Monica Says ‘Boy is Mine’ is Too ‘Sacred’ To Be Remade By Others & Wishes Fans Would Stop Pitting Her Against Brandy: “We’re Polar Opposites Vocally & Personally”

Published: Friday 22nd Dec 2023 by Rashad

From reuniting for the 2012 R&B hit ‘It All Belongs to Me’ to the 2020 VERZUZ, praising each other in their separate interviews, and more, Brandy and Monica – despite consistently reiterating there is no tension between them – seem forever tied to the beef of their teenage years.

When music lovers aren’t comparing the trajectory of their respective careers, fans are quarreling over who is better overall.

Tired of the nearly 30-year hoopla, Mo took to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ recently to discuss her disdain for the discourse, admiration for B-Rocka, and so much more.

Chatting it up with ‘THR’ about the 25th anniversary of her sophomore album, ‘The Boy is Mine,’ the GRAMMY winner dished on the LP’s enduring impact on her career and the R&B landscape at large.

When quizzed about the song after which the project is titled, she waxed honest about its historical importance and emphasized her stance against new artists covering it.

“I truthfully believe that it’s [only] for Brandy and I,” the 43-year-old diva said. “I appreciate that she and Rodney [Jerkins] asked me to be a part of the song and be a part of the record, but for me, it’s a part of history that I would love to remain untouched.”

There may be some exceptions, however.

“Now, I have heard the music used that is cool when people recreate it for themselves but not attempt to do what she and I did,” she clarified. “If someone does something with it, I prefer that they make it their own and do something totally different, but I feel like what she and I did is sacred.”

When it comes to her ‘Boy is Mine’ co-star, Monica reiterated for the umpteenth time that they have no discord despite years of reports of the contrary.

“We are more than good,” she shared about Brandy.  “I [turned] 43 in October. I have nothing but love and admiration in my heart for her, and I’m good with everyone.”

Mo also made it clear that she wishes supporters and detractors would pause the narrative that the ladies have a longstanding rivalry.

“As far as she and I go, a lot of what people hear is about two teenage girls. Now we’re two grown women, that’s a completely different thing. So it’s something that I kind of wish would go away, to be very honest. I wish people would stop putting the two against each other. I wish people would stop attempting to compare who sing better, who looks better, who outdid the other one, because I never came into the space with a spirit of competition anyway. I came into the space with the spirit of winning for us both because we both represent two very special groups of people, and I don’t think we should be compared. I think we’re complete polar opposites vocally, personally, in every way, and that’s what makes it so amazing. And I wish people would just let it be that and not even compare the two or create any animosity, even within our fan groups.

Read the full interview here.

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  1. 🐝 December 22, 2023

    Two flops

    • Truth December 23, 2023

      You are the true flop.

      A literal nobody, taking about two household names with a Grammy and multiples of nominations

  2. Jheri December 22, 2023

    These ghetto ass grandmas need to GIVE IT UP. Only aunties and middle age church queens give a damn about them. And ghetto hoodrat baby mamas from Cleveland.

    • I DONT CARE December 23, 2023

      Your young ass will be an old as in a blink of an eye. Age shaming is so lowering. Those two aunties have contributed to this world more than your birth!

    • yup! December 24, 2023

      So you admit, someone does care. Can you say the same AND prove it?? Exactly. Now go brush your gray tongue lol.

  3. eric December 22, 2023

    Monica said it perfectly. New fans learn about old drama and act like it’s fresh because they missed those years and want to feel like they’re a part of something. Brandy is her own artist and so is Monica. There’s a good variety of music between them and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying both. I liked both women then and both women now.

  4. Aaliyah Stan December 22, 2023

    Neither of them have been relevant since the 2000’s

    • Paulo December 23, 2023

      And both outsold your dead fave so there’s that

    • DC3 FOREVER December 23, 2023

      Your fave is literal Maggot food. In which is the true flop of the 3. If B & Mo stopped making music the day your fave pulled a Kobe Bryant they would still have outsold her. Keep the hating to yourself

  5. Liam December 22, 2023

    They will forever be tied to one another. The Boy Is Mine is the biggest thing either of them has accomplished. They broke records and won a Grammy TOGETHER.

  6. Taylorism December 23, 2023


  7. Catdeen December 23, 2023

    These comments didn’t pass the vibe check HATERS

  8. Peace December 23, 2023

    Monica seems to suffer from delusion and a false sense of entitlement. True tea is, nobody gives a damn about either of these chicks in 2023 going into 2024. Both are so 1999 and I wish their collective 18 Stan’s could get that through their skulls…..

    • Lucy December 23, 2023

      Nobody gives a damn but yet here you are reading what she had to say in a very recent interview. Nobody gives a damn but Brandy was performing a new song on Good Morning America just this morning. They’re still performing and touring off 18 fans?? Now how many people know YOUR name?? Your math ain’t mathing boo.

      • Truth of thee matter December 23, 2023

        Hater gon hate, they’ll also say anything..

    • India Arie December 24, 2023

      B**** ur ugly and obsessed. Both of these women are LEGENDS. You prolly stan a no talent flop like Dua Lipa. Foh asshole.

  9. detruth December 24, 2023

    I feel Mo however I want her to get her vocals back together. She used to absolutely kill it and recently her performances have been off.

  10. Kurtisss December 24, 2023

    Well Monica, stans are just that…stans. They will always have unhinged immature behavior. Us grown folks know the deal💯

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