Beyonce’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album SHATTERS Spotify Streaming Record

Published: Friday 29th Mar 2024 by Sam

Beyonce is firing from all cylinders with her new album ‘Cowboy Carter’ and is hitting the mark in a major way.

Especially on Spotify. 

Full story below…

Moments ago, the streamer confirmed that, in a mere matter of hours, the eclectic LP has become Spotify’s most-streamed album in a single day thus far.

It bests the previous record set by Future and Metro Boomin’s ‘We Don’t Trust You.’

Home to Hot 100 #1 ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ and the critically acclaimed ’16 Carriages,’ ‘Cowboy Carter’ also features Miley Cyrus collaboration ‘II Most Wanted’ and ‘Jolene’ – a unique take on Dolly Parton’s classic of the same name.

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  1. AnjaMaya March 29, 2024

    Please bish. Taylor Swift is going to eclipse this record when her album comes out in 3 weeks. Bye Beyhive and hello Swifties!!!

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 29, 2024

      Trailer Stiff will also rely on VISUALS to sell her TRASH music. Just heard a Tayble song today called GLITCH because I liked the title, needless to say it was TRASH like the majority of her overrated overly awarded catalog. 😆 🤣

      • JP April 1, 2024

        Bitter and pointless. Taylor outnumbers all. Period boo 💅🏽

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 29, 2024

    As I previously predicted, 🍯

    1 Billion Streams on the FIRST day. 🐝

    • Normani Fever March 30, 2024

      Beyoncé is over rated. She’s no Aretha Franklin nor Madonna.

  3. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 29, 2024

    The day isn’t over yet! 🐝

    CC will become the most streamed

    Of ALL-TIME making Spotify HISTORY.

    • Diabetes Bothered March 31, 2024

      You look like you need help mentally and not just physically. Looks like that diabetes is eating your brain and not your foot 😂.
      The top 5 most streamed albums on its first day are all from Taylor, who is the 14th best selling artist of all time, 1 notch above Mariah, while Beyonce is 60th on the list.

      Oh and 1 more, the upcoming album of Taylor has already sold 1 million vinyl copies, this is just vinyl alone. Projections is to sell over 2M copies on its first week. You have to be learn to be ok that the average white girl is way above Beyonce. But dont worry, she still better than Doja Cat, Lizzo and Nicki 😂

  4. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 29, 2024

    Currently Taylor own the record

    1. Midnights
    Taylor Swift
    184.6 million total streams

    But CC will do 1 Billion streams. 🐝

  5. Miss. Ling Ling March 29, 2024

    Is that Christina Aguilera wearing dirty chaps? 💅🏻 I didn’t know she has new album

  6. FLOPBOY C. March 29, 2024


    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 29, 2024

      POP IS DEAD…

      Trailer Stiff will #FLOP.

      The Queen 🐝 is doing everything without VISUALS. Both Renaissance and COWBOY CARTER is 💩ing without any visuals.

      Renaissance got BILLIONS of streams, as will COWBOY CARTER 🤠

      • Diabetes Bothered March 31, 2024

        The only thing that is dead is that brain and taste of yours from diabetes. Taylor is the queen, Beyonce is the flop queen. Old

  7. Mike March 29, 2024


  8. UHoesFunny March 29, 2024

    Of course our Queen broke the Spotify record, not surprised at all. She is indeed, the Queen of music, and now the Queen of KNTRY. Anything she touches turns to gold, and she can do anything. Anything she does gets so much attention. Beyoncé is the celebrity of all celebrities. She is peerless because no one can compete with her artistry. Cowboy Carter is a masterpiece and her greatest body of work yet. Her fans love it. And even her haters have listened and help break the record, we love a family affair. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. We love you.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 29, 2024

      🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

    • Diabetes Bothered March 31, 2024

      Lmao, celebrities of Celebrities? Maybe of black people haha

  9. Joe Budden Stan March 29, 2024

    I’m convinced that all these “broken” Spotify records every other day is marketing tactics.

    • UHoesFunny March 29, 2024


  10. Normani Fever March 30, 2024

    Is that Fergie Ferg of Balck Eyed Peas? Damn she’s serving London Bridge and My Humps baby lol 😂

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