Chart Check [Hot 100]: Beyonce’s ‘Cuff It’ Ties ‘Halo’ As Her Longest-Charting Solo Singles To Date

Published: Wednesday 22nd Mar 2023 by Rashad

From ‘Crazy in Love’ to ‘Drunk in Love,’ ‘Irreplaceable,’ and more, Beyonce‘s solo discography is jam-packed with two decades worth of megahits.  But, to the surprise of many, it’s the 2009 power ballad ‘Halo‘ that’s ascended above the pack on many fronts.

Found aboard her 2008 chart-topping album ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce,‘ the Ryan Tedder-penned tune may not have topped the Hot 100 at the height of its popularity (#5 peak) but it’s certainly won the race in the long run.

Beyond enduring critical acclaim, its 9x Platinum standing (for sales of 9 million in the United States) ties it with album-mate, ‘Single Ladies,’ as her personal best commercial performer to date.

Previously her longest-running hit on the Hot 100, the refreshed edition of the hitlist shows ‘Halo’ now sharing that title as well.

Despite the absence of an accompanying music video or full-on promotion, ‘Cuff It’ – found aboard the 2022 chart-topping LP Renaissance – has not only quietly become one of the biggest hits of the last year but also one of Bey’s biggest overall.

Sitting at #22 on the updated Hot 100 (nearly 8 months after its unveiling), The Dream-produced bop’s latest appearance marks the 31st week it’s been printed on the hitlist.  The only other solo Bey song to boast as long of a stay is ‘Halo,’ which lived on the chart from February to September 2009.

If ‘Cuff It’ manages to remain linked to the Hot 100 for just one more week it will own the title of longest-charting solo Beyonce song by its lonesome.

Among all Bey titles (solo or otherwise), the Lady Gaga-led ‘Telephone‘ rings in first place of the 41-year-old diva’s longest-charting hits as it remained on the Hot 100 for 33 weeks.

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  1. Kyle March 22, 2023

    Could’ve been #1 had she released a video or something when it was top 5. Love the song.

    • DC3 FOREVER March 22, 2023

      We don’t talk about that 😩

    • CharlIsAngelz March 23, 2023

      +1. Should the BeyHive even be surprised why this didn’t win AOTY??

  2. Proud Gay Furry :3 March 22, 2023


    Coi Lerraids “Players” already outperformed Cardi’s hot doo doo 💩🚽fT Kanye and durk..

    Where is DC the f***** at ?? Come defend d*****/h******** B 🦜

  3. Clarks0o00ñ March 22, 2023

    Just 32 weeks? Beyonce’s stats aren’t that impressive to be calling herself queen or the greatest

    • DC3 FOREVER March 22, 2023

      Child this is great for any artist who hasn’t put out a video or had a performance or any type of promo. And before you use the TikTok excuse most viral songs peak for about 4/5 weeks and then fall off the charts. We talking about almost a year on the chart. Nice reach but epic fail

      • tr March 23, 2023

        LMAO…Please don’t ever be a defense attorny, not here or in the courts, you’ll fail everytime. You can’t defend a fraud. TikTok made this songs climb it didn’t even crack the top 30 until tik-tok….had she did a video or not. Go look at her charting history and then come back to grapejuice with your tail between your legs trying to defend a Fraud. She inflates record sales, and tour sales.

    • troy March 23, 2023

      LMAO….You should go look at her past charting from her solo up til now. She is atrocious when it comes to songs on the charts and the only reason cuff it even got as high as it did was because of the Tik-Tok dance that people created. Even had she released a video, which she found out that her so-called visual concept for every song on her albums wasn’t cost effective she stopped doing video’s…Oh and also forgot Solanges ex-husband was a videographer of sorts so since he left so did all the video’s…lol. With that being said, I said 8 years ago, her songs have never charted high. She had to even rerelease songs to see if she could get a higher charting position and that’s when she started with this visual album concept. She’s a joke all day long. The hive can boast her to high heavens she still sucks

  4. Gworl Bye March 23, 2023

    LOL y’all move heaven & earth to make her flops look like successes, she has truly taken self hype to historical levels lmao.

  5. CharlIsAngelz March 23, 2023

    With a visual, this could’ve reached #1. Come on Bey’s somethin’ about the visual film’s delay ASAP!!

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