Prediction [Billboard 200]: Chris Brown’s Nearly 20-Year Top 10 Streak Set to End Due to Modest Debut of New Album ’11:11′

Published: Wednesday 15th Nov 2023 by Rashad

After nabbing 10 consecutive top 10 debuts on the Billboard 200 across his nearly 20-year career, Chris Brown‘s streak (among studio albums) is set to be broken if industry analyst predictions are proven true.

Chris Brown’s ’11:11′

Predicted First-Week Sales (SPS): 40,000

Predicted First-Week Sales (Pure): 7,700

Predicted Billboard 200 First-Week Placement: #11-#14

Per HDD, Brown’s November 10-released 11th solo studio album, ‘11:11,’ will likely clock into the #13 spot on next week’s Billboard 200 with total sales of approximately 40,000.

Roughly 3,100 less than what would be needed to place him in the week’s top 10, if the report rings true it will mark the first time Chris has seen a studio effort premiere outside of the all-genre chart’s topmost dectet.

What’s more, the predicted 40,000 units attached to the project’s first-week sales will mark the lowest opening figure to accompany any of the GRAMMY winner’s LP’s – besting the previous titleholder, 2017’s ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon,’ which debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 68,000 units sold its premiere week.

Supported by singles ‘Sensational,’ ‘Summer Too Hot,’ and ‘Nightmares,’ the soft promotional rollout of ’11:11′ (as well as the exclusion of the highly anticipated Justin Bieber duet ‘Double Negative‘) may be among the factors contributing to its modest commercial response.

Brown’s dedicated fans, affectionately called #TeamBreezy, will find out exactly where the album will land when the refreshed Billboard 200 prints on Sunday (November 19).

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  1. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 15, 2023

    Chris brown almost 20 years in the game
    STILL breaking records. 💯

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 15, 2023

    #KING OF POP 🎤 💯 👑

  3. Farrah’s luggage (8k+Camila) November 16, 2023

    The album is not great. The cover is terrible. He needs a solid 3 year break…he’s oversaturated his fans. Releases albums too closely.

  4. Tino November 16, 2023

    Pure sales $7,000 and his delusional fans ACTUALLY think he’s this generation Michael Jackson and the most successful male R&B artist in the world. SMH his music is repeative autotune trash with no growth. Fool is literally using a fake island/Jamaican accent on Sensational and Nightmares that sounds absolutely horrible. Bruno Mars, The Weekend, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber are light years ahead of him.

    • John November 18, 2023

      I know damn well you just here to hate. And that’s an African afrobeat style you dumbash.

  5. Tino November 16, 2023

    In the past decade of his prime years and in the era of free streaming but he still couldn’t get one major number one hot 100 hit song or one huge selling blockbuster album lol SMDH

  6. Pete November 16, 2023

    My thing is with Chris there’s no growth or evolution he really could still be relevant but he hasn’t put nothing ground breaking out! He puts so much into his videos and dancing that’s it! The album is ok! Like the comment above said take a break and maybe try to come back!

    • kc9999 November 17, 2023

      I honestly feel like the tone of this entire article was intended to be all negative. We all know that Chris is a very successful artist. All these predictions in my opinion are irrelevant. Regardless of numbers, his work speaks volumes. His catalog, his authenticity and the visuals that accompany any video he drops. Say what you may, but Chris Brown has continued to thrive over the years. Even without an album dropping, the features alone have been great. The man has undeniable talent and no matter how hard you try, you can’t deny that. I don’t care if the album lands at number 101. It’s still a great album. Most of you aren’t being paid on the job what you’re worth, but your pay has nothing to do with your talent (or maybe it does).

      • trish November 18, 2023

        the album is in the top ten

    • Debs November 18, 2023

      Who’s doing ground breaking stuff lately? This is actually a good new take he doing by using an Afrobeat style not known to the general public. Y’all just some lame haters.

  7. Ummm November 16, 2023

    Chris Brown floods the market with his music. All his songs sound the same and all of his songs are about the same thing. He’s boring and tired. And y’all already know how the current generation barely likes anyone over the age of 29. So none of this should be surprising.

  8. Colin November 16, 2023

    He’s gonna throw a hissy fit

  9. neutral November 16, 2023

    no interviews, no tv performances, no tour. im not surprised. his star faded after the indigo album

    • The_Weekend November 20, 2023

      dafuk u smoking? Last year, one best tour i’ve been was Chris Brown’s 2.5 hours long.

      All his tours were sold out that he had to add extra days for

      example: 2022 tour
      UK planned tour was 3x date in London, but he had to have 2 more total 5x
      Amsterdam plan was 1 but added 2 more, total 3 sold-out shows
      France 4x
      Germany 4x planed was 2

  10. Weekndr November 16, 2023

    Who’s surprised lol he’s a flop who gets lucky every now and the

  11. Ms. Ling Ling November 16, 2023


  12. Roberta FlackSabbath November 16, 2023

    His only lasting hits usually involve bruises, not the charts.

  13. Eric November 16, 2023

    A 45% drop in first week sales for these last two albums isn’t the worst thing considering one of the best male r&b artists in the game had a 70% drop between his last two albums after taking a break which is what people are recommending Chris do. For someone who constantly puts out music without a whole lot of variation, it would be more realistic for his first week sales of 11:11 to be way lower.

  14. Inga November 16, 2023

    I wasn’t aware of new music yet alone a new album. He puts too much music out. There’s no distinction between his eras just a continuous flow of music.

  15. Beautyisme November 16, 2023

    These comments is what’s getting me. Chris Brown will always be relevant, he has an original sound and voice, very talented- its just that we win some and we lose some. The album is a hit for me. He always gets where he needs to be- blessed and highly favored. Believe me when I tell you.

    • trish November 18, 2023

      the album has reached number 9 in the top ten. these predictions are the worst.

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