After scoring killer ratings with ‘Envy’ and ‘Lust,’ the first two installments of Lifetime’s T.D. Jakes-produced films from the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ franchise, the women’s network is looking to repeat the feat by unveiling first looks at the movies’ follow-ups:  ‘Wrath’ and ‘Greed.’

Based on the book series authored by Victoria Christopher Murray, ‘Wrath’ follows a single lawyer (portrayed by Williams) trying to navigate a chaotic love affair with another lawyer (portrayed by Antonio Cupo) who is so jealous and wrathful that his obsession with her leads to violence and threats.  Tina Knowles-Lawson plays Williams’ mother in the film.

Look inside to see the first official promo clip for ‘Wrath’:


Having graced screens aboard multiple reality shows over her career, K. Michelle is no stranger to cranking out hits aboard the format.

Expectedly, ‘My Killer Body,’ her latest foray into the TV genre, is proving no exception to the trend.


Lifetime’s forthcoming thriller, ‘Single Black Female,’ provides an updated take on the age old adage: “with friends like these who needs enemies?”

Starring Raven Goodwin, Amber Riley, and K. Michelle, the film chronicles the plight of a talk show host (Goodwin) trying to save herself from an obsessive assistant (Riley) who envies her celebrity.

Directed by Shari Carpenter, hop inside to see the movie’s first trailer ahead of its February 5 premiere.


K. Michelle has always been candid about all corners of her life and she’s bringing said frankness to her brand new Lifetime series, ‘My Killer Body.’

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K. Michelle‘s last studio album, ‘All Monsters are Human,’ may have been soaked in critical acclaim thanks to its Jazze Pha-produced R&B radio hit, ‘The Rain,’ but most of the promotion for the effort was washed once the award-winning singer unveiled she was hard at work on its Country music follow-up and other business ventures.

A year after ‘Monster’s arrival, Michelle’s Country opus has yet to line dance to shelves but she has finally lifted the lid on one of the many endeavors that’s been keeping her busy.

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Michelle Williams takes center stage in ‘Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story.’

Shining in the lead role, the singer-actress plays lawyer Chastity Jeffries.

Trying to navigate a chaotic love affair with another lawyer (portrayed by Antonio Cupo), she unwittingly lands at the receiving end of his jealousy, obsession, and wrath. All of which leads to violence and threats.

Chastity turns to her mother (played by Tina Knowles-Lawson) and childhood friend (played by Romeo Miller). Ultimately, though, she’s tasked with digging deep to deliver herself.

Ahead of the premiere of ‘Wrath’ on Lifetime, That Grape Juice sat down with Williams – who opened up in earnest.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with TGJ’s Chet Kincaid, the star dished on the film, readying new music, the possibility of a Destiny’s Child reunion, and much more.

Check out the interview above.

‘Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story’ premieres Saturday, April 16 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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If critical acclaim and fan response are any indication, K. Michelle will be scooching up R&B charts next week with her latest single, ‘Scooch.’

The Lil Ronnie-produced mid-tempo has been banging its way up real-time and streaming tallies since its February 11 premiere – a feat aided by its live performance debut on the EMMY-winning talk show ‘The Real’ the same day.

While there, Michelle not only blazed the stage but also dished on the killer success of her Lifetime reality show, ‘My Killer Body,’ and why ‘I’m the Problem’ (the parent album of ‘Scooch’) will be her last foray into R&B before releasing her long-awaited and heavily teased Country album.

Did you miss the action when it first aired? No worries; we’ve got you covered.


Lifetime’s ‘Single Black Female,’ a dark tale of obsession and envy, likely caused the envy of a number of networks once they copped a gander at the printed ratings charts.

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K. Michelle uncovers the dark side of cosmetic surgery in the brand new Lifetime series ‘My Killer Body with K. Michelle.’

The R&B songstress has been vocal about her personal hardships and the succession of procedures it’s taken to undo the dangerous damage that almost ended her life.

‘My Killer Body’ spotlights women and men affected by botched plastic surgery procedures and their path back to better. K draws on her own experience to help others and shed light on some of the pitfalls of the billion-dollar industry.

Ahead of its premiere on February 3, an extended preview has been unlocked. Check it out below…


K. Michelle is quite the busy bee!

When not hitting the promo trail in support of her forthcoming Lifetime TV efforts – reality series ‘My Killer Body’ and film ‘Single Black Female‘ (as we reported here) – the award-winning songstress is putting the finishing touches on her Country and R&B albums respectively.

As it pertains to the latter, Michelle sent her faithful fans into a frenzy earlier this month with reports the first fruit of the project will be sprouting before the winter’s end.

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K. Michelle has been cooking up not one but two new albums.

In recent times, the songbird has been vocal about plans to hatch both Country and R&B projects.

And it appears the latter is first up.

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