Lil Kim Marvels with Michael Jackson Tribute at Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again Tour’

Published: Friday 19th May 2023 by Sam

The Allenstown, New Hampshire stop of Janet Jackson‘s ‘Together Again Tour’ brought with it a legendary link-up.

Because with the trek’s revered opener Ludacris in LA receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Lil Kim took on the baton and blazed the stage.

Powering through classics such as ‘Crush on You’ and ‘Big Momma Thang,’ the Queen Bee also stung with a special tribute to Michael Jackson.

Head below to see the moment the icons connected backstage and performance clips:

Peep the MJ tribute too:


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  1. marilyn monH🪩E ® 👠(#1 DIVA May 19, 2023

    Both fake noses together again 💅🏾

    • Boss H**. May 20, 2023

      You could probably use surgery on yours

    • Troy May 20, 2023

      What exactly is a fake nose dummy. Let me clarity how stupid your comment is. A fake nose is something that can be taken off and reattached whenever a person wants to, it’s like a mask you can take that off and put it back on when you want. Neither of these ladies can do that because they are human and have their own noses. Secondly, stupid ass, though Janet had rhinoplasty over 30 years ago and from time to time is accused by idiots like you of having had her nose done, is the result of her makeup and makeup artist who does this thing called contouring where the illusion of a slender nose or a slanted eye is given. So dummies like you can have something to talk about in order to hate on them. As far as Lil Kim goes she has had multiple surgeries and yes she also has makeup artist who uses make up to transform her looks… But at the end of the day they are still beautiful with or without makeup, and they both have great hearts and great spirits and may I add they are both worth more than your entire, bitter broke life. And let us not forget, your fav has had their nose done as well, so I’ll assume your part of the FLEAhive or are you and OLDonna fan… Either way gwarl, Janet is the Ultimate Legendary Iconic Empress. And Lil Kim is thee Original and ONLY Queen B. Rap legend.

  2. ♠️ What Would 50 cent do♠️ May 19, 2023

    So she gonna. Invite missy on the tour to right.

    • KCOOLMUZIQ May 19, 2023

      If she did they will ALL BOW DOWN to the QUEEN just like Lil Kim did.

      • ♠️ What Would 50 cent do♠️ May 20, 2023

        Missy loves her lil Kim Kool but missy would have kicked that sht for Janet.

        infact missy for Superbowl after USHER perform.

  3. eric May 19, 2023

    I’m surprised they didn’t get to meet until after the show. Great to see the genuine love Kim has for Janet.

  4. True Tea May 20, 2023

    Wanna bumble with the Bee huh??? Throw a hex on ya whole family. Dressed in all black like omen. 🎵 💃

  5. Keith May 20, 2023

    I’m glad Kim did well. She was so starstruck with Janet. That was endearing…

  6. Troy May 20, 2023

    I love it. Two Legends. Janet the Ultimate Legendary and Iconic Blueprint Empress… And Lil Kim the ONLY and Original Queen B. and it’s so good to see these two ladies back Together Again. Love it, Love it, Love it.

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