Rude Woman Who Falsely Accused Black Man Of Sexual Assault Loses Hotel Job

Published: Tuesday 16th Oct 2018 by David

Zoe Thompson, the disgraced woman who falsely accused a black man of sexual assault on a busy train, will have plenty of time to make full use of the public transport system now that she has been fired from her job.

A sorry development for a very sorry lady below…

The fitness enthusiast Terroll Lewis found himself trending on social media over the weekend after he posted a video of himself being verbally and physically assaulted by Ms. Thompson on the train.


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I was on the train and over heard an argument on the train. I looked up and saw it was a white lady shouting at a young black boy sitting down. “Move u never paid for two seats” then went on to pushing him and shouting abuse. I started to see the boy getting angry so I took my stuff from the other side of the carriage and moved to where he was and sat down next to him. This women started to shout amuse at me now and started to say the few hundreds pounds I had in my hand was “DRUG MONEY” ?? I asked her why would u say that? She replied “probably is…” smh. Instagram I’m only posting this because so many of our young kings get into situations like this where people expect them to act out of character. NOT TODAY. Me and my young king chilling and talking now check my insta story now ??? #Seeyouincourt

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His story took a turn for the worst when he then learned that she’d accused him of sexual assault…a claim his fellow passengers have rubbished.

Today, she learned that her time at the Brownsover Hotel in England had come to an end after company bosses gave her the boot after seeing the shocking video for themselves.


Lewis still intends to respond to her tall tales with legal action.

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  1. China October 16, 2018

    Another White woman, another lie. They are the most hateful species on earth. White men and woman are deathly afraid of people of color. Scared Sh_itless.

    • margretk.lewis October 16, 2018

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    • Whitey McWhiteface October 31, 2018

      Yeah. All of them. every single white person ever. in the past, present of future. Because every single white person is the same. But let me guess: you can’t be racist you’re a minority, right?

  2. The Legendary Mrs. Jasmine October 16, 2018

    Good for the hotel. They got rid of that big liability of an employee who gets drunk in public and attacks blacks. She is scum.

    I dislike that guy Lewis too though. Something about him is very vile I can feel it through the camera. He oozes of toxic energy and I would ruch rather hear from the actual victim and not this weirdo who ineeded himself in this situation for 5 minutes of fame. Lewis needs to get a real job and stop abusing women himself.

    • The Legendary Mrs. Jasmine October 16, 2018

      Inserted not ineeded.

    • Paul Ducc October 31, 2018

      It is quite remarquable how you do the exact same thing as this woman, accusing a stranger of sexual abuse base on nothing…

      The main issue here is not alcohol, it is the abusive behaviour of this woman toward people around her.

      You are part of this problem, even if you keep your job.

  3. The Empress October 16, 2018

    Terroll Lewis is s*** AF. I just became a fan.

  4. The Empress October 16, 2018

    “Believe Women” hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. The Empress October 16, 2018

    Believe Black Men!

  6. XYZ October 18, 2018

    Am I missing a video or is there just a Video where he filmed her without her permission. I would get angry too, if anyone would just film me without permission. If his story is true, then that would make her a c***, yes. But I do think that filming people and posting it online is getting out of hands right now

    • Questions October 19, 2018

      Troll is supposedly a ‘Vlogger’ so why didnt he start video when he says he heard an argument? In the video not once does the girl say anything racist. Some things arent adding up about all this. Some online are saying some real twisted nonsense about this whole thing and doing some heavy duty bullying against the girl & anyone who is supporting her rights. Was the video edited? If it was edited, then why was it edited? At one point we see a woman in white head scarf, then a moment later shes gone. Was there a train stop inbetween? a guy on platform stated sexual assault allegation, did he mean to say sexual harassment allegation? Why wasnt anyone arrested? Is Teroll monetizing & profiting from this whole incident?

  7. justice know October 25, 2018

    You make me sooooo sick @realdeal!!! Do u monitor his every movement to say he is not a nice guy??? Would you move ur bag for someone that got unto the train and shouts at you saying you didn’t pay for two seats, who then goes on to push you and starts swearing at you??? It is disgusting and hateful people like you that send our young black children to jail/create a bad reputation for them too! He never ever ruined leanne’s life the girl from little mix neither did he ruin nakita’s life.You are seriously bent on making things look how u wish to but at the end of the day this is a real situation that can only be resolved with facts. the police already has cctv recordings, witnesses. and if i may say terroll lewis wasn’t the only one recording. She should have never touched him period. please tell me how he sexually assaulted her in the video including other recordings?? if anything she was the one acting like she wanted some attention. he wasn’t aggressive, he wasn’t swearing/cursing, he wasn’t shouting, he wasn’t touching her, he wasn’t frowning neither was his body language. So, please tell me where he went wrong to deserve so much hatred and criticism?? He simply told her the truth. you are the type of people that shout justice the moment u hear r*** etc. but u can’t give justice why?? by ur comment you’ve made it clear to the world you are not pleased he interfered in a situation where a young teen was being bullied by ms zoe thompson. you must have something in common then. I can only imagine the type of person you are to call a young and vibrant scumbag as if that isn’t enough u even go on to judge his character when he did nothing wrong. you talk about he is going on about his hat being knocked off- point off correction the people said it including myself. and even if he said it as well that’s what happened. TELL US, HAVE YOU GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE I MEAN SOMETHING DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT?? If you can’t face the truth don’t comment. leave terroll lewis in peace not pieces.

  8. Black Lives Matter August 20, 2020

    This hateful racist woman was rehired by her baby daddy, Michael Stanford, 4 months after she left the hotel. People – we should never allow these people to serve others. Call the hotel and demand an explanation!

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