First Look Trailer: ‘SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B’

Published: Tuesday 31st Jan 2023 by Sam

The hotly anticipated Xscape and SWV reality show is officially coming to Bravo this March.

And the first-look trailer has been unveiled.

Full story below…

Christened ‘SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B,’ the series chronicles the aftermath of the ladies’ seismic Verzuz showdown and their journey towards a joint arena show.

Diving into the professional and personal lives of the groups (who both dominated the 90s R&B landscape), the fly-on-the-wall special promises to leave no stone unturned – laying bare the tensions between the ensembles as well as the internal dramas within Xscape especially. Drama that seems deep between the Scott sisters.

The show stars LaTocha Scott-Bivens, Kandi Burruss, Cheryl “Coko” Gamble, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Tamara Johnson-George, LeAnne “Lelee” Lyons, and Tamika Scott. All of whom also serve as executive producers.

Check out the freshly unwrapped trailer…

The show is produced by Monami Productions with Mona Scott-Young, Stephanie R Gayle, and Michael Lang on board as executive producers.

‘SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B’ premieres on March 5 at 9.30 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Bravo  / Kristen Sard]

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  1. Zade January 31, 2023

    These ashy grannies are so irreverent… no hits in more than three decades. How about go check in to your nursing home.

    • Zade is irrelevant January 31, 2023

      If they’re solo irrelevant how are they still selling out arenas? Don’t forget Xscape had a sold out HEADLINING solo arena tour and they’re still selling out with just 3 of them.

      • Niles January 31, 2023

        Xscape has Kandi and Tiny to thank for their relevance.

    • Zade January 31, 2023

      I’m glad to see that I left such a deep scar on your ego 😂 that’s when you know you won over.

  2. Fenty January 31, 2023

    LaTocha really thinks she’s more than what she is lol. It didn’t happen for her in the 90’s solo and it aint happening now. Even Coko humbled herself and went back to SWV after several failed solo attempts. Girl bye!

    • What Would 50 do January 31, 2023

      I should slap the sht out you don’t ever disrespect Coko

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 31, 2023

        Coko is an ole ashy flop tramp

      • Peter January 31, 2023

        I don’t see any disrespect, just facts. Its a fact that Coko’s solo albums flopped. R&B and gospel. I like Coko too but lets call a thing a thing.LaTocha couldn’t even get her solo album off the shelves.

  3. Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 31, 2023

    Queens of R&B? Then I guess H******** is the Queen of Rap 👀 lmaooooooooooooo! 🤣

  4. Ka$h doll January 31, 2023

    They look more like kings. Stop letting gay men style y’all lol

  5. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 31, 2023

    Desperate for money right? Broke ass n I g g a a b I t c h e sssss💅🏾

    • theone January 31, 2023

      You’re crying out loud for deliverance, that’s the only thing that you really needs.
      Next Steps… find the right church, repent, go to the deliverance services..(I think it will take a little bit long in your case)
      If you are completely free, come back and give us your testimony and explain to us why you were so evil 🤗🤗

  6. ♠️What Would 50 do January 31, 2023

    I’m about to kummmm in my pants can’t wait.. love me some SWV. Owww they back in action

  7. T January 31, 2023

    Thats The Problem with Latichas men he dont have nothing going on for him self thats why he always think he is the 5th member in the group. I dont like Mens who try to get involved in their womans business do somthing for your own my God!!

  8. Peter January 31, 2023

    They too old for the drama. Just get on stage and sing the classics we all love. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

    • eric January 31, 2023

      It shouldn’t be, but these networks don’t think people will watch without some manufactured drama thrown in. That Encore show from BET was all about putting the women in situations that would bring out the worst in them, and this Bravo series appears to do the same. It’s exploitative.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 1, 2023

        I agree, although the worst in them has to be there to be brought out to begin with.

  9. stan January 31, 2023

    same ole sht…

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