Stephanie Mills CLAPS BACK at Critics of Her Beyonce, Diana Ross Comments: “I Said It! I’m Not Gonna Apologize for It”

Published: Friday 24th Feb 2023 by Sam

Stephanie Mills is doubling down on her comparison between Beyonce and Diana Ross.

The R&B veteran made headlines this week when she went on record to say that “Diana is the epitome of class…Beyonce is more Hip-Hop”

While some received the singer’s remarks as ultimately her opinion, others swarmed her social media pages with the suggestion that she was being a “hater.”

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club today, Mills was quizzed about the comments – and didn’t hold back.

Full story below…

Speaking with anchor Charlamagne Tha God and  guest host Jess Hilarious, the 65-year-old said:

“With this album and the last couple of years of Beyoncé, I feel like she’s been like a rapper like Hip-Hop. Diana Ross is glamorous. And first let me preface this by saying this: I am a Diana Ross fan. Have always wanted to be Diana. I would go to her shows when she plays Caesar’s Palace. It was always wonderful and fabulous. So to me, you can’t compare nobody to Diana. Not Beyoncé. I don’t care if they don’t like what [I said].I’ll say I said it. I’m not gonna apologize for it. Right.

That’s right. Diana is the epitome of of glamour and grace. And I didn’t say that Beyoncé wasn’t. So, y’all don’t like it. I’m sorry [I’m not apologizing].”

She continued:

“Did I say what? Did I say Hip-Hop was beneath? No, I did not. Go back. Look at that interview and pay attention to what I actually said and not what you want to think. I said there’s a difference.”

I didn’t know people were coming after me for that Beyoncé thing.

Everybody has the right to their opinion, and I respect that. But I have the right to mine. And I’m gonna say it.

There’s no doubt that Beyoncé is a queen, but Diana Ross is everything to me. They can’t be compared and they can’t and there’s no compared. Two different eras.”

With that, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 24, 2023

    I’d say that the 👑 is lucky that Stephanie is not a fan because if Stephanie was a fan then 🐝 wouldn’t be going on no Renaissance Tour, 🐝 would be selling Peanuts at the 🏀 Games in the nose bleed seats with Alicia Keys Jill Scott and Monica. 🥶

    • Peter February 24, 2023

      those emojis are bizarre.

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 24, 2023

        Well i forgot one 🥜

    • Candace Owens February 24, 2023

      Diabetes Unwashed suxx IT’s Dad’s D I C K after it’s been in IT’s mom’s B U T T.

    • Stephanie Gee February 26, 2023


    • The truth February 27, 2023

      Alicia keys is a real musician that actually writes her stuff. She’s worth 150 million without having to speak about being independent and then marrying a pos like Jay-z. He even cheats on her and she does nothing. She’s useless like yourself. Accept it.

      Some singer on tv was spoken about, like she gives a s*** about you. Morons.

      Hasn’t even sold as much as rhianna and had more time and help. Rhianna doesn’t have to shake it like some stripper half naked either. No class or standards today, as you can see by Beyoncé and this idiots comments.

      • Mizet March 1, 2023

        Alicia Keys is no saint. She’s a home wrecker, and her husband cheated on her as well and there were rumours he fathered another child whilst they were married

    • Justin Andrew Brown July 13, 2023

      Don’t ever compare greats like Alicia Keys to some trash sellout like Beyonce.
      B jumped on a ghetto losers lap and lost all class , even trained kids to be s****.
      Nothing lower than taking advantage of children.

  2. KeyLoLo February 24, 2023

    Not sure what she said that was so wrong but 💁 that’s her opinion and she’s of a particular age so we have to respect what she is saying..she said what she said 💁 She didn’t say anything wrong or bad about Beyoncé…I don’t see what she sees in Diana Ross though but eh 💁

    • Lucy Lucy March 29, 2023

      Our black people are still condition by :
      Willie Lynch syndome
      Almost sad all us are the same
      Lost and need someone and something to worship

      Love who god created Do you hate yourself

  3. SNF February 24, 2023

    Let her live. She likes Diana over Bey and that’s totally fine. BeyHive simmer TF down plz

  4. Pat February 24, 2023

    Diana Ross created a signature lane. A blueprint. There would be no Bey if for her Beyoncé is the girl who black women and gays choose to “represent” for the time being so she hops on whatever is hot to them at the time.

  5. yup! February 24, 2023

    Beytheft and her sick hive are demented. Deluded from all that trash music they consume from her lol.

  6. MShant February 24, 2023

    She is absolutely right. Who is up in arms? The Beehive? PLEASE!
    They need to learn not everyone has Beyonce on a pedestal. She is definitely no Diana Ross. And a completely different artist. So STOP!

    • Michele February 27, 2023

      Beyonce is overrated…I do like “Cuff it and remix” but that’s all…she haven’t had a decent album since “4”

  7. Kindred February 24, 2023

    That’s right Stephanie stand on what you said. The H**+ thinks Beyonce is God and above all. What she said wasn’t even bad. She STANS Diana and feels like there’s no comparison! She’s allowed to have an opinion. Everyone isn’t gonna kiss Beyonces funny shaped BBL ass!!!!

  8. STEPHANIE MILLS STAN February 24, 2023

    F*** Fleayonce. Her hive isn’t powerful as they once were. Stephanie will continue to flourish in her rnb queen legacy⭐️✨

    • James Quincy Tolbert March 9, 2023

      Have some respect for the hive and any fan of any body.. if stef is being unapologetic about being a fan of Diana than the hive can be unapologetic about going in for Beyoncé two wrongs don’t make a right God don’t like ugly and he ain’t too funny cute either so at the end of the day it’s all music it’s different errors Beyoncé has paid homage to both of these ladies Diana even got Beyonce to sing Happy Birthday to her on her birthday at her birthday party she’s a fan they know they they are different areas and Beyoncé respects Diana and he loves her and looks up to her and in the same respect Diana gives her wisdom and respect her music and shows her love too Stephanie was doing the same thing but she was just saying she goes harder for Diane because that’s when she grew up we grew up and Beyoncé here she grew up in a Diana she got the wiz we got dreamgirls you know… But I’m not saying you don’t have a bite your opinion but don’t be going in on that we ain’t done nothing to you but support our Queen on second note we stay powerful look we just like dormant during winter times like most bees but her concert about to start off and we about to be in drones so you know do that coming again in a couple of months and see how far you get but I digress ☕ you have a blessed day 👑🐝👑🐝👑🐝=Respect that Bow down 🐶’s

  9. Edward Garcia Leon February 24, 2023

    The Shirelles opened the doors for The Supremes showed Black was Beautiful and talented. The opened the doors for all the Girl Groups up till Destiny’s Child. All singers are a required taste.. Diana Ross at 79 is still going strong she was invited to sing at Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th Jubilee enough said. There is room for everyone no need to tear others down for their opinion.

    • tay January 10, 2024

      We are NOT black!!! black means legally dead and having NO Rights and NO CULTURE /Heritage. We need to kill s*** right now! We are melanated ABORIGINALS. We were always here. We did not come in the bowels of a ship! These are lies they’ve been telling for 200 yrs!

      Having said that B /Diana and Steph are ALL GREAT in different ways. and we just need to respect everyone… And I’m very surprised Steph is gunning so hard for Diana when she dated MJ, Diana snapped her fingers and stole him away! And then had the nerve to tell Steph. You won’t get the PART or MY MAN! And she was right…..

  10. Solanage Knows February 24, 2023

    Stephanie Mills: STRONG and stands by what she says.

    Beyonce: Changes lyrics because a couple people complained about the use of Spaz. FLOP.

  11. Bonnie February 24, 2023

    she is right. You can’t compare the artist today to the ones back then

  12. Gworl Bye February 24, 2023

    Stephanie has spoken. STFU beehive, Beyonce is not God. And she certainly isn’t Diana. There’s a reason why Diana is still in the Top 10 of all the G.O.A.T lists that have been coming out recently, and beyonce is on NONE of them. And you can cling to her little 32 scammys all you want, because in the long run they are meaningless.

  13. 👑RIHANNA February 24, 2023


    • James Quincy Tolbert March 9, 2023

      It’s people like you who made me wait for it to be we should be so uplifting each other and supporting each other and not telling each other now she can say whatever she want to say ain’t no difference then you know Diana singing upside down boy you turn me what you talking about 69 and some s*** we don’t know that’s what they was hanging back.. now days we got throat Babies and WAP as the influence like .. She maybe singing about selling her camel’s n** but she also getting paid cuz people buying that verse and listen to it everyday even haters like you you wouldn’t know what was going on in the song if you wouldn’t actually listening to it about the album so don’t do that don’t be that b**** and don’t be that ratchet ass b**** either have some class when you online I mean that’s why you got fake ass names on here so y’all couldn’t post up and say stupid s*** is that what this new side is about I mean they have not even pressed about this s*** and y’all making it a big ass issue like she didn’t even know that anybody was coming for her she they probably wouldn’t y’all just probably hurt and made it up so y’all can get some credit I have something to say it’s sad it is really sad I’ll throw this out there all 3 of them ladies deserve respect… No matter what they singing what they represent or who people feel is better than the other one all three of them are Queens all three of them.The Bee ,The Ross,and The Mills .all 3 of em … Period . .. So next time you see some s*** online say less ☕….

  14. Talulah February 24, 2023


    Stephanie is not one too be bullied. Beyonce and her rabid Stan’s are so 2013. We don’t care anymore.

  15. Jane February 24, 2023

    Ms Mills did n🤔t 👠ie. To think Diana R😌ss has NEVER won a Grammy is unimaginable.

  16. Brenda Peoples February 24, 2023

    I agree with stephenie. Diana Ross in a awesome singer and actress. So is Beyoncé, just different people and different eras. I ‘m old school and Diana takes the cake.

  17. Dc February 24, 2023

    Good guess the f u k hive wanted her to say Beyoncé Better than Diana she got they asses 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. JoM February 25, 2023

    She is RIGHT

  19. Kevon February 25, 2023

    B fans are a set of n** shells stupid gays 🤧

  20. Ann Cage February 25, 2023

    I say to you, Stephanie, you stand on what you believe. Beyonce is not the One and Only True and Living God. People have chosen to make her their little god of this world. No one is to be put on a pedestal. I applaud you for not backing down. Blessings 🙏❤️

  21. Woolford February 25, 2023

    Stephanie’s just jealous because she’s a washed up flop from the 80’s. She is certainly no Aretha, Whitney, Natalie, Anita, Diana or Patti. Old hating ass h** lol. Bey keeps the girls pressed both young and old.

  22. Keith February 25, 2023

    Nice to read the comments and see that people realize it’s ok to prefer someone over Beyonce. Loved the comment that the BeyHive “was so 2013” 😂 😂 😂

    • Lucy Lucy March 29, 2023

      Willie lynch
      Dont know who you are

  23. Cory February 25, 2023

    You can’t ask a vet like Stephanie Mills if she’s a fan of Beyonce. Stephanie Mills has been there and done that and been in the game long enough. Her answer is no shock.

  24. Darlene McIntyre February 25, 2023

    Dianna Ross is tops class class classy always, Beyoncé in another class by herself Dianna is who she is and Beyoncé is who she is

  25. Peg Elliott February 25, 2023

    I too was a Diana Ross fan until she threw a married professional brother under the bus, especially since the brother was monumentally responsible of her successful career. She is nothing to be proud of in the manner of how she conducts herself in her personal life

  26. Newt February 25, 2023

    I am exhausted by people on social media misreading, misquoting and up in arms over anything someone says. I feel like people are dumber and getting more reactionary just bc they get to be heard on the internet. I’m a liberal and I am tired of online sensitivity.

  27. Rhonda February 26, 2023

    I agree with Stephanie. Diana Ross is glamorous and elegant while Beyoncé is more urban. The two of them are different eras and they move completely different. Beyoncé represents today’s music industry but without a Diana Ross and the Supremes, and all the work that they put in, there wouldn’t be a Beyoncé. Diana Ross is timeless; only the future will tell us if Beyoncé is timeless. Personally, I don’t think she is.

  28. Audra Bradley February 26, 2023

    I’m old school new school lady & I’m a fan of Stephanie.. Mills & Diana. Ross old School R&B singers Legends at their best but I agree with her there is a big difference MS.Ross whole style of R&B music is different even though she also came from a legendary group the supremes & also went solo that was that era this is a new era of R&B singers but their all fabulous to me as with time music will change again nothing stays the same ever!!!!!

  29. Sugar February 26, 2023

    Stephaine Mills . I have always loved you
    . And you are exactly right 💜

  30. KD Adams February 26, 2023

    Let me preface what I will write with this – Stephanie and I are the same age. I too am a Diana Ross fan, but she can’t hold a candle to Beyonce! Diana’s vocal range is limited – B sings R&B, pop, hip hop, classical and also has an operatic range. Ross has music written for her, B writes her own music (yes, with the help of others, but the ideas are hers). Diana Ross skips across the stage, B dances her ass off. Diana Ross’s costumes are beautiful, she is a good entertainer, Beyonce is levels above Diana Ross. I said it, I meant it. It’s not even apples to oranges. Diana Ross certainly paved the way for Beyonce. Beyonce has taken what those before her have given her and exceeded even their wildest imaginations. Yes, she said it herself – she is, That Girl!

    • Lucy March 29, 2023

      Shut up

    • Lucy March 29, 2023

      Shut up Willie lynch letter

  31. Toya mathis February 26, 2023

    Being born in the seventies I totally agree with Stephanie Mills beyoncé is the New age Diana Ross..

  32. Toya mathis February 26, 2023

    I agree with Stephanie Mills beyoncé is the New age Diana Ross… Just on a different platform Diana did it first…

  33. Kevin February 27, 2023

    She said what she said and I respect that. Both are wonderful in their respected ways. Different eras, different styles. There is enough love for both to go around. I myself is a Stephanie Mills fan. I could listen to Home everyday all day

  34. D. S. February 27, 2023

    I agree with Ms. Mills. She is not saying Beyonce’ doesn’t reign her rights, she saying they are in two different era’s. Read carefully and understand what you read not what you think you read for a controversial matter.

    • Pritpal February 27, 2023

      The only thing I know about Stephenie Mills is that she was MJ’s first girlfriend and took his virginity. She herself said this and I believe her.

  35. Jennifer Weir February 27, 2023

    That’s right I agree 100 percent with you Ms Stephanie Mills amen 🙏 to that. I love Ms Ross she is the original diva of divas.

  36. CW April 11, 2023

    Stephanie was right…. there is no comparison, DR is glamour personified!

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