Harry Styles Helps Fan Come Out During Concert: ‘You’re Officially Gay, My Boy’

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jun 2022 by Ryan

It’s pride month and Harry Styles is celebrating.

Case in point, the ‘As It Was’ singer has now helped a fan come out during one of his concerts.

More details below…

During his concert at Wembley Stadium, Styles caught the request of a  supporter who was holding up a sign that read: “From Ono to Wembley: Help me come out.”

Styles did just that. He picked up a rainbow flag and the sign. As the crowd was chanting his name, the former One Direction member declared: “When this flag goes over my head, you are officially out. I think that’s how it works: When this sign goes over the head, you’re officially gay, my boy.”

Styles is currently on his ‘Love on Tour’ trek, which is in support of his most recent album, ‘Harry’s House.’ The set has been a massive success for the singer, having debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with over half a million copies in its first week. The project has also housed four top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 (as we reported here).

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  1. No June 22, 2022

    How ridiculous 🤦‍♂️ you need to come out to the world for which reason? Your family and friends couldn’t be enough as a non-famous person? Please stop being dumb and realise what’s really going on here.

    • Normila June 22, 2022

      Unquenchable attention thirst

      • No June 22, 2022

        For sure but there’s a bigger plan behind this, just by the way this is presented. You can’t pretend to “help someone doing a come out” but that’s a great narrative for sure, I see where they’re going.

    • YES June 22, 2022

      For personal freedom. Straight people don’t have to announce their sexuality because it’s already assumed by default and society caters to it.

      • No June 22, 2022

        Oh please, personal freedom? How stupid is this comment 🙄 I did my own coming out when i was 13yo, you won’t teach me nothing here and it has nothing to do with personal freedom or straight comparaison, especially when you want the world to know it even thought you are NOBODY, you sound silly.

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

        Not true. I can think someone is gay, I can be wrong… Do they have an obligation to let me know they’re straight?. Also wise ppl do not assume ppl are hetero, Im perfectly aware that ANY ONE can be either of 4 sxual orientations… And NOONE must “come out” & make some Ridiculous Announcement whether ppl assume or not. If your wrong you’re just wrong.

        You should just BE homo hetero bi or asxual not announce it. Smh

      • No June 22, 2022

        I agree with Diabetes UNBOTHERED. If you want to make a coming out to your friends and family like I did before, because I clearly couldn’t lie anymore about not having a girlfriend like everyone and I’ve had enough to not be myself but I never felt the need to put a LGBT sticker upon my head to let people know i’m gay. Why would anyone do that? What’s the point? Sexuality is private at a certain point, you can’t expect everyone to testify about their sexuality in public, like, why? Why would I need to know the sexuality of everyone? Why should we all let people know even if they don’t ask?

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 22, 2022

      You are a nasty c u n t! Where’s your sympathy? 💅🏾

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

      You should not be in or out the “closet” because it does not exist. THE CLOSET ” is the world’s greatest example of a SOCIAL CONTRUCT.

      Brainwashed mindless fools like lilnasx still thinks its real. Smh

  2. Normila June 22, 2022

    You next, Harry! 😉

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 22, 2022

      Nope. Harry Is 💯% straight 💅🏾 I’m not sure about other 1D bandmates tho

  3. XTINA June 22, 2022


    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 22, 2022

      Are you homophobic?

  4. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 22, 2022

    Awwwww. My Lord is so sweet💅🏾 Diva is touched 💋💯

  5. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

    Okay you’re a F**, we Get it…

    WHATS YOUR POINT????????

  6. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

    You should not be in or out the “closet” because it does not exist. THE CLOSET ” is the world’s greatest example of a SOCIAL CONTRUCT.

  7. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

    OK so now he’s “OUT” the so called “closet”…

    NOW WHAT???????????????????? 🤦‍♂️

  8. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 22, 2022

    I don’t understand why homosexuals need ‘INCLUSION or a SUPPORT SYSTEM’ just because ppl are homophobic. Homophobia is HARMLESS. Why can’t these f*** just live their life instead of making a mockery out of themselves by “coming out”?

  9. Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 22, 2022

    Now, my tiddies be sitting real purty, b****. And y’all stay sucking on unwashed, hairy balls 💯

  10. Zayne Stan June 22, 2022

    So tired of this ugly flop pink f a g
    No Harry YOU’VE been officially gay for years now

  11. True Tea June 22, 2022

    Congrats Shayla for coming out BUT we all knew you strapped on.

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) June 23, 2022

      My loyal guard, go slap this fake p I s s s l a v e until the Queen said stop 💅🏾

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 23, 2022

        Thank you Diva! Go team! 👑👠

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