Predictions: Miley Cyrus On Pace For Biggest First-Week Sales Since 2013 With ‘Endless Summer Vacation’

Published: Saturday 11th Mar 2023 by Rashad

Over 16 years into her career, Miley Cyrus rocked and shocked music lovers at the top of the year when her epic comeback single, ‘Flowers,’ was planted in history books for its explosive first-week commercial performance.

Going on to enjoy a 6-week run atop the Billboard Hot 100 (her longest stay at #1 yet), the tune set in motion Miley mania – a state put to its ultimate test by the release of the song’s parent album ‘Endless Summer Vacation.’

Released March 10, the 12-song LP boasts contributions from big names like Brandi Carlile, Sia, Justin Tranter, Mike WiLL Made-It, Kid Harpoon, James Blake, Ian Kirkpatrick, and more.

Look inside to see how the union of their musical superpowers is set to hoist Miley to her biggest numbers in years.

Predicted First-Week Sales: 115,000-130,000

After nabbing headlines for topping the real-time iTunes sales tallies of over 40 countries and hitting #1 on the Apple Music sales lists of over 70 countries in less than 24 hours after its release, industry analysts predict the Stateside commercial performance of ‘ESV’ will land somewhere around the 115,000-130,000 mark by the end of its inaugural tracking week.

The numbers boast the diva’s biggest first-week sales since the controversial ‘Bangerz‘ album rocketed to #1 on the Billboard 200 with 270,000 copies attached to its opening numbers in 2013.

Although the figures are on track to represent the best opening a female album has enjoyed in 2023 so far (surpassing the historic 94,000 units moved Karol G’s ‘Manana Sera Bonito’ just last week), ‘Vacation’ likely won’t pack enough punch to vacate Country superstar Morgan Wallen‘s mega-seller ‘One Thing at a Time’ from Billboard 200’s top spot. And it’s also facing stiff competition from K-Pop darlings TWICE, who are pacing towards the #2 spot.

Regardless, ‘Vacation’ will definitely keep Miley’s Billboard 200 streak intact as it will become her seventh consecutive studio album to open in the Billboard 200’s top 5 following ‘Meet Miley Cyrus’ (#1 peak), ‘Breakout’ (#1 peak), ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ (#3 peak), ‘Bangerz‘ (#1 peak), ‘Younger Now’ (#5 peak), and ‘Plastic Hearts’ (#2 peak).

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  1. LaTocha Scott Stan March 11, 2023

    Not her selling less than Summer Walker with a massive single like “flowers” lmao FLOP!

    • YAHSHUA IS COMING March 11, 2023

      Good to see another LaTocha fan. She will never get the credit she deserves..And of course, Summer is actually talented lol

    • True Tea March 11, 2023

      And Donald Trump dethroning her….

      These artists are barely making it if a US President can SURPASS them on the charts.

      • Red Sonja March 12, 2023

        Shut it cooon.

    • LaTosha Stole My Dammmm Money March 11, 2023

      Miley No. 1 in the world!

    • Bravo!! March 11, 2023

      You have to remember music in the era of singles selling… Only the Taylor’s swift, Drake, Adele’s, & Beyoncé selling albums, but these artist I named are doing both. Not everyone going to sell albums. We are in the era of one hit wonders

    • Meg stally March 11, 2023

      You stan a hypocrite church lady tho. Where Latosha music on the charts…FLOP!!!

  2. YAHSHUA IS COMING March 11, 2023

    Please stop covering her. Don’t give her the time of day unless she supports your website TGJ. She’s not big enough to cover. And her music is absolute gutter trash and she sings like a whale

    • Zade March 12, 2023

      Okay hater

  3. RBRT March 11, 2023

    Interesting. Thought she’d get higher first week numbers. Having listened to the album a few times it’s not bad, just feels short. Like it’s about to go somewhere but doesn’t? Also don’t think it helps having the flowers demo at the end and then on repeat, it just loops back to the first track, flowers again. I thought the AM/PM concept could have been stronger. Hopefully there’s a deluxe to give this era longevity

  4. 1988 March 11, 2023

    You can’t stop her on point era…lol. Biggest song in the world so far this year. That’s impressive enough! And Endless Summer Vacation probably already has enough units to get RIAA certified GOLD week one. If not, it’s most likely close.


  5. Aj March 11, 2023

    The Flowers payola is real. There’s no way she’s supposed to sell this low first week.

    • Zade March 12, 2023

      Oh please, everytime an artist reach n°1 somebody talks about payola 🤦‍♂️ y’all need to stop with that dumb argument.

      • Butch March 13, 2023

        Flowers is definitely pushed by payola though, just like anti hero. There is no way miley cyrus after dropping so many great tracks and commercial sounding tracks could only get a few top 10 singles and then all of a sudden BOOM. Flowers becomes the fastest song to reach 100 Million, she moved record labels and columbia is very powerful and they have strong hope in her hence they are doing all this, same thing universal music is doing for ice spice and Taylor swift.

  6. Nicki Minaj March 11, 2023

    Damn I expect 200k minimum based on the huge success of Flowers. The music industry is in the toilet for real…

    • RBRT March 12, 2023

      Should have released a couple more singles then released the album start of summer

    • Chowda March 12, 2023

      We all know Nicki’s serially delayed impending flop of an album isn’t gonna do 200k first week so be realistic delusional hater lol

  7. Dc March 11, 2023

    Wow that’s it i love expected Adele numbers flowers already over 650 million streams on Spotify but low album sales River flopped also

    • Zade March 12, 2023

      River has just been released, you can’t talk about a flop yet.

      • Dc March 12, 2023

        But Nicki songs hit number 1 on iTunes in hours this stuck at 26 and actually another album cut was higher on iTunes than River

      • Chowda March 12, 2023

        Where’s Ruby Red Da Flop charting lol

    • Make It Make Sense March 12, 2023

      Spotify Global 200 Songs – River is still No. 11. Flowers No. 1. River is the top charting song released this past Friday still. Shut up with your nonsense. Miley is making a comeback but all of a sudden she should start selling albums like Taylor Swift and Adele when she never has?

      • Dc March 12, 2023

        She has 85 million Spotify followers def shoulda did more sales

  8. Theman March 12, 2023

    Her song is massive. It seemed like she’d be in the 250-375k range.

    • wbrab March 16, 2023

      Her song was manipulated to look massive. Spotify/the Record company likely tossed up this tripe on a billion playlists to get it extra spins.

      Just because someone will listen to something for free doesn’t mean they’d buy it. It’s a curiosity. But mostly, it’s record company/Spotify manipulation. No one’s actually buying this garbage.

  9. wbrab March 16, 2023

    Her latest music is generic, joyless, and unlistenable. How many people accidentally listened to this garbage on Spotify because it showed up in a playlist they put on and never listened to?

    I don’t believe Spotify should ever count toward sales. There are too many ways for manipulation there, including crowding a single into 1000 playlists or even podcasts and people inadvertently giving it a spin. Even if someone pops half a song on because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s something valuable to them or that they would have bought.

    Case in point: Eminem. To look at Spotify, you’d think he was the biggest start alive today. In reality, he can’t even sell more than 1 million records even with Spotify numbers counting. Why? Because Lose Yourself is on 10,000 playlists. No one’s actually buying his music anymore. Same with YouTube.

    Anyway, music is terrible right now, a real circus. I haven’t been the primary demographic for music in a long time, but I can tell you this: Until 2023, I found a lot of playful, fun songs or even controversial songs interesting and inspirational. This year, it sounds like a Walmart music generator put everything out.

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