Beyonce Blazes in adidas x Ivy Park’s New PARK TRAIL Line

Published: Wednesday 8th Feb 2023 by Sam

Check out Beyonce!

Queen Bey stuns in the latest adidas x Ivy Park capsule, which is christened PARK TRAIL.

Arriving in stores tomorrow (February 9), the latest iteration of the athleisure line lands on the heels of the superstar’s epic night at the GRAMMY Awards 2023 – where she became the most awarded artist in GRAMMYs history.

Peep more of Bey in what she shares is “my favorite drop to date” below…

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  1. MissImpartial February 8, 2023

    Her hair reminds me of the Say my name days.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 8, 2023

      The Queen of Christ is a whole 45 years old yet still looking 19 lol

      • yup! February 8, 2023

        Which picture does Demoncey remotely look 19?? Did I scroll too fast?? She looks her age and she does not look bad.

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 8, 2023

    The Queen of Christ is a whole 45 years old yet still looking 19)like on the Survivor Album Cover)…




    • Dc February 8, 2023

      19 in dog years

  3. Flopyonce February 8, 2023

    Sounds about’s giving trailer park trash.

  4. Ivy Flop February 8, 2023

    No post on IVP’s weak sales? Hmmm. Straight from Adidas’ mouth. I told yall nobody was wearing that s*** in real life. Just look at how tacky that outfit is. They won’t be renewing their contract with IVP. Meanwhile Kanye is a whole n** and Yeezy is still reselling for double and triple it’s retail price lmaoooo. Beyonce is not a fashion girl.

    • Mimi Carey February 8, 2023

      Every Ivy Park release has gotten worse and worse. The price point isn’t matching the quality. Folks have bills to pay.

  5. RatedXxx February 8, 2023

    This basic bish really think she’s the king all things….

    We all know nobody is actually buying her crappy made clothes…I’ve yet seen any celebrities wearing her crap

    Meanwhile I see celebrities wearing Rihanna and Kanye stuff all the time..

    She’s the king alright…no diamond albums nor singles…and yet 32 grammys…bish please

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 8, 2023

      The C#5 Belt in BIGGER destroyed every belt Mariah has sung since 2006 😭 and The QUEEN was not even trying. #King Thingz 🤴 👑 🦁

      • Mimi Carey February 8, 2023

        Yet no one in their right minds would put Beyonce in the same category as Mariah vocally. Mariahs catalogue > Beys.

  6. RatedXxx February 8, 2023

    Heck even celebrities are wearing Kim Kardashian stuff…she actually has real supermodels rocking her stuff

    Meanwhile beyond fake is the only one wearing her tacky cheap crap

    Dead……her Stan base are the stupidest Stan base out there..worshiping a basic bish who does the same dance routines and sound like she’s trying to be a vocalist…

  7. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 8, 2023

    😢 😭

  8. Stunna February 8, 2023

    Ughhhhhh so freakin beautiful!!!! You ugly beak nose no lip wytes could neverrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  9. Bee February 8, 2023

    Love her but this s*** ugly

  10. Deeej February 8, 2023

    I never saw anybody wearing Ivy Park in real life and I live in NYC………….

  11. H** on the Rag 🩸 February 8, 2023

    This will totally take Beyoncé’s career out of the dumpster!

    [UPDATE: No, it won’t]

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 8, 2023

      Dumpsters usually dont embark on $1 Billion SOLD OUT STADIUM TOURS. Atleast not any dumpster I’ve ever seen… 🤐

      {Adele/Taylor/Janet/Madonna could never.}

      • H** on the Rag 🩸 February 8, 2023

        That will totally take Beyoncé’s career out of the dumpster!

        [UPDATE: No, it won’t]

  12. Mary Beth February 8, 2023

    Her next album be a even bigger flop than Renaissance like it is for any old woman

  13. Alisha B February 8, 2023

    Still spending yo husband money on vanity projects nobody finna buy

  14. Britney Spearz February 8, 2023

    I’m convinced Diabetes Unbothered is Beyonce herself. Look at how fat and sloppy she is

  15. Kyle February 8, 2023

    She’s not known for fashion. She should release a product based on what she’s known for. Performing, music, being a superstar. Something that’ll make you feel like Beyoncé. Not clothes or makeup. That category is saturated. Just saying.

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