicule of Now-Viral Singing Video

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jun 2022 by Rashad

Vickie Winans may own one of the most revered voices in the history of Gospel music, but she recently came under fire for a performance that didn’t depict that voice in its best light.

The 68-year-old GRAMMY nominee took to the stage to deliver a strained rendition of her timeless classic ‘Safe in His Arms’ that left her everything except safe from commenters who noted everything from the seeming struggle to power through the song’s climax and more.

And though Winans is no stranger to voice issues having undergone surgeries on her vocal cords in the past, some wondered if there was more to be concerned about than that given the bizarre antics during the showing (i.e. putting a towel over her face mid-performance).

Once news of the social media noise made its way to Vickie’s desk she took to Instagram to respond.  Look inside to see how the ‘Shake Yourself Loose’ singer is shaking off the criticism.


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On Wednesday (June 22), Winans waxed honest about where the performance went wrong by posting a clip from it alongside a lengthy caption.

“This has gotten HILARIOUS!😂 YES I SOUND A HOT MESS! Y’all know what, I have never voiced my opinion of displeasure about anybody to discredit or hurt them online! I just don’t judge people like that! But since there are people out there that sit back and wait to hurt me after 37 years of hard work, and 1,000’s of shows, I might as well jump in and dog my ownself!😂 I was posted on Facebook and someone edited out a 30 second clip of me being hoarse on a song! The black towel I use for sweat and also every time I sing “Safe in His Arms,” fell wrong! It is used to symbolize God hiding my face! I was dogged for that Lol! I divorced Pastor Winans 28 years ago and I’ve since been remarried! I’m so happy for him and I am so happy! They say that’s the reason! You can’t make this stuff up! Somebody else said maybe I should retire! WHAT?? The Man who hired me will retire me! That was one of the hoarse reasons!😳Really?? THE REAL REASON: My lazy self went back out singing full throated after sitting 367 days at home during the pandemic without doing a single show! After 2 vocal surgeries, and all the miles on my throat, I should have known better! My voice doctor was livid!😡He scoped my cords and placed me on speech and vocal therapy! I’m so much better now! He says there is no permanent damage and I’ll be back💯! I’m almost scared to ask for prayer, but As Long As I Got King Jesus! FYI: Hurt hits every home and every body!🥲I still love ALL of you!💃🏼”


Ouch!  Glad to see she’s taking the harsh commentary in stride, though.

Look below to see the video that’s had people talking:

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  1. FLOPAISSANCE June 22, 2022

    LOL still sound light years better than floproachyonce lmaooooooo

  2. Normila June 22, 2022

    Aww. Looks to me like she was Aguilera-ing the sweetness outta her light instrument. Female belters tend to lose chest voice past age 50. The result of hormonal changes, wear and tear, and dryness of the sinuses. And, girlfriend, has a faulty technique in addition to audible scar tissue or medical malpractice. Love her spirit!

    • Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) June 22, 2022

      It’s only a matter of time before Xtina sounds just like this or much worse. P** has been screaming for 40 years with no vocal control

  3. Shanaynay June 22, 2022

    Awww she’s making light of the situation but it’s still sad nonetheless. She’s pushing 70 years old of course her voice isn’t gonna have the power it once did. She’s already proven herself a zillion times over. This is a gospel legend. We love you Vicki❣️

  4. 9kcamila June 22, 2022

    She owned it and is still a legend!

  5. Kirk Franklin June 22, 2022


  6. Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) June 22, 2022

    If only Camila would come to this realization and admit the facts 🤭🤭

  7. Dedra June 23, 2022

    Stay encouraged! People will be people— sometimes very mean people. You are a legend and have proven that fact over and over. We love you still.

  8. T June 23, 2022

    The truth is she can sing her Face of and she can realy sang. She was just ill on that day. I dont understand those idiots who want your Voice to be 24/7 on point. When someone is ill thats normal. She proved us many times that she can realy sing so shut up move on and Vickie i wisch you welll get healthy soon.

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