Drama! Sparkle Denies Niece’s Testimony That She Brought Her to R. Kelly with Bad Intent

Published: Saturday 20th Aug 2022 by Sam

Disgraced singer R. Kelly‘s fate hangs in the balance as his sex abuse trial in Chicago cranks into full gear.

For many observers, the fallen star was dealt a devastating blow when the prosecution called a key witness to the stand – the woman at the center of his now infamous sex tape.

Now 37, the woman’s account of her experience is considered crucial to the current case. Because, despite being identified as the underage female in the video, she notably didn’t testify during Kelly’s 1998 trial. A move many say helped collapse the case against the crooner at the time.

Testifying as a “Jane Doe” to protect her identity, she did not hold back. Indeed, the woman relayed how Kelly coerced her into sex at just 15 years old and filmed several encounters.

Kelly wasn’t the only one portrayed in a bad light; her aunt – singer Sparkle – has been critiqued after the woman claimed the songbird brought her to Kelly and said: “I should rub his head and ask him to take that role [of godfather] in my life.” She suggested that her parents also approved, Kelly took on the position, and the sexual relationship between her and Kelly commenced shortly after.

The shocking testimony has left many with harsh words for Sparkle, who is now setting the record straight.

Full story below…

Sparkle, born Stephanie Edwards, issued a video statement denying the claims.

Though praising her niece for finally cooperating with prosecutors, the singer says that she is at the center of a “family feud.” She insists that her niece’s parents are attempting to use the testimony to malign her name as a means of deflecting from their own complicity and support for Kelly – which she says extended after the infamous tape.

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  1. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 20, 2022

    This case will eventually get thrown out. They don’t have enough evidence to prosecute R Kelly.

    • FLOPAISSANCE August 20, 2022


  2. Gworl Bye August 20, 2022

    I don’t understand why black people are hell bent on making this b****** the victim. He had s** with underage girls. That makes him a PED0PHILE. He belongs in jail, period. I don’t care if the parents dropped the girls in his lap on a platter. HE HAD S** WITH UNDERAGE GIRLS. HE BELONGS IN JAIL.

    • yup! August 20, 2022

      IF that is the case, then so does every one of the parents for letting it happen on their watch. For neglect and child endangerment.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 21, 2022

        And that would be a whole other case and nothing to do with this one. What part of what Gworl Bye says don’t you get?

      • yup! August 21, 2022

        The real case is the child abuse that resides in your apt. And the one you endured by that s**** owner of yours. 😶 Go brush your receding gums and throw some bleach in that sunken place 😆

  3. Teesha August 20, 2022

    Every Black person in Chicago in the 90s knew what R Kelly was doing. His grown ass used to hang out at the high schools, malls and food courts looking for teenage girls. This was WHILE he was famous. My older relatives told me this.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 21, 2022

      Then your older relatives were also implicit in it.

  4. Justice4Aaliyah August 21, 2022

    You can point the blame at whomever still R Kelly is the VILLIAN here!!! He knowingly abused and slept with teenage girls (possibly boys too). He’s sick! Everyone who covered for him is sick! He took advantage of children!! Most of the time he did it in plain sight too! Anyone taking up for this deviance is sick af. I hope his ass rots behind bars.

  5. Sahar September 19, 2022

    Sparkle, we believe you fully and firmly. You have been, and remain, a steady beacon of light in the heart of this dark grotesque place.

    Your family are beyond blessed to have you among them, whether they have the character to join you or not. Stand strong. Thank you for everything you continue to do to bring truth and to protect women and girls.

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