Tearful Judge On Backlash After Amber Guyger Hug: ‘I Wouldn’t Get This Criticism If She Were Black’

Published: Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 by Rashad


Judge Tammy Kemp has gotten more media attention than she could have ever imagined thanks to the ‘hug seen around the world.’

While some have applauded the public official for her unique display of compassion for Amber Guyger, a former Dallas police officer who had just been convicted of killing her innocent Black neighbor in his home, Kemp says most of the commentary has been overwhelmingly negative as her office has been flooded with hate mail (e-mails and letters), phone calls, and fiery social media posts for what critics and legal experts alike are branding ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unethical’ courtroom behavior.

Nearly a week after the guilty verdict was handed down, the judge is on a media blitz to respond to the ongoing backlash and clear her name.  In addition to speaking with local Texas outlets, she sat down for an interview with CNN where she was reduced to tears recounting Guyger’s remorse over the unfortunate incident.

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Taking to CNN in a segment that aired Monday (October 7), Kemp said to the convicted killer:

“‘Ms. Guyger — Mr. Jean has forgiven you. Please forgive yourself, so you can have a purposeful life.’ And she asked me, ‘Do you think my life can still have a purpose?’ And I said, ‘I know it can.’”

As the exchange continued, Kemp claims Guyger asked, “Do you think God will forgive me?” Assuring the convicted killer He would, Kemp claims Guyger added, “Well, I don’t even have a Bible. I don’t know where to begin.”  The judge explained to CNN, “And that’s when I went to retrieve my Bible and gave it to her.” 

When asked about the ongoing backlash from critics and legal experts, Kemp said:

“Frankly, I don’t think I would getting this criticism if Miss Guyger were a Black woman. I hate that we limit our compassion to one race.”

Click here to watch her tearful recount with CNN.


Her interviews didn’t stop there.  Look below to see what she told Dallas reporters about incident:

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  1. Clarkson October 9, 2019

    Black women and their mammy behaviour.
    Let me care for this little defenseless white child.

    Gurl, u hugged a murderer who killed an innocent black man who was minding his own business in his apartment.

    Very unprofessional behaviour also. Ur a judge, act like one.

    • SMH October 9, 2019

      Exactly, I cant believe I agree with you for once lol. I’m tired of seeing these c00ns make excuses for their sellout behavior by pulling the reverse racism card.

      • Clarkson October 9, 2019

        “I cant believe I agree with you for once lol. ”

        As if I give a FÙCK whether u agree with me or not.
        I’m not seeking validation or approval from any of u. my views are mine and I will air them. Dont care if u agree with me or not.

    • Lana Bey Fan October 9, 2019

      This times 100000000. This stupid b**** and jeans dumb ass family have me heated as hell

  2. SMH October 9, 2019

    “I don’t think I would be getting this criticism if (she) were a black woman”.

    B*TCH PLEASE. She knows damn well she NEVER hugged any black criminals that were convicted of crimes in her courtroom or gave them any bibles ever in her service on the bench. She’s only pulling these excuses out of her ass to justify her slave mentality. B*tch Please.

    • Maxx October 9, 2019

      ‘THIS’ Same thing I said, we wouldn’t be talking about it, because you would have NEVER hugged a black woman in this same situation or have you ever. GTFOH with that! We have compassion for everyone, but our own race.

    • Navy Gravy October 9, 2019

      Its rare that a judge oversees a high profile case like this one. In order to make sure the case is handled justly and to limit racial bias, prejudice and unfair treatment in the courtroom, a judge has to see the case and the facts from several different perspectives and have a view from both sides of the courtroom. I also believe that the hugs were over the top but again this was a special case and if compassion was simply the truth, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I deliver ässwhoopings sometimes and I also feel bad for the receiver of those ässwhoopings sometimes, I’m not giving out hugs but I do have compassion ??. I don’t see where the judge or the family had anything to gain in doing so, so I’m going to allow them to be human. I mean that family lost their son, why are we bashing them for having a heart? That boy lost his brother, it is monumental that he was able to look at his brother’s killer and forgive, it is pure wickedness to find a negative in that. That is his moment, not anyone else’s.

    • Daleq December 26, 2019

      She’s a black judge and you c00ns still play the victim card. I bet if she was a white judge and did this it would be 20000 times bigger of a story…

  3. Perfection is so…mhph October 9, 2019

    Let’s stick to the facts, You hugged a murderer. Since when does murderers deserve compassion regardless of race. That murderer only got 10 years, do you think the “black woman” would of got the same amount of time? You looked ridiculous and sound the same.

  4. G-bby October 9, 2019

    Girl f****** bye! Judges should be impartial and neutral in all cases. She should have never left her stand to hug anyone, ESPECIALLY a convicted murder. I understand she’s been a judge for many years so she knows better. Her unprofessional showing of affection makes me believe that there is bias involved, and the murderer won’t be serving her full sentence. It’s all b******* to me.

    • D October 9, 2019

      Considering one of the witnesses was quickly murked, I’d say everyone involved in the prosecution of that case was threatened and very fearful for their lives. The FBI needs to be called in.

  5. only facts October 9, 2019

    I do not agree with the hug at all. I see she now has a glam squad helping with her hair and makeup. I have no words…

  6. JUST SAYING October 9, 2019

    But thats the point ” If she was black” she would be getting a hug or a light sentence at all!

  7. L’ORANGE October 9, 2019

    People will do anything to crave the spotlight. The judge was completely in showing affection. The judge right that it would not be an issue if she was white. However, a white judge would never hug a black murderer. Matter of fact they don’t show any affection

  8. Sonya October 9, 2019

    Mammie Tammie deserves NO SYMPATHY from anyone show me a picture of you coming to hug ANYONE else who just got convicted of murder, I’ll wait. They put the token blacks in place for this trial I wonder if JOSHUA’S killer gonna get a hug

    • D October 9, 2019


  9. Yolanda October 9, 2019

    The man Guyger killed was a black immigrant, but it was the black descendants of American slaves that cried and forgave the killer. HOWEVER, where were the black immigrant community when Joshua Brown was killed? The black immigrants never do anything for us Black Americans but tell our story to take our jobs: Jo Ann Reid, Roland Martin, Angela Rye, Sheila Jackson Lee, etc.

    • Clarkson October 9, 2019

      Shut up ur dumb
      What do u expect immigrants to do for u? Immigrants are usually poor and find it hard settling down in foreign lands like America.

      Dont come here with that DOS mess.
      Ur a fool for this comment

  10. Queen?Bee❤️ October 9, 2019

    F*** this goofy ass b****!!!!! I am glad a complaint was filed against her?

  11. Tyty October 9, 2019

    Mental slavery African Americans have it bad ??

    • Lanafan1 October 9, 2019

      1. Don’t group us all together. Speak for yourself and no one else.
      2. Also, learn how to write correctly.

  12. Holliewuudd October 9, 2019

    Whether or not she hugs everyone is irrelevant in my opinion. That might have been a moment in which Amber is introduced to God since she said she didn’t even own a bible. What I’m trying to understand is why everyone is bashing this woman for showing compassion to her fellow man? And I’m black.

    • Tyty October 9, 2019

      Because only a fool would repeatedly turn the other cheek and show compassion to a people who consider you of less value than an animal. If you were black you would know this. It’s like hoping the devil will change. You can’t compassion peoples nature out of them. Wypipo don’t like black people how many ways they got to show or tell you?

      • Holliewuudd October 9, 2019

        Girl,boy..I don’t have to prove anything to you and why would someone like about being black? Anyway, we are to continue to forgive as God continues to forgive us, daily. I’m not sure if you’re a spiritual person but yhats what I believe. What’s a hug gone do? People just love to be upset.

    • Tyty October 10, 2019

      Nobody is upset you fool God didn’t put black people on earth to be suffering for eternity at the hands of another mere human beings who act more like soulless demons that you fellow brethren…are you crazy? God said forgive but murder is a freaking sin. Even God aint forgiving that ish now stfu. You seem to think God just preaches about forgiveness he is also a very vengeful God. Keep turning that cheek and see were it gets you. Hopefully you will wake up before it’s too late. And you ain’t 6ft under with your family preaching compassion.

  13. Truth October 9, 2019

    You hugging a person that murdered someone… your a f****** judge… a f****** judge… you should never show any favoritism while you have on that robe.. I don’t know how she doesn’t understand that..

    • Holliewuudd October 9, 2019

      That I can agree with. Nevertheless. She did it. I’m not caping for her, I just am at the point to where theres nothing that I can personally do to change that situation so I’m not going to harp on it. I do understand how people could be angry tho.

  14. Bettie clayton October 9, 2019


  15. Dina October 9, 2019

    That was a disgusting display of said compassion. How many many black people has she came down and hugged. Your tears don’t move at all .

  16. Woah vicky October 10, 2019

    Exactly, all the people sending in hate are racists themselves q

  17. Chocolatedoll October 10, 2019

    The display of affection shown to this woman was disgusting and outright uncalled for. From the Bailiffs hair stroking, to the victims brother hugging it out THEN the judge follows suit, I was perplexed and it made me angry if I’m being honest. Then u have the WITNESS break down on the stand while reliving the HORRIFIC event that was TOTALLY UNJUST, just like the sentencing. But not ONE person came to his side to console or show compassion for him. Smdh Coonery and buffoonery at its finest.. Wonder if it were one of their family members would they be carrying on in such a manner, I think NOT! Our willingness to forgive is to our detriment idc how she tries to justify it. Unethical!! “She can live a purposeful life”, meanwhile she TOOK an innocent life and caused the death of another.. GTFOH
    RIP Botham and Joshua..

    • Skilly October 10, 2019

      Well said

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