“You Rock”: K. Michelle Reacts to Touching Message & Flowers from Beyonce, Calls ‘Cowboy Carter’ an “Iconic Album”

Published: Friday 29th Mar 2024 by Rashad

Beyonce‘s new album, the March 29-released ‘Cowboy Carter,’ may be well on its way to galloping to the peak of the Billboard 200, but it’s also riding to to the top of critics’ choice lists as well.

Praised for its masterful sonic fusion of contemporary Urban and Country sounds, the ‘Texas Hold ‘Em‘-led project isn’t only garnering thumbs up from some of the industry’s top tastemakers but also from artists who have already tackled and conquered the latter genre.

Among them is award-winning songstress K. Michelle – who made headlines last year for confirming her September 2023-released project, ‘I’m the Problem,‘ would be her last foray into R&B before fully transitioning into Country.

Look inside to see what she had to say about ‘Carter.’

Taking to Instagram on Friday night (March 29), Michelle revealed Beyonce had flowers delivered to her alongside a touching message.

“You’re killing it,” the Queen Bey relayed in the note. “I love what you’ve been doing and I know it’s not easy to enter a new space. Sending you positivity and respect. I hope to meet you one day.”

K. told her 8.3 million followers on the platform that the heartwarming words moved her to tears.

“Beyonceeeeeeeeeeeee! WOW! This is soooo nice. One of the nicest things EVER, I’m in tears. Thank you for giving me my flowers, they are so beautiful. I’m so nervous about FINALLY getting to put out my first country album, and this just fueled the fire 🔥 I’m so motivated. Congratulations on another ICONIC ALBUM AND ERA. Look forward to seeing you soon,” the former ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ star shared. “Do your thing Cowboy Carter @beyonce YOU ROCK. So much love and support 4u.”

The news comes as Michelle’s faithful fans (affectionately called #Rebels) await news on the official release date of her highly anticipated debut Country album.

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  1. UHoesFunny March 29, 2024

    Y’all wanted to compare and for K.Michelle to hate Bey sooo bad, but the Queen is much smarter and beat everyone to the chase lol 😂 now K.Michelle is forever indebted to Queen Bey and wants to collab. Beyoncé wins ALWAYS 🤭🐝🐝🐝

    • Jay’s Testicles March 29, 2024

      True. They did the same thing when Nicki released ‘Press Play’ – “They said why can’t u be Yonce? Daddy wasn’t no business man, mama wasn’t no business owner.” …Even got Ms. Tina to chime in in the comments 🥴 but it was facts not a diss. Bey took the high road and sent her flowers & thank you note as well 4 the nail kit.
      We’ll see a lot more of it I’m sure – Promo mode on 100 and Tay is on the way. I’m praying for a live tv special like ‘Wynn Las Vegas’ this year 🤞🏾 Not just magazine covers and meet & greets. We need those raw vocals LIVE

      • UHoesFunny March 29, 2024

        We def need live performances. I want 16 Carriages & YA YA!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Zalm March 30, 2024

    I enjoyed Renaissance act 1 and everything that was releases before but I don’t like this one at all, first time that I don’t like an album from her.

  3. What Would Lil Wayne do March 30, 2024

    Beyonce sent her flowers like btch rest in peace k Michelle can’t be this stupid .

  4. What Would Lil Wayne do March 30, 2024

    Where’s Rihanna’s flowers for Anti selling more than lemonade and renaissance put together

    • UHoesFunny March 30, 2024

      You wish lol 😂

    • What Would Lil Wayne do March 31, 2024

      Where’s Rihanna’s flowers for Anti selling more than lemonade and renaissance put together

  5. marilyn+monH🪩E+®+👠(#1+DIVA) March 30, 2024

    all these ashy lessors keep kissing BeWitchceee’s mayo wannabe ass. who’s next? Ciara, Keri hilson, Ashanti, Letoya, LaTavia, Farrah…..

  6. Normani Fever March 30, 2024

    Wow Beyoncé is so fake. She only does it cuz she’s releasing an album lol 😂

  7. Dovely March 30, 2024

    No love for Monica’s country album? Beyonce always been a phony b*****. Cant stand her….

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