Omarion Unleashes DRAMA-Drenched Trailer for Docu-Series on B2K Beef [Video]

Published: Thursday 7th Jul 2022 by Sam

20 years after dominating the Urban-Pop landscape, beef is what’s popping most among the members of B2K these days.

And now Omarion is looking to tell his side of the story.

As reported, the drama between O and his former bandmates has been boiling to dizzying degrees in the wake of his VERZUZ showdown with Mario. Indeed, jabs have been thrown, as well as claims of J-Boog, Raz-Z, and Lil Fizz being “background dancers.”

With tensions high and the world weighing in, Omarion has unlocked the trailer for a five-part documentary series – in which he seemingly spills all.

Chronicling the band’s 2019 reunion for The Millennium Tour, no stone is left unturned – with everything from internal fighting, old wounds, and Fizz’s controversial relationship with Apryl Jones (the mother of Omarion’s children) laid bare.

Ahead of its July 21 premiere, check out the trailer for ‘Omega: The Gift and The Curse’ below…


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Speaking on the doc, Omarion said:

“Hey 🌍. For too long I’ve felt misunderstood & manipulated by the games people play especially when accountability from others has been obsolete. I own my parts in the story -but do you? Respect is what I give to everyone & it’s what I deserve in return. Being unbothered doesn’t mean that you ignore your emotions or how you feel. Being unbothered means that you don’t give someone else your power & YOU decide how to respond instead of reacting. Reacting to everything is a disadvantage because it’s thoughtLESS and doesn’t serve you. Standing up for yourself during challenging times is essential to staying centered and maintaining your peace.

O M E G A (which stands for the last) adding “the gift and the curse” serves as insight into this incredible journey of Ups and downs. Stay tapped in & witness how deep it goes. Premiering 7/21.”

Our popcorn is ready! Will you be watching?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) July 7, 2022

    Omarion is so embarrassing. This wasn’t the serve he thought it’d be.

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED July 7, 2022

    Gun to my head I promise u I cannot name 1 b2k song outside of ‘what a girl want’ (the only one I ever liked).

    Both Raz B and Lil Fizz have a small dìkk, not hard to believe they were really ræped by Marques Houston. They were so traumatized that their pénis stopped growing 😂. I bet Marques Houston has a humungous Slong.

    ☀ Can’t wait for O to drop a only fans.

    • Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) July 7, 2022

      What a girl wants is a Christina Aguilera song 🤭

      • Credits July 7, 2022

        B2k has a song of the same title. Apparently those are not Omarion’s vocals on the song though.

      • T July 7, 2022

        no B2k has a single too with the same titel

    • Credits July 7, 2022

      🎶 Baby That’s the reason why I love you 🎶
      That’s actually one of their best songs.

  3. XTINA July 7, 2022

    This looks JUICY 😱😱

  4. eric July 7, 2022

    This pretentious drivel is fooling no one. If the other members aren’t participating in it, it’s 100% biased and again proves the point that he has no career without them. Stop using the other members’ name, image and likeness if all you’re going to do is keep dogging them and throwing fuel on the fire. Grow up and stop making it all about you.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED July 7, 2022

      Omarion solo career is just as if not more eventful than B2K. The O & 21 Album Both went #1 (unlike b2ks) & have way more memorable hits. I can’t even think Omarion without the ENTOURAGE chorus playing in my head involuntarily. Lol

      I find the The Millennium Tour to be flat out laughable in so many diffrent ways 😂

      • eric July 7, 2022

        That’s true, but he didn’t build that fan base for his music and artistry all on his own. He relies heavily on B2K which is why he has toured with them more often than not throughout his whole career. When the O album reached #1, he went back to the group for Scream Tour IV. When 21 reached #1, he returned to B2K again for Scream Tour V. He has never been able to tour solo without being on a bill as B2K or with a bunch of other artists.

  5. T July 7, 2022

    Omarion pls stop you need them for you career thats all.
    Again you are not Beyonce or Kelly Rowland you need your group

  6. KeyLoLo July 8, 2022

    It’s so crazy to me how they argue with each other and put each others dirt on blast when they should focus that energy on Chris Stokes and Taz; they are the two they need to be putting on blast. Raz does but the rest of them don’t and thats BIG weird to me…while they are arguing w each other Chris Stokes is still making movies for Tubi and Taz is still making millions off of Jhene Aiko

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