Lance Bass Hopes Britney Spears’ Fans Can Forgive Justin Timberlake After Her Memoir Bombshells

Published: Sunday 5th Nov 2023 by Rashad

Justin Timberlake continues to feel the wrath of the general public after Britney Spears shared a number of unfavorable stories about her time dating the former NSYNC star in her top-selling memoir, ‘The Woman in Me.’

From asserting he adopted a “Blaccent” to making her get an abortion, Spears said few endorsing remarks about her GRAMMY-winning ex – leading to blowback so thick he had to turn off his Instagram comments from all the enduring criticism of her fans (affectionately called the #BritneyArmy).

While many are still marching to social media to slam him, there’s at least one person making headlines for still being on his side: former bandmate Lance Bass.

During an impromptu airport interview with ‘TMZ’ (seen above), Bass confirmed he’s aware of the backlash his bandmate is facing as a result of Britney’s book (which he hadn’t read at the time of the interview).

When quizzed about the jeers Justin’s been receiving as a result of the memoir, Lance endorsed grace.

 “Everyone has their own opinion. I just feel like the world is so full of hate right now that we need to practice a little forgiveness. Britney did, so let’s take a note from her,” he shared.

And though he declined to reveal any details of conversations he’s had with Timberlake since ‘The Woman in Me’ dropped, Bass stood firm in his plea for the ‘Cry Me a River’ singer.

“Everyone deserves to tell their story; she did. I hope the fans can find some forgiveness,” he said.

At writing, Timberlake has yet to speak out on the criticism but that may change soon as the singer-actor will undoubtedly be hitting the promo trail in support of his forthcoming film, ‘Trolls 3: Band Together,’ which is due in theaters on November 17.

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  1. Niko November 5, 2023

    This bish is delusional LOL. No sir.

  2. KAREN November 5, 2023

    Brit continues to curb stomp this man’s turkey neck!!

  3. It’s 50 AKA Ferrari F-50 November 5, 2023

    A man can’t make a woman have an abortion her parents must have told her to do it

    • Goldmemember November 5, 2023

      A stupid hörnyy teenager who didn’t want to have a baby how uncommon is that….???? Britney clearly didn’t want the baby either.

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