Normani on Fifth Harmony Reunion Rumors: “Not to My Knowledge”

Published: Tuesday 11th Jun 2024 by Sam

Normani has addressed the suggestion of a potential Fifth Harmony reunion.

Hot on the promotional trail for her debut solo album ‘Dopamine’ (which is due this Friday, June 14), the ‘Candy Paint’ singer sat down with Billboard to dish on what fans can expect from her set – which has been six years in the making,

During the candid chat, Normani was quizzed on what former bandmate Ally Brooke shared during her own visit to the platform; specifically regarding “talks” of a Fifth Harmony return.

Find out what she had to say below…

Speaking with Billboard, the 28-year-old singer said the following quizzed on alleged discussions of a 5H comeback:

“Not to my knowledge. But…I definitely see that being a possibility in the future. That would be a…a..special moment.”

The group, who scored hits with songs such as ‘Work From Home’ and ‘Worth It’ was founded in 2012 on ‘The X Factor USA.’ Its members were comprised of Normani, Camila Cabello (who exited early), Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, and Lauren Jauregui. They announced an indefinite hiatus in 2018.

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  1. Sl****ut June 11, 2024

    Camillracist is flopping so now she wants fifth harmony to get back 🙄

    • TTT June 11, 2024

      Camilla sold more records than all of them together she is the Beyonce of the group and you still talking do your math … go do your math 😂 😂

      • Dona cat say so June 11, 2024

        What your dirty mouth on queen mani. Ca/m/onky cabellis ugly lil racist self still hasn’t even put charted mani solo and never will 🥲

      • Miss universe 3000 June 11, 2024

        Camila has the most flop songs out of all the girls stfu idiot. That rat and her terrible vocals are no longer a thing. We stopped gaf about her in 2017

    • T June 12, 2024

      Im educate enough to no insult you when your parents fail you in raising you prabaly thats not my fault. Its just sad. The honest truth is you try to make her right now something that she not is Camilla already sold Albums every Album of here went Platinum, she has multiple Gold and Platinum, Singles not just in the US but also worldwide. Normani is more a urband musican not a Worldwide popstars. She could achive that like any other fifth Harmony Girl but Camilla is already knowin. 😜

  2. Flopwood June 11, 2024

    Flop Harmony

  3. Norqueeni June 11, 2024

    Why would the queen take ten steps back?

  4. Sensational June 11, 2024

    Normanis sold the most records out of all the girls with just wildside. Y’all saw how diana Lauren ally and Camilas music been flopping. They’re the ones that really want this and honestly probably put the rumor out hoping Normani would agree

    • CowboyCunter June 12, 2024

      Keep lying. Like you did when you accused your dad of back-dooring you…..
      Cumilla Cumbelly has #1 hits. Normani just has hits to the face.

      • I get everything I want June 12, 2024

        Flop! No she doesn’t young thug and Sean do. She’s a flop by herself that’s why she has a bunch of flop solo songs, most than all the girls of 5th harm

  5. That_was_Shady June 11, 2024

    How f****** dare that filthy f****** interviewer bring up some random flops while the princess of the industry is dropping her lonnnnnng waited, THE MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUM OF ALL TIME! is about to drop?

  6. Spotlight June 11, 2024

    Mani truly was the Beyoncé of the group..just look at where everyone else landed. No careers or no career and racist therapy. 🤷

  7. Dona cat say so June 11, 2024


  8. La gp June 11, 2024

    flop! We don’t want the back up dancer we just want N.O.R.M.A.N.I

  9. La gp June 11, 2024

    Who’s really checking for the other girls that aren’t Normani?? Let be honest

  10. Beyonce Tap Dance June 11, 2024

    flush this album and this ugly turd

    • Miss universe 3000 June 11, 2024

      Jealousy is a disease 💋

      • Beyonce Tap Dance June 12, 2024

        A+DS is even worse. Sorry about your diagnosis.

      • I get everything I want June 12, 2024

        Keep talking bc about yourself nasty infected gloomily stam. Don’t you know projection is easy to pick up on? Get well soon. Or don’t lol

      • I get everything I want June 12, 2024

        Keep talking about yourself nasty infected flopmila stan . Don’t you know projection is easy to pick up on? Get well soon. Or don’t lol

  11. Miss universe 3000 June 11, 2024

    Manis coming…💅🏼

    • Roberta FlackSabbath June 12, 2024

      and then she will be going.
      No one cares, expect you and your 10 different accounts.

      • I get everything I want June 12, 2024

        You’re the one that fann my e here under a new profile the next day to have a final say lol what a loser! I’m just now seeing this post. You’re clearly not as bright as you think you are

  12. marilyn+monH🪩E+®+👠(#1+DIVA) June 12, 2024


    • I get everything I want June 12, 2024

      Camilas a flop go tackle that m3th addiction once and for all

  13. I get everything I want June 12, 2024

    Mani is beautiful and talented af! Mark my words! She IS the next supreme superstar

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