Ouch! Funky Dineva Braves Backlash for Calling Chloe Bailey “Lame” & “Not Cute Without Makeup”

Published: Wednesday 23rd Aug 2023 by Rashad

Popular gossip blogger Funky Dineva is no stranger to ruffling feathers on the FOX SOUL talk show ‘Tea G-I-F‘ with his provocative commentary on everything from politics to social issues, entertainment, and more.

Yet, it’s consistently the latter that lands the social media star (born Quentin Latham) in the hot seat – namely with the fan bases of the superstar he’s weighing in on.

Years after being slammed by Beyonce supporters (affectionately called the #Beyhive) for labeling the diva’s daughter Blue Ivy as “ugly,” he’s wielding the same criticism to another Parkwood darling – Chloe Bailey.

See what he said inside that has the ‘Have Mercy‘ hitmaker’s fans showing no mercy on Twitter.


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As rumors continue to swirl that singer-actress Halle Bailey is expecting her first child with rapper DDG, Latham – alongside fellow ‘Tea G-I-F’ hosts Al Reynolds and Claudia Jordan – took the topic to task with their respective weigh-ins.

Quentin was particularly passionate about the subject – even branding DDG a “loser” and suggested he “trapped her on purpose” while expressing his disappointment in Halle for the unconfirmed report of her pregnancy.

Before launching his review on that news, however, Q went on a tirade about Halle’s older sister.

“I don’t like her,” Quentin said in the video above in reference to Chloe before tackling the alleged pregnancy. “Chloe Bailey is so g-ddamn lame.”

His scathing remarks even took aim at the commercial nonperformance of the singer’s debut solo album, ‘In Pieces,’ that was released earlier this year.

“I’m probably going to catch a lot of backlash for this, but without that makeup she ain’t cute. She should’ve never showed up on that camera with that fat a** face without no makeup. She ain’t cute, [she’s] not believable, so g-ddamn inauthentic – that’s why your sh*t ain’t selling,” he relayed.

It didn’t take long for his commentary to land on the desk of the elder Bailey’s fans, many of whom quickly came to her defense.

See highlights below.


Press PLAY on the video below to hear his full commentary (start at the 12:20 mark).

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  1. Pat August 24, 2023

    Fake outrage

    • True Tea August 24, 2023


      These are the same FAKE ass ppl who roasted Gabby Douglas and was calling her nappy headed. Black Twitter is so damn phony.

  2. Bubba August 24, 2023

    He basically said what EVERYBODY is/was thinking. Periodt!

  3. Balls August 24, 2023

    It’s always gay men tearing women down. This ugly cotton picker has no right to judge anyone’s looks. He can’t even pay his damn rent now sorry about that coke head f****

  4. Ms. Ling Ling August 24, 2023

    Dear Black gay men….. y’all just jealous of us, WOMEN!!!

  5. LaLaLique August 24, 2023

    I agree that she’s inauthentic and corny. Everything else was totally unnecessary. How mean spirited can you be…??? And like others said, it’s always Black gay men spewing all this hate for black women. Funky Dineva wishes he had a v***** like Chloe.

  6. Nikki August 24, 2023

    Black man.. or what ever your title is publicly disrespectful to black woman, and the other laughing!! I think y’all jealous that was just ridiculous..have you looked in a mirror!! That was a attack for what? I’m done watching him and this Pod!!

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