Drake Debuts Colorful Painted Nails, Ignites Debate

Published: Sunday 4th Jun 2023 by Sam

Drake is no stranger to igniting conversion and the Rap titan has found himself pouring fuel on the flames anew- perhaps inadvertently – after debuting colorful new nails.

Full story below…

During a surprise appearance promoting the Stake online casino this weekend, Drizzy showcased new fluorescent blue and yellow painted nails.

The Canadian titan appeared alongside Lil Yatchy, who too embraces similar in his visual presentation.

Check it out:


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As the pics and clips began to permeate, social media had much to say. We want to know, though, what are…

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  1. Bravo!! June 4, 2023

    I feel Drake can get away with because he is and will never be a hardcore rapper. He like to get his booty ate out, so what do you expect?

    • AJ June 5, 2023

      Why must challenging gender stereotypes or simply expressing individuality mean you’re gay? Homophobia, casual or deliberate, is so 1990.

  2. MecostaDenada June 4, 2023

    These menzez, chile, are out of control. We always adding letters to the alphabet crew. We need to start dialing it back. Dis tew much.

    • Candace Owens June 4, 2023

      Shut it n!gguer!

      • MecostaDenada June 4, 2023

        You know you love me you sun screen n!gguer. You’re one too. Smooches, chile. 😘

  3. Towanda Braxton June 4, 2023

    Drake loves the headlines chyle. He’ll do anything for attention. Jew bottom self…

    • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa June 5, 2023

      You are antisemitic

  4. Paulo June 5, 2023

    They wanna be trendy like sissies but don’t respect the sissies they take this from. 🙄 f*** Drakeisha

    • KeyLoLo June 5, 2023

      Big facts

  5. KeyLoLo June 5, 2023

    What’s crazy is some dudes that’s out the closet wouldn’t even do anything like that…these so called straight dudes do wayyyyy too much…first they sag hard (don’t know any openly gay man that does that either), now this…I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake is on a Twitter video with a mask over his face getting drilled by the next ninja in mask..I can’t..of I was a female I would be so scared to date ANY dude now a days..but hey 💁

  6. YAHSHUA IS COMING June 5, 2023

    Something like this was bound to happen. It’s how the diabolical industry works. After you get so big and time passes, the “powers that be” start to slvt you out and make you do sh!t like this. All the way down to s@crificing family. He’s gone

  7. True Tea June 5, 2023

    There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to look well put together but combining it with women’s accessories is going overboard and screams….”I’m a Badd B****”.

    And I think some of these so called straight men like to switch it up and be fierce, they wanna slay like the gworls.

    YASSS! Drake said he didn’t come to play with you hos, lol

  8. DrakeIZHomo June 6, 2023

    Gaaaay as fukkkkkkk

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