Chloe Bailey Seemingly Responds To Reports of ‘In Pieces’ Underwhelming First-Week Sales

Published: Tuesday 11th Apr 2023 by Rashad

Have mercy is undoubtedly what Chloe Bailey was thinking to say to critics after they got a whiff of the reported first-week sales attached to her long-awaited debut solo album, In Pieces.’

See what we mean inside.

Released March 31, the set’s charge to chart battle was preceded by the release of its housed cuts ‘How Does It Feel,’ ‘Pray It Away,’ ‘Cheatback,’ and ‘Body Do’ – none of which made sizable impact on the Hot 100 and signaled their parent project would mirror the nonperformance.

Monday (April 10), days after murmurs hit the Web that the opus would only shift 10,000 total units, Billboard and ChartData confirmed ‘Pieces’ made a modest #119 premiere on the Billboard 200.

As the announcement sent fans and detractors into a frenzy of debate about the whys and hows, Chloe chimed in to suggest the chatter doesn’t change how she feels about her inaugural album.

As alluded to in the tweet above, Bailey is hoping to give the ailing set some additional promo courtesy of the ‘In Pieces Tour’ – a North American trek slated to kick off in Chicago on April 11 and take her to Detroit, Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and more before wrapping up in Los Angeles on May 3.

Her first solo headlining outing, tickets and more information about the jaunt can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Jay April 11, 2023

    Her solo career is reminding me of Tinashe before she went independent.

    • RBRT April 11, 2023

      Hmmmm at least Tinashe had 2 On. Chloe’s Billboard feature said Bey had listened to In Pieces and gave her notes……… Bey did Chloe wrong. I thought Matthew taught her how to manage. SMH ……whoever gave the album the go-ahead has no idea, really set her up to fail. I just don’t get Chloe’s brand. WHO IS CHLOE

      • Mathew Knowles April 11, 2023

        Just so you know Chloe has her own team. Beyonce doesn’t manage her.

      • yup! April 11, 2023

        Beywitched helping someone pick GOOD MUSIC? a joke! Right???

      • RBRT April 11, 2023

        So sorry Matthew, I didn’t know Beyonce had no control or say in what was released. You must not have taught her how to mentor. Again, sorry

  2. stan April 11, 2023

    it sucks, but not shocking… none of the songs caught on.

  3. Brad J April 11, 2023

    When selling s** appeal over talent goes wrong. The slutty image is played. Ask Amber.

    • eric April 11, 2023

      That’s what I think hurt her the most.

      • Keith April 11, 2023

        As much as I don’t want to agree @eric, I have to. They should really rethink this era for round two…Her talent can prevail but her “people” have to keep her in the game long enough. And she may have that curse like Prince protege acts had back in the day. I’m still rooting for her, though. Perhaps she can create a true spark with these “tour” dates…

  4. Dc April 11, 2023

    She can’t sell albums how she gonna sell tickets ????

    • Detruth April 11, 2023

      Good question 🤔

  5. Pat April 11, 2023

    Her 10 fans thought they could make her a star off of hype and comparing her to other artists but:
    She’s never been a part of any hit and has no true fan base
    She went from little girl to stripper with no s*** but innocent phase
    Bey didn’t give her a feature cause she only jumps on proven hits
    Her voice doesn’t connect with the gp
    Her writing doesn’t connect with gp
    She got 10 singles to drop. Award show performances and major platform appearances but no one cares cause there’s no IT factor
    At her age the legends y’all compare her to try n save her flops, already had hit albums n vanguard awards.
    But good luck tho!

  6. Maria April 11, 2023

    Where do I start? The rollout for this album was simply messy. Too many singles released. The album cover. The wrong single choices. She should’ve released the album when Have Mercy was charting on BB100 m. Will the tour help? Only time will tell….

    • AnonymousTruth April 11, 2023

      This exactly

      Her biggest single was have mercy and she didn’t even include it on the album. This project is a joke, the art work is awful and she had so many better promo shots she could’ve used. She can’t hold an entertaining tour with all these slow songs so she will still perform have mercy at every show .. so why omit it from the album? these silly choices people make are so career ending

      I was rooting for her to do something which Normani has yet to do, and it looks like she was thrown all the bones but still didn’t eat.

  7. Infiniti April 11, 2023

    She had a lot of hype around the time Have Mercy dropped. They dropped the bag after Treat Me. Why those two songs aren’t even on the album we’ll never know!!! These numbers are embarrassing. She sold less than Brandy’s B7!!!

  8. T April 11, 2023

    The Problem with your people is you want to create the next Beyonce that will not happen. She and her Sister had a completly other sound than she went Solo and tried to act wired and put all this witchraft stuff into her music and start acting Bitchi.

    I mean #119 Billboard is not a fail for her carrer but she need to stop being someone else she need to stop witchcraft style and need to do more jesus style than it will work better for her

  9. Diabetes UNBOTHERED April 11, 2023

    Certified Record Sales WW:

    🥇Beyoncé 292.3 Million
    🥈Rihanna 275 Million
    🏅 Taylor Swift 251 Million
    🥉Adele 200 Million
    🏅P!nk: 100.2 million
    🏅Britney Spears: 90.9 million
    🏅Alicia Keys: 90.1 million
    🎖️Shakira: 79.4 million
    🪦Christina Aguilera: 77.9 million

    • Khia >>> Beyoncé and Nicki April 11, 2023

      This is fake news just like your botched BBL.

    • Roberta FlackSabbath April 11, 2023

      You make up sales figures just like you delude yourself that you’re not the fattest slob in the U.S. Billboard magazine lists Beyonce as #37 for all-time. PERIODT! FYI: Adele is #36 will only FOUR albums.

    • LOL April 11, 2023


  10. Diabetes UNBOTHERED April 11, 2023

    Better Tracklist and single choices

    1. Someone’s Calling (Chlöe)
    2. Feel Me Cry (1st single)
    3. I Don’t Mind
    4. Worried
    5. Body Do (3rd Single)
    6. Looze U
    7. Pray It Away
    8. How Does It Feel
    9. Cheatback (4th single)
    10. For The Night
    11. Surprise
    12. Treat Me
    13. Have Mercy
    14. Told Ya
    15. Fallin 4 U
    16. Make It Look Easy
    17. Heart on My Sleeve
    18. In Pieces (2nd Single)

    Maybe then it wouldn’t have FLOPPED. 🤭

    • 👑RIHANNA April 11, 2023


  11. Holliewuudd April 11, 2023

    Cheatback should’ve been the second single after pray it away and should have had a high budget video and high-powered choreography. That song would have soared if delivered properly. The rollout was messy and she should’ve added her buzz singles to the album to make it more cohesive. I’m still supporting as I love her and I LOve the album as well. I think it’s really good. Overaexualized, yes. But good.

  12. Khia >>> Beyoncé and Nicki April 11, 2023

    That Grape Juice is the MSNBC of pop culture blogs. They only post and spin stories that attempts to make Beyoncé look flawless. Stop the fake news and report that Chlöe flopped harder than 80 year old tiddays. How much is Yvette S paying y’all?

  13. eric April 11, 2023

    She’s talking in past tense like the album has no more life.

  14. Killmala 🇺🇲 April 11, 2023

    FLOPWOOD!!!!!!! Case closed

  15. 👑RIHANNA April 11, 2023


  16. Munchies April 12, 2023

    You can’t compare a mew solo artist to Brandy Goof Troop. Smh.🙄.

  17. Anonymous April 15, 2023

    Feeling Good was definitely a yay!!!
    Have mercy was simply her under doing herself.
    Treat me was great but then the production was horrible and the video worsened it.
    Pray it away was definitely a hit miss, it should have been pure r&b with no trap elements.
    But this album, seeing the likes of Cb and f on it, definitely not looking good.
    Girl definitely has alot to learn…

  18. Anonymous April 16, 2023

    Something definitely missing in the album and why is she dressed as a woman and not as the young Lady that she is…

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