Tamar Braxton After August Alsina’s Speculated Coming Out: “Love Wins, My Brother is Free”

Published: Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022 by Sam

August Alsina was thrust into the headlines like never before this week after seemingly coming out during the closing credits of ‘The Surreal Life.’

As reported, the R&B singer gushed about “the person” he loves and loves him back, a love that “defies all the constructs of what love is supposed to be or look like.” Alsina stressed that he wanted to share said love “in front of the world.” He was then joined by a male companion, who he warmly embraced.

Social media timelines exploded with speculation around whether the performer had just “come out” as being part of the LBGTQ community or whether the person in question was – as has been intimated by some – his “brother.”

Pending the airing of the next episode, a cloud of ambiguity surrounds the topic.

However, it appears Alsina’s castmate Tamar Braxton may have provided a little more…clarity.

See what we mean below…

Per LBS, the ‘Love & War’ songbird nested in the comments of a clip of the segment on Instagram and reportedly wrote in a now-deleted message:

“Love Wins. My brother is free.”

In a post that is still visible, Braxton continued to share her love for her co-star:


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Suffice to say, time will bring with it a degree of the definitive. In the here and now, what are…

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  1. TAMAR STOP November 23, 2022

    would’ve been nice if she was this support of Traci instead of her sacrificing her .

    • KeyLoLo November 23, 2022

      Big facts

  2. Uma November 23, 2022

    Her deleting the comment is VERY telling….

    August, stop the charade! We have enough queeer baiters out here.

    • Towanda Braxton November 23, 2022

      Lol she deleted it just to make a vague post about #lovewins . I don’t believe none of this…

  3. Truth November 23, 2022


    That boy was trolling and talking about biological brotherly love


    • Bleu November 23, 2022

      That is not his brother! Stop spreading misinformation. He has 3 brothers. One is deceased and the other two aren’t that boy.

  4. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 23, 2022

    Our homo obsessed society needs to stop letting faegs think it’s something brave about coming out the so called “closet”. I would prefer if he went outside, fukked a dude unapologetically in broad daylight and we found out that way…

    He’s most likely just fawgg baiting for attention. And sadly it’s WORKING.

    • Paulo November 23, 2022

      It’s sad you’re enjoying the little time you have left before your fat heart gives out being a troll.

    • Candace Owens November 24, 2022

      Diabetes, I hope someone raapes the Burger King out your french fry-stuffed vaagina. Just die. I can’t wait three years it will take your diet to do it.

  5. KeyLoLo November 23, 2022

    For some reason this all just seem fake or something…not saying that he isn’t bi bc I believe he is (he was Jaden Smith’s man first then his mama swept the man from under that boy’s nose..just my theory) but it’s just something that’s so fake about Alsina’s whole ordeal..can’t put my index on it…and it’s also interesting to me how people can congratulate a celebrity for coming out but see two regular non famous gay men (oh let’s say they are kissing in public) those very same people go off and say, “What about the kids?”…I can’t…interesting

  6. Conservation November 23, 2022

    The writer Sam want this man to be gay so bad! whoopdie do!

  7. Doozy November 23, 2022

    If he’s gay then good for him living in his truth! If not, the q**** baiting is disgusting. The LGBTQ community isn’t a f****** trend.

    • Paulo November 23, 2022


  8. Clarks0o00ñ November 23, 2022

    Why is she inserting herself

    Black church gays aren’t checking for anymore. This ain’t 2015

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