Monica Confirms She’s Completed TWO New Albums – R&B & Country

Published: Saturday 20th May 2023 by Sam

Monica has a mountain of new music on the way.

Because the GRAMMY Award-winning songstress has confirmed that she’s gearing up to hatch not one but two new albums.

And both are complete.

Full story below…

Addressing fans at her latest live show, the singer said:

I’m sure you’ve seen me getting a hard time about this not being out yet. I know y’all been seeing me. Before I go any further, ‘Trenches’ the album is done. It is ready. Also my Country album ‘Open Roads’ is done. 

I’m sure you’ve seen me getting a hard time about this not being out yet. I got a few things I gotta add. I have been doing what I got to do, but I have been balancing. Because one thing for all of us is that life is life-ing. It’s ok to take time for…you.”

Peep the clip:


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We’re ready when Mo is.

Your thoughts?

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  1. S h a y l a BÏTĆHH May 20, 2023

    SCREAMING!!! 🤣

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 20, 2023

    *Laughs hysterically* 😆 🤣 😂


    • S h a y l a BÏTĆHH May 20, 2023

      …at the sales of Renaissance (or lack of lmaoooooooooooo! 🤣)

      The QUEEN is BACK, y’all! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!! Bow down 🙇‍♀️

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 20, 2023

        Monica will flop harder than IN PIECES…

        More like “IN CRUMBS” 😆 🤣 😂

      • S h a y l a BÏTĆHH May 20, 2023

        You EAT the crumbs from underneath yo wicked behind that fell out yo mouth when eating that 10 tier sandwich, ok?

  3. eric May 20, 2023

    That’s what she said more than a year ago, that the r&b album was done, so I have zero faith in her releasing anything. It needs a whole new title and concept anyway, because the Trenches idea came five years ago. Give it something fresh.

    • yup! May 21, 2023

      Does not matter anymore. No one has heard the music, just release the music. Fans will appreciate. She has literally nothing to prove anymore.

  4. DC3 FOREVER May 20, 2023

    7k & 3k first week sales. Her issue is she has not grown since AFTER THE STORM. Her music hasn’t had any new range. Kind of like Chris Brown since 2013. It’s a shame because in her prime (her first 2 albums) you couldn’t read Monica on anything because she was THAT GIRL. And as beautiful as she is it’s a shame she or her team doesn’t allow her to grow sonically. I’m looking forward to hearing these new albums but I doubt they’ll do anything on any chart even the R&B charts sadly.

  5. Your Name May 20, 2023

    She said Trenches was done 3 years ago lol. And she said the same about Open Roads at the CMA’s so what’s really going on🤔

  6. Jésus May 20, 2023

    She didn’t say anything we haven’t heard a million times over. Bye Monica.

  7. True Tea May 20, 2023

    I just hope Monica understands her Country music will NOT be embraced by Country fans unless the music is innovative.

    They’re NOT going to take her seriously as a Country singer….the same way ppl didn’t take Vanilla Ice seriously as a rapper.

    With that said….Good Luck!!!!

  8. Keeping it real 💯💯 May 21, 2023

    She said the same thing 2 years ago. 😂😂

  9. Fancy BISH 🤣 💎💋 May 21, 2023

    Where’s Norman’s album at? Is he still going to blame it on his “dying” mother?

  10. Ray W May 21, 2023

    Yes Mo!!! We’re ready for that 🔥

  11. Ms. Ling Ling (Bangkok my Sawasdee ka) May 21, 2023

    good luck with that!

  12. Bubbles May 21, 2023

    Lmao she’s been teasing a new album since 2018. That’s FIVE YEARS! I think it’s safe to say that album is never coming out. Y’all sure she isn’t mentoring Normani?

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