K. Michelle Announces New Lifetime Series / Distances Herself from ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Published: Thursday 28th Jan 2021 by Rashad

K. Michelle‘s last studio album, ‘All Monsters are Human,’ may have been soaked in critical acclaim thanks to its Jazze Pha-produced R&B radio hit, ‘The Rain,’ but most of the promotion for the effort was washed once the award-winning singer unveiled she was hard at work on its Country music follow-up and other business ventures.

A year after ‘Monster’s arrival, Michelle’s Country opus has yet to line dance to shelves but she has finally lifted the lid on one of the many endeavors that’s been keeping her busy.

Details inside:

Taking to Instagram Wednesday (January 27), the 34-year-old revealed her new Lifetime series will begin production next month.

While she did not specify a tentative premiere date, she did suggest its content would be a stark contrast from that of her TV origin – VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop.’  The Mona Scott Young-produced jaunt may have been Michelle’s launching pad (as she starred in its New York and Atlanta iterations), but that didn’t stop the ‘Can’t Raise a Man’ singer from raising a glass to the reality show – before indicating she’d outgrown its format.

Per the quote above, she revealed:

For 6 years of my life I was on a show called ‘Love and Hip Hop.’ It really helped me reach a lot of goals at that time, I’ll never knock that blessing.  But, I knew in my heart I could not longer participate in something I was not passionate about and had no desire to be on camera with any of the cast,” she said. “…I knew it was time for something bigger than throwing drinks.”

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for more on this story as it develops.

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 28, 2021


    • Pu$$yPop$tre$$ January 28, 2021

      i thought so too! but google says 34. im like she has to be closer to tamar’s age than that!

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 28, 2021


  2. Meme January 28, 2021

    Ok but who is that in the picture?

    • Chanel January 28, 2021

      So…pretty much this

    • I hate bllaac n whyyy both not sht January 28, 2021

      Skin bleachers n***** hay Harriett I got this skin bleach n***** k Michelle

    • Interac January 28, 2021

      I thought I saw Keyshia cole

  3. AJ January 28, 2021

    She was on Hollywood and Atlanta

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 28, 2021


  4. Tori January 28, 2021

    She can’t be “above throwing drinks” but she still has a drink throwing mentality so she cancels herself out. And push come to shove, it may not be long before we see her back on any of the L&HH franchises. And she can’t blame L&HH when the gave her her own show ans she did the same s*** with lower ratings….

    • Shayla Queen 👑 January 28, 2021

      Shut up b****

  5. Shayla Queen 👑 January 28, 2021

    Yasssss come through K! My Queen 👑

  6. Shayla Queen 👑 January 28, 2021

    AMAH was straight FIRE! “Where is the loooove? Cos they not giving me none! What have I doooooone? To make them hate me so much?!” Yasssssss 🎶🔥💯🤳🏽

    • WRTW? January 28, 2021

      Crucified for myyy mistakes make me wooonna walk away

      • Shayla Queen 👑 January 28, 2021

        Maybe I should walk away and fade to black just like Jay! Yassssss 🥂

      • BOP January 28, 2021

        Cuz y’all don’t want me anyway so I’ll fade to black just like Jaaay.

        She just needs to turn the auto tune down

  7. I hate bllaac n whyyy both not sht January 28, 2021

    Harriett Tubman look like kmichelle is another skin bleach n*****

  8. Shayla Queen 👑 January 28, 2021

    She a bad ass b****. Y’all just HATERS. Don’t self-project yo skin bleaching ass onto another b**** 💯🤳🏽

  9. IJS January 28, 2021

    She’s trash! A once promising singing career has been reduced to the chittlin reality tv circuit. She’s nothing more than a semi-popular traveling carnival act.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 January 28, 2021

      And you ain’t even that. Get yo money up boo. Stop hating 💯🤳🏽

  10. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) January 28, 2021

    Her n I p p l e s are hard in the picture. 😂🤣😂🤣 did her photographer turn her on or something!??? 💅🏿💅🏿 Or maybe she’s too broke to afford a bra?

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