Brother Nature: “I’m A Nazi…& Jay-Z Looks Like A Monkey”

Published: Sunday 21st Oct 2018 by David

Like a deer ripped to shreds by a pack of ravenous hyenas on cheat day, Brother Nature‘s career lies lifeless now that his fans have uncovered a string of disconcerting tweets he thought would never see the light of day again.

A shocking story below…



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Brother, whose real name is Kelvin, rose to fame online after sharing videos of himself cavorting with animals and amassed a following of millions who believed it wouldn’t be long before his charismatic personality would find its way to television.

They were wrong. For today brought it with the unveiling of a darker side to the seemingly fun-loving star’s personality via tweets he forgot he published.

The dirty man also stunned followers by saying that the rapper Jay-Z resembled a monkey and that he is aroused by the thought of having dogs lick peanut butter from his naked body.

He is yet to respond to the surfacing of his vile messages and has “protected” his tweets with hopes doing so will stop fans from unearthing more of them.


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  1. Gurl Bye! October 21, 2018


    Slow news day???

  2. ~The Arcacde~ October 21, 2018

    Who’s this sicko?

  3. Chica October 21, 2018

    Isn’t Brother nature Latino?
    How can he be a nazi then.

    • Fifi October 21, 2018

      George Zimmerman is from where again? Exactly.

      • Chica October 22, 2018

        You can be a racist but not a nazi.

        Nazi’s are Caucasian.

      • SMH October 22, 2018

        And yet mexicans for whatever delusional reason consider themselves caucasian (see: george zimmerman).

    • SMH October 22, 2018

      Ask him, he’s the one who tweeted it.

  4. Mother October 21, 2018

    “The dirty man” took me out! What kind of writing is this ???

    • Fifi October 21, 2018

      ??? they do it to be funny.????

  5. Slave4u October 21, 2018

    He was about 12yrs old when he wrote these tweets -__-

  6. Cam917 October 21, 2018

    How is calling jay z a m***** racist. I can see the other stuff but he looks like a great a** and that’s facts. I think people should just watch what they say but everyone says racist things now days . Black and white. I predict a civil war one day.

    • LC October 21, 2018

      Same way rosanne did it and was called racist.

  7. gina October 22, 2018


  8. StarXavi October 22, 2018

    I’m so sick of people digging up old tweets from people when they were much younger and when Twitter was fairly new. People were saying outrageous things in the beginning…anything to gain an audience. Mostly out of ignorance as to what Twitter would end up being. I dunno I’m just kind of sick of all the fake outrage and shyt like that. Obviously these tweets are bad and not cool, but they were from 6 years ago, he doesn’t seem to be that person today. And lets be real, every one of us has something we don’t want the world to know or see, soon everyone will have that thing in their closest they are afraid of for the rest of their lives, especially if they become a public figure of some sort.

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