Exclusive: Acraze Talks Ascend, Success of Cherish-Sampled ‘Do It To It,’ & Future Plans at Soundstorm

Published: Friday 31st Mar 2023 by Sam

As the age-old adage goes, overnight success is often years in the making. A notion that is especially applicable to Acraze.

The 27-year-old has been steadily grinding on the scene, polishing his skills and building a growing base. As such, when he experienced sudden and seismic success with breakout smash ‘Do It To It’ (which has accrued more than 22 billion streams to date), the rising star was ready-prepped to hit the ground – and live circuit.

One of his latest stops was MDLBEAST Soundstorm. There, That Grape Juice sat down with music maestro, who dished on his beginnings, ‘Do It To,’ and carving out a potent presence within music and beyond.

Check out our exclusive interview below…

That Grape Juice: How does it feel to be here at Soundstorm?

Acraze: Amazing. I was here last year. I was just seeing like how the production here is so pristine, it’s very unique. I mean, they work hard for weeks and it really shows. I mean, it’s an amazing atmosphere and I love it.

That Grape Juice: You’ve had quite the journey, but for those who are new to you. Tell us a little about your journey so far?

Acraze: I started DJing back in 2016. Then I started producing probably like eight months after. I was for years just in my bedroom just making music, kind of like every producer. Then I just started getting on DJing into the clubs and I just fell in love with it. It’s just it has been such a journey. I’ve been pouring into it a lot and now I’m sitting here in Saudi Arabia!

That Grape Juice: Already a force, you achieved seismic success with ‘Do It To It’ (which has amassed over 22 billion streams). You’ve been touring the world and elevating. How would you describe the last year and the resonance of the track?

Acraze: I mean, it’s my baby. It has had quite a lot of success. It’s unreal. Hearing that number is just…wow. You know, because when I was making it in my room, I never thought that it would even come to this point but I knew one day something like this would happen, just never knew when. So, I remember also bringing out Cherish during EDC, Vegas. It was really cool because like they had never performed in that space too. So, they were super nervous and were like, I need a shot [laughs]. They’re amazing people.

That Grape Juice: You’ve signed with Capitol Records, what can we look to in terms of that union?

Acraze: Lots of music. We’ve been working on so much. I mean, we travel so much. I think we’re closing on like 160 shows this year. So, even throughout all these shows, I’ve been working like day and night, finding time on planes where I’m like, tired. I’ve had two hours of sleep working on new music. I mean, we’re working on new stuff now] to make sure that next year, we kind of turn it up.

That Grape Juice: ‘Believe’ is incredible! Tell us a little about the sonic anchoring of the track and what we can look forward to in regard to upcoming material?

Acraze: I think that song was one of a kind. It represents one of my sounds, but I wouldn’t say it’s similar to a lot of the new stuff that I have. But I guess the vocal represented my journey from ‘Do It To It’ till now. It’s kind of like, I need a miracle. This is like a miracle for me. So, I really fell in love with the song and how the message it portrayed to me. So that’s why I really wanted to put out that record.

That Grape Juice: Because a lot of other people are falling in love with it as well.

Acraze: Yeah. I’m glad people actually are emotionally tied to it.

That Grape Juice: You’re very at the intersection of music and style and you fuse them fashionably. What inspires your personal style?

Acraze: When I walk into a store, I just like to see anything that just looks different. When I saw this outfit, I immediately looked at it. I’m like, just put that in the car. I didn’t even have to try it out. These are the things that I look for because I’m planning to start a fashion brand. I’m very passionate about fashion. I want to bring a new taste to the world, in my own way. I want to make individualistic clothing that makes people turn their head yelling, ‘that’s sick.’ I want to make clothing like that.

That Grape Juice: 2023 is upon us, what’s next for Acraze?

Acraze: Lots of music (such as new single ‘Take Me Away’,’ lots of great shows. Big collaborations. And just great vibes, sexy vibes, groovy vibes. Just it’s a big f*ckin vibe.


Check out Acraze’s newly released single ‘Take Me Away’ here…

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