Janelle Monae on Double Standards: “Did Y’all Ask D’Angelo to Put His T*tties” Away?

Published: Saturday 10th Jun 2023 by Sam

This week has seen Janelle Monae welcome the masses to ‘The Age of Pleasure’ with her like-titled new album.

And she’s hot on the promotional trail, with her latest stop being The Breakfast Club.

Chopping it up with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, the expansive conversion spanned the new project, Monar being non-binary, and LGBTQIA rights.

She also opened up about the discourse surrounding her liberated image – specifically the breast-baring cover of her LP. See what she had to say below…

Reflecting on double standards and how her previous suit-wearing aesthetic would be weaponized, Monae candidly quipped:

“They tried to use my image to defame, talk-down on other women who were expressing themselves and showing their skin. We all want autonomy. I wanted autonomy to wear my suit for 10 years without y’all telling me I look like the peanut man. And I did that. And I ain’t putting my t*tties up. Because did y’all ask D’Angelo to put his t*tties up when he did ‘Untitled’? Do y’all ask Rick Ross to put his t*tties up? C’mon now.”

Check out the full interview:

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  1. detruth June 10, 2023

    Damm what Rick Ross and his t!ttys do? 🤣🤣

    • Flow June 10, 2023

      But I did ask for D’Angelo’s 🍆 in my 😋

  2. detruth June 10, 2023

    Rick Ross and his t!ttys just minding they Damm business and here comes Janelle with the quick shade lmao.

  3. True Tea June 10, 2023

    Her statements were shocking and controversial 40-50 yrs ago but NOT in 2023. Also there are spaces women can go and be topless.

    Cher, Madonna, Beyonce, Britney have already given us decades of FEMINISM.

    She can see all the titties she want on the Internet 24hrs a day thanks to them.

    Just promote the music and stop with the faux political activism.

    • Big fetta June 10, 2023

      Exactly, I dnt know why woman want to be Men so bad. Everything is if a man can do it why cant I? Well first off you’re not a Man. Second you will never be no matter how many surgeries, mental manipulation classes you take cut it out. MEN AND WOMAN are different for a reason.

      • True Tea June 10, 2023


        Like I don’t wanna be around children with my titties out or work around men topless. You are speaking for exhibitionists NOT for women.

        I use to like her but she has become so annoying. Always ranting about more freedom. You can join Only Fans…and be as nasty as you want.

      • MecostaDenada June 10, 2023

        If I would have known from jump that this heffa was this wild and loose I would have never picked up the phone. She is a such a disappointment. Just agenda pushing around the clock. Girl, make yo music and go to the house.

  4. Flow June 10, 2023

    But I did ask for D’Angelo’s 🍆 in my 😋

  5. Aledia Johnson June 12, 2023

    That comment is coming from someone who’s confused, about who and what she is. This is so sad that social media gives people like her a platform to sphew such ignorance.

  6. Nope July 2, 2023

    Keep teaching and triggering and embodying new levels of personal freedom, Janelle

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