Hot 100: Beyonce Scores a Career-First After THREE ‘Cowboy Carter’ Songs Land in Top 10 Simultaneously

Published: Monday 8th Apr 2024 by Sam

Beyonce continues to lasso in wins with her mega-selling ‘Cowboy Carter’ album.

For, just a day after officially making history with the LP’s scorching debut, Queen Bey reigns in a major way over on the Billboard Hot 100 singles tally.

Full story below…

With the latest iteration of the coveted count unveiled, Beyonce landed three songs in the top 10 simultaenously. A first-time feat for the megastar – who first debuted on the chart 27 years ago.

Fuelled by the seismic streams and digital sales of its housing album, here are the songs that placed top 10 and the US-based performance that facilitated the win:

#2 | Texas Hold ‘Em
Streams: 26.9 Million
Radio Audience: 47.9 Million
Digital Downloads: 15,000


#6 | II Most Wanted (With Miley Cyrus)
25.2 Million

#7 | Jolene
Streams:  22.4 Million


Beyonce now boasts 24 top 10s on the Hot 100 as a soloist. (Destiny’d Child scored 10 as a group).

Interestingly, Bey’s fiery reimagining of Dolly Parton‘s ‘Jolene’ now serves as the sole version of the track to hit the top 10.

Originally released in 1974, the original peaked at #60. A 2011 cover by Vicci Martinez, a then-contestant from NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ peaked at #76.


A huge achievement for one of the greatest to ever do it! Congrats to Queen Bey!

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  1. Tamar Braxton April 8, 2024

    It’s giving flop

    • chilepleaseee April 8, 2024

      You’re delusional. There is no other artist besides Michael Jackson who’s had this much success this late in their career.

  2. UHoesFunny April 8, 2024

    Wow. This has been a very successful era. Probably one of her best in a very long time, and she hasn’t even dropped a single visual, no interviews, no live performances; just all pure fan love!

    • Alist April 8, 2024

      Girl Shut up

      • UHoesFunny April 8, 2024

        Are you mad babe?

    • Alberta April 8, 2024

      Pure manufactured controversy and drama

      • Lanafan1 April 8, 2024

        It’s not manufactured. The racists are out in full force on social media. Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

      • UHoesFunny April 8, 2024

        Manufactured controversy that worked 💋

  3. Sheila April 8, 2024

    Trash album almost as bad as PF2

  4. Anne April 8, 2024

    Congrats! She will set countless records with Act II, definitely her best work and most creative album, in my humble opinion!

  5. What Would Lil Wayne do April 8, 2024

    Dolly Parton is 78 years old she made over $10,000,000 from the mega hit I will always love you by Whitney.

    Dolly is never gonna make $10,000,000 from Beyonce singing her songs. She shoulda gave it to P!nk.

    • MecostaDenada April 8, 2024

      I was with you until you said Pink. Pink? Chile, Pink? Pink, Chile? Chile please. 🤣

    • What Would Lil Wayne do April 8, 2024

      Well Beyonce Jolene version is not making no money

      • Lanafan1 April 9, 2024

        Yes, it will

  6. Claude Remains April 8, 2024

    And? Taylor Swift regularly does this!!

  7. Rihzempic April 8, 2024

    Taylor is coming to knock all that s*** over and watch she will be #1 for MORE than 1 measley week. How did Beyogre like J Cole knock her off the top spot. That’s embarrassing. The sales are only down from here😭😭😭😭

    • ERAS April 8, 2024



  8. Diabetes UNBOTHERED April 8, 2024

    #Beyoncé’s ‘TEXAS HOLD ‘EM’ is back #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song chart for a 31st day and holds at #1 on iTunes Europe for a 16th day!👏🐴1⃣🔙🌎🎵✖️3⃣1⃣🕛➕1⃣🎵🇪🇺✖️1⃣6⃣🕛🔥👑🤍
    ‘COWBOY CARTER’ tops the Worldwide & European iTunes Album charts for an 8th day and scores a MILESTONE 10th DAY atop the Worldwide & European Apple Music Album charts! 💪🤠1⃣🌎&🇪🇺🎵💿📈✖️8⃣🕛➕1⃣🌎&🇪🇺🍎🎼✖️🔟🕛🥳🎉🔥
    The Album holds at #2 on US iTunes & #3 on US Apple! Music! 👏2⃣🇺🇸🎵➕3⃣🇺🇸🍎🎼❤️‍🔥

    ‘TEXAS’ holds at #3 on the Worldwide Apple Music song chart after 7 days at #2 and is #2 on Apple Music Europe after topping the chart previously. 👏🐴🎶3⃣🌎🍎🎼➕2⃣🍎🎼🇪🇺🔥
    ‘TEXAS’ holds at #6 on US iTunes! 👏🐴🎶6⃣🇺🇸🎵

    The video “TEXAS HOLD’EM” has over 10 MILLION views on YouTube after trending at #1 Worldwide for multiple days!👏

    “COWBOY CARTER” has debuted with 316,521,225 unfiltered streams in its first week on Spotify counter, scoring the 10th biggest opening week by a female album on Spotify!🔥

    “COWBOY CARTER” scores the BIGGEST debut of the year on the Billboard 200 debuting at #1 with 407,000 units (168,000 in pure sales and 300M on-demand streams)!

    Beyoncé reigns atop this week’s Billboard charts 👑🇺🇸📈:
    #1. Billboard 200
    #1. Top Album Sales
    #1. Americana/Folk Albums
    #1. Top Country Albums
    #1. Hot Country Songs
    #1. Country Digital Song Sales

    “COWBOY CARTER” has aldeady reached #1 on the weekly charts in 12 countries👑🌎📈:
    #1. Australia
    #1. Belgium
    #1. France
    #1. Germany
    #1. Ireland
    #1. Netherlands
    #1. New Zealand
    #1. Norway
    #1. Scotland
    #1. Sweden
    #1. UK
    #1. US

    “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” and Jack Harlow’s “Lovin On Me” are the only songs to achieve multiple weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2024!👏👑🇺🇸

    Beyoncé still has 2 songs charting on the US iTunes Top 10 and 4 in the Top 20!👏

    Beyoncé still has 2 songs charting in the Worldwide iTunes Top 10 and 4 in the Top 20!👏
    1⃣TEXAS HOLD’EM +1
    8⃣ JOLENE

    • What Would Lil Wayne do April 8, 2024

      B**** please the album only sold 168,000 copies

  9. RBRT April 8, 2024

    Is this the first week with no SZA or Taylor song in the top ten. Somethings not right

  10. Anne April 8, 2024

    Eight songs from Act II on the Billboard Hot Country chart top ten as well!
    1. Texas Hold Em, 2. II Most Wanted, 3. Jolene 5. Leviis Jeans, 6. Blackbiird, 7. Daughter, 9. American Requim, and 10. 16 Carriages. 16 songs debut on the chart all together.

    • What Would Whitney do April 8, 2024

      B**** please the album only sold 168,000 copies hahaha haha

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