‘Basketball Wives’ Sponsors Under Pressure To Cut Ties With Show

Published: Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 by David


Viewers of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ are putting pressure on the show’s sponsors to wash its hands of the show and its maltreatment of the Nigerian entrepreneur OG Chijidu.

Full story below…

The show’s audience have been using Twitter to condemn its cast and its decision to target OG with racial slurs, insults, teasing and bullying.

This week, its supposed ring leader Evelyn Lozada filed a defamation lawsuit against her co-star because her partnerships with a number of brands were damaged when OG publicly condemned her for comparing her to a monkey.


The audacious move enraged viewers.

How they are responding? By refusing to patronise any company that sponsors the dramatic TV series.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 9, 2019

    AMEN. Either fire Evil-lym or cancel the show. The viewers have spoken.

    • Betty October 10, 2019

      I totally agree they’ve been giving Evelyn a pass for far too long. It may be ” just entertainment” to some but it still sends a very negative racist message!!

  2. K_man October 9, 2019

    That video was Evelyn’s greatest hits!!
    Why is no one bring up the fact that OG threaten to Kill and attack the class. OG is not any better than Evelyn!

    • Tyty October 9, 2019

      Oh shush Jackie has threatened to kill people and so has Evelyn the difference bring Og has never put her hands on anyone Or attempted too despite being “aggressive”. So actually no they are not as bad as each other one doesn’t have any history of violence. Try again

      • K_man October 9, 2019

        Obviously you do not watch the show! Evelyn wanted to talk to Cece and ran after her and OG pushed her! OG was being aggressive, she got all in Kristin’s face when again trying to talk to Cece. If Cece wasn’t shut a punk b**** and need her body guard she wouldn’t have been label as aggressive! I doubt you would like it if you had someone at work telling you their going to hurt your or kill you. You would avoid that person and call them aggressive!

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 9, 2019

        OG was NEVER aggressive. She is a strong Nigerian woman who informed thr cast what she is capable of so that they know she is not a punk. Don’t start none won’t be none and evil bullies like u and Evil-lyn are mad because they know they cannot pick on OG physically or verbally!

        Evil-lyn tried to physically hit Cee Cee TWICE by sneaking up on her aggressively. OG was forced to protect her friend Cee Cee from Evil-lyn running behind her to hit her. If Evil-lyn just wanted to talk to Cee Cee (like u lied and said) then there was no reason for Evil-lyn to run up behind Cee Cee TWICE since “talking” was already accomplished by Evil-lyn’s yelling at Cee Cee. When u scream at somebody over and over and they turn around and walk away you do not have the right to “run after” them aggressively like Evil-lyn did. Once the person has turned around and walked away u have to accept victory in verbally winning your argument but that is not good enough for evil vile people like Evil-lynn. She wanted to hit Cee Cee after she had already screamed at her so badly she wanted to leave.

      • Betty October 10, 2019

        Yeah That??

      • The tea spiller October 11, 2019

        No one notice that Evelyn chase Cee-Cee with a bamboo stick and OG push her in the bushes. Evelyn begged the producers not to air the part or she’ll walk off the show.

    • Stacie October 9, 2019

      How many lives has A-B-C’s taken but bottles, jumping over tables, throwing tables, etc. is physical bodily harm. That would be the difference and also OG is not playing the victim. Evelyn talks about people and comes for people but when they give her a taste of her own medicine she plays the victim.

    • OG the real October 9, 2019

      They all does that so why is OG the aggressive one. Hell she hasn’t touched no one nor has she threw anything. They just met there match and cant handle or punk OG. I was hoping OG pop Evelyn in her b**** ass mouth.

  3. High Price October 9, 2019

    Yeah, it’s time to just end the show.. Hey, it had a good run. And if it ends, it can end on a controversial note/high note. Plus I’m TIRED of seeing Shaunie O’neal. If you you’re not a YES man to her, then you’re axed. Royce stood up to her, Brandi stood up to her, hell even Draya would have had she not left the show (forcefully), and now OG is standing up to her.

  4. Truth October 9, 2019

    Black twitter do not play!! Jesus Lololol

  5. Sherrie Pruitt October 9, 2019

    I’m in shock that you people are taking this to far no one on bbwla is racist everyone on the show has called someone out of there name and all of sudden her come og trying to keep her job comes up with bs about color really people are y’all serious it’s sad when women of color hate on other women of color sad just sad

    • OG the real October 9, 2019

      First off OG is not trying to save her job. She was never fired. Shaunie already said that part. Secondly Evelyn scarry ass is the one that cant handle the truth and is scared of OG cause she cant punk her like she does the rest od them. Evelyn h** ass needs to go PERIOD and OG can stay.

      • Delores October 11, 2019

        You are right that part. OG Is A Beast with A capital B. Scratch has met her match.

  6. Yasin October 9, 2019

    My God people! This racist crap pulled tonight was crazy as he’ll! You girls are pulling stress to get a rope! Think.. each one if them have slick.mouths. Every reality show is full of drama thats why you wash it. If not turn to Hallmark Tv. Sponsors, people losing their job, sueing each other. This a adult cartoon. Get over it. Geico, All state problem have more this crazy s*** going on in the office. Turn the CHANNEL if you don’t like it. BUT the race card, bullying card should not have been. Played. My thoughts!

    • Betty October 10, 2019

      First of all you should learn how to spell before you speak?. You’re sounding like Trump and Kanye’s ignorent behinds!!

  7. Stephanie Osborne-Graham October 9, 2019

    Evelyn is trash and needs to be fired. I like OG . Kristen needs to be fired also.

    • Breee October 11, 2019

      Eveline ,feby and kristen needs to go period!!!!!!

  8. Angela Davis October 9, 2019

    Honestly OG is speaking her truth and she has maintained dignity throughout this programming and for EG to actually threaten and act on her treats and they slide that under the rug is truly ridiculous. Also they are bullying JW and Cee Cee when they finally speak their mind it’s a problem. Enough is enough. Start supporting eachother rather than tearing eachother down.

  9. Angela D October 9, 2019

    Honestly OG is speaking her truth and she has maintained dignity throughout this programming and for EL to actually threaten and act on her treats and they slide that under the rug is truly ridiculous. Also they are bullying JW and Cee Cee when they finally speak their mind it’s a problem. Enough is enough. Start supporting eachother rather than tearing eachother down.

  10. Yolanda October 9, 2019

    Evelyn the problem if Shawnee does not see that then they need to cut off basketball wife

  11. Sunshine October 9, 2019

    It’s a shame to see women tear down each other like that. Evelyn must go! She should never be on anyone’s screen.

  12. Nalu October 9, 2019

    Nope, I am offended by the disrepect and how the sponsers turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all this….shame on you.

  13. Corrima hanible October 10, 2019

    You ppl need to get a life. This s*** is fake.

    • Reader October 10, 2019

      True that

    • Lovely October 10, 2019

      Even if it’s fake and scripted why would a producer allow such antics? Evelyn has crossed the line too many times. Time for her to go. Maybe her friend Shaunie dont mind giving up her money to try and keep Evelyn on the show. Ratings already dropping I doubt if the sponsors are going to lose their money behind Evelyn. So I’d Shaunie doesn’t do something let’s keep dropping the shows sponsors.

      • Lovely October 10, 2019


  14. Candy October 10, 2019

    I can’t believe @Geico and @allstate sponsor basketball wife with evilyn that love to fight other woman am done watch them fool just evilyn let everyone and everything look bad evilyn you want everyone that come on that u want to fight but OG is wrong one evilyn u meet ur match u fool

  15. Wanda Casey October 10, 2019

    Evilyn should be countersued.

  16. Lin October 10, 2019

    Give it a break, what is the colorism crap? OG has some insecurity issues and wants to cry foul when she clearly is playing catch up to a group that she does not fit into. Its reality TV, and in real life, when you dont fit in, you are ostracized.
    She has her own share of jabs to be held accountable for and so does troublemaking, homewrecking CeeCee

  17. Country chocolate October 10, 2019

    She is aggressive extremely aggressive it has nothing to do with her race it’s her actions

  18. Deb October 10, 2019

    It doesn’t matter what brands and sponsors you all have. Because you all are telling the youth that its just great to act this way. And that is it.

  19. Ms J October 10, 2019

    If white ppl aren’t complaining about the show or Evelyn’s “racist” comments you all don’t have to worry about Basketball Ball Wives being cancelled. All we as blacks are doing is just “voicing” an opinion ijs. Although I don’t condone Evelyn’s behavior. OGOM is just as wrong for her violent behavior and threats bc she knew they all (everyone on the show) was afraid of her.. Even the producer Shaunie lol. So when u judge, judge righteously and show no partiality. OGOM needs to also own up to the fact that she’s very aggressive and stop threatening to “kill ppl, breaking their jaws and telling ppl they can catch this fade.” She’s promoting violence bc no one on that show is trying to go up against her they don’t want their asses beat.. Not even “bad ass” throwing tables Malaysia. Or how ever she spells her name..

  20. Lee Bruno October 10, 2019

    I will not view BBW any longer or any of VH1 shows matter of factly nor will I support any sponsors or vendors of the show. Disgusting how they’ve overlooked Evelyn’s trashy Ghetto 2 year old behavior but will make all types of excuses for OG just speaking what’s on her mind wether right or wrong she never acted out. However every chance Evelyn has had to take her emotions or behavior out on those she thought to bully or assault she has. Starting with Royce. Disgusting now wants to play victim. Shaunie is fake and is just as evil and passive Ghetto as Evelyn too. Evelyn kisses Shaunie’s ass for that’s her neal ticket but she still slept with Shaq. Since Evelyn is all for lie dectors she wouldn’t have any problems taken one herself to clear up this rumor that she has slept with Shaq which I believe totally. Thirsty witch, she slept with Tami’s husband and had the audacity to get extra ghetto because Tami expressed her disgust instead of staying humble. Girl bye she’s the non freaking factor, Her beauty is only skin deep but now a days it’s fading away and sagging to the floor but overall she’s an ugly person throughout and internally toxiv to the core. Bunch of sea hags all sticking together like some old ugly shabby ass sheep bullying people who stand up for themselves and has a voice. Jealous at CeCe because she has real love and a man who will stick by her side just as she sticks by his. Kristen bobblehead starts much ShAt and plays victim as well but she’s a snake her damn selves. Wolf in sherp clothing for her true colors and feeling were shown towards CeCe wants the show started. Feby, or Furby what trash, what lackey. Brooklyn woman aren’t that grimy unless they’re from the ghetto and have low IQ’s so I know exactly where she’s from because she’s another disgrace and sheepish clown b****. All sponsors you’ll lose money, stocks, and a good name if you stick by these trashy and it tell us viewers who and what your company stands for and by. Flush the whole entire show and ?? for it stinks of Evilyn and evilness.

  21. Gail Wilkes October 10, 2019

    Evelyn and Jackie and Maalysia are the physical violent ones. What about them. Right. No comment. Shaunie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sad show. !

  22. Lovey October 10, 2019

    Shame on Shaunie and Evelyn!

  23. Lisa Lindquist October 10, 2019

    omg. get a grip. I’m so over the Boohooing Baby B.S. When it comes to og. she can behave she wants and that’s all good but when anyone does anything back or about her it’s a national crisis. ? Only reason I’d be okay with Basketball Wives ending is the fact I wouldn’t have to see or hear that cry-babying From og again. ? End That show and give the other ones a different show together.

  24. Boston intheSouth October 10, 2019

    This is ridiculous. OG has lied to all and has put her hands on Shaunie which was shown! oG has been looking for her 10 minutes of Fame from the words “Hello” and has made this show Ugly. OG had basically been stalking Evelyn’s life for 10 years now. There is something very disturbing about OG and i wouldn’t want her in my circle either! And let’s not forget OG getting on her knees and Praying to God for just nasty things! She’s just like the “catch me outside girl” looking for a spot light. Just because she has the light it doesn’t mean you look good in it OG.

  25. Kaheem October 10, 2019

    I totally agree with all commentors! Geico/Allstate drop the show ASAP KEEP YALL GOOD NAME IN TACT!

  26. Vivian Udeh October 10, 2019

    Shauna and Evelyn are devil’s and evil. I hate the show now.

  27. Flower212121 October 10, 2019

    GEICO I’m a long time customer of yours and now seeking another company for my insurance needs. In the words of Shaunie O’Neil THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES!!! I’m moving on!!!

  28. Lillian October 10, 2019

    I feel OG is just as much at fraught as Evelyn. Evelyn has always been aggressive but I thing OG is a mess starter and she is doing everything possible to discredit Evelyn. With her having ties to Evelyn’s ex who knows. Yea Evelyn called her a name but I don’t thing that girl is racist. Number 1 she definitely not white by any means. I’m black as every and I call people all kind of names. Now I wonder what does that make me. I see Jackie didn’t get all offended about being called a Cockroach and CeCe didn’t get all offended.

    • Brittany Love October 10, 2019


  29. Lillian October 10, 2019

    I think OG needs to be fired it’s just a matter of time before she is gonna get aggressive

    • Brittany Love October 10, 2019

      I do to, but I believe that next season she’ll be better. You live and learn. I hope for all of them.

    • Mya Jones October 11, 2019

      And u don’t thing Eveyln did on more than 15 occasions,B**** shut the f*** up!!!!before you be picking ur teeth up off the ground somewhere!??️? Like
      tic tac falling out of the candy jar!!!!!
      OG ain’t never did what Eveyln did all she did was speak Truth facts of the liars the pretend to be something they was not all OG did was expose the living facts of truth and protected CeCe from Evelyn attacking her!!! Now sit ur dumb a** down somewhere standing up for dumb s*** you know dam well is wrong but your brainless a** just talking just to talk on s*** u know nothing of!!!!

  30. Carol Person October 10, 2019

    Some of the stuff that they do or saw dont make no kind of since. Evenly is a bully and I dont like bullying at all.

  31. Renee October 10, 2019

    I hope the show gets canceled! It’s been going down hill for a few seasons now.. CC should’ve decked Evelyn when she called her LingLing…Very disrespectful racial slur, no question. Shaunie clearly has no control over these women.

  32. AMC October 10, 2019

    I am so disgusted with Shaunies behavior her being the EP and all. She allowed the show to crash and burn because of her double standards. She is such a hypocrite and now she’s back pedaling to save her ass!! And her lapdog Evelyn really only barks or bites when she has the okay from her.. They both need to go.. We no longer need their service!!!

  33. Gigi October 10, 2019

    The show is garbage all they do is argue. No one is ever happy. Evelyn is horrible and Shaunie lets her get away with it. I stopped watching some time ago. We are trying to stop bullying, not promote it. Take this trash off the air.

  34. Mona Shade October 10, 2019

    This show needs to be pulled. Any other show that would allow someone to use racial epitaphs would be canceled immediately. Any sponsors of this show will not get a done from me

  35. Brittany Love October 10, 2019

    Basketball Wives Ain’t No Different Than The Other Shows on Tv. Alot of these reality shows are like this. It’s entertainment. Just as ur coming @EVELYN for coming @Og makes u’s no different. This should’ve been gone along time ago if I say so myself, but yall support President Cheeto Puff. His mess ain’t edited.

  36. Rivera winston October 10, 2019

    It’s about time their seeing what Eveyln has been doing. It’s time to cancel basketball wives. It makes all women look bad.

  37. melzy October 10, 2019

    Shaunie lets all the others have a pass when they get all violent but OG who has never laid a finger on anyone is the aggressive one?
    So much b******* going on here especially from that all bark no bite b**** Evelyn Lozada…somebody should dog walk this b**** for real
    Plus please get kristen off the show coz she clearly has no storyline…all she does is fake cry and try and make cece look bad
    As for Malaysia you need to go back to atlanta and worry about your own family and leave byron’s alone

  38. minerva garza October 10, 2019

    Im out I will not be watching next season and will not patronize any company sponsors, the mean girl, racist cast has become too uncomfortable to watch, this show not in anyway represents a WAG, change the name.

  39. Angela Pope October 10, 2019

    @GEICO please don’t sponsor this show. It’s not fit for TV. All of them including Shaunie needs to be recasted. Evelyn need the #BOOT

  40. Debra Hall October 10, 2019

    The sponsors should pull out. Evelyn is rude, racist, a bully and very condescending. She can throw punches but calls foul when she can’t get her way.

  41. Mahogany B October 10, 2019

    Yes this show is berating to black women

  42. Deontrinese Jackson October 10, 2019

    I know the ratings have went down over the years.. The show have lost some good women all different nationally and race… it seems like the problems begins with Evenlyn, I don’t know if that’s what d producers think,that make a good show, you’re wrong… Only person 2 have prbls with everyone!!! This is with old@new casts. Thanks enjoyed watching d show d end!!!

  43. Cas October 10, 2019

    I think it’s time to cancel this show…Shaunie has really disappointed everyone condoning and participating in this terrible behavior…hard to believe she has stooped to the scum with Evelyn…WTF is she doing???

  44. Robin October 10, 2019

    I agree with all of the comments. The problem with this show is Lozada. She puts everyone down when they enter this show. She is forever starting trouble and has a nasty attitude and then tries to play the victim. It’s really sad. All they do on this show is fight. I’ve already stopped watching. Cancel it ASAP.

  45. Kellz October 10, 2019

    We all need to spread the word …to not support any of these sponsors as long as they are supporting this bullying, racist, colorism BBWLA! It’s time to put an end to this!

  46. Kellz October 10, 2019

    I wanna know how rosanne gets thrown off her show for referencing someone as a monkey but evilyn can degrade OG reference her as a gorilla n cece she called ling ling n Jackie a cockroach but yet shes still on this show??? Wow! If this s*** ain’t cancelled it’s time for a boycott

  47. Jae October 11, 2019

    I agree 100%, BBW show should not be sponsored by any company. Evelyn is a disgrace, & Shaunie is a disgrace for allowing it to happen, and if any of the women agree they are a disgrace as well. Get rid of Basket Ball Wives tv show Now!!!!

  48. Pastor Sherri Solomon-David October 11, 2019

    @geico @allstate @aimovig @zennioptical The show your company sponsors #basketballwivesla promotes bullying, violence, racism and colorist behavior from cast members Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie Oneal. As a customer of your services I can not condone the disrespectful views of this television show. Stop the madness.

  49. PERCIAH October 11, 2019

    Evelyn Lozada has to go or change her disgusting attitude and bullying. She acts like she walks on water. The manner in which Princess OG was treated by Evelyn, Shaunie Kristen and Malaysia was appaulling to say the least… Malaysia last season drove her truck, with no make up and wearing tennis shoes in an attempt to whip another cast member because of a dispute that had nothing to do with her, and that was just swept under the carpet. Evelyn is violent and dangerous but no one ever said they couldn’t have her on the same set on the reunion… smh
    Shaunie is the biggest hypocrite on the show this season

  50. Buggy Davis October 11, 2019

    We have a signed list over here for 12,986 people that want the show shut down no more basketball wives show, and still more people are signing our list to boycott the show, this show is RACIST!!!! Plus too colorist why can Evelyn say she is Puerto Rican but Tami can’t tell the fact that she too is also the same, basketball wives es gives STEREO types to what people should look like that aren’t based on full facts and they lie about the real stories and content behind it! We will not stop signing this list until this trash show is off the air!!!!

  51. Mya Jones October 11, 2019

    This bum a** trash a** class act dumb B*****, really all the hood fake class act the did to folks on the show like she was so bad a**, first of all she was gonna hit CeCe but OG protected her from this bum a** b***** Eveyln can’t even keep a man better yet keep her hands to herself, did y’all hear the last baby daddy refused to marry her so now lelf her with a kid, Chad whipped her a** because she put her hands on him ass well, she’s has not real talent but to bully those she think is weak, and who really is the monkey look alike Eveyln looks like the pink monkey remember monkey’s skins are white they have straight hair and colored eyes with a line for lips, they look like white folks ,so who really is the monkey look??f****out of here! Evelyn have u really looked at who u really look like ?? ???? ?? ?? FACTS! Ur nothing but a undercover temporary s*** that nobody wants????‍♂️?‍♂️Ur a whole joke? men f**** u then leave u with muiltable fatherless bastards!!! While you get older & older with no real education?! Ur facts?Ur just a flatbacker?ghetto-hood?!!! Now sit ur d***sucking flatbacking manless old dry ugly yellow pink face ape looking??a** down somewhere!!! Before you get sent back to the section 8?️box projects u came fromwith ur muiltable fatherless bastards!!!!!

  52. Mita October 11, 2019

    I would like to say that shawny is very two face. OG need to return to the show because she’s keeps it real they can’t handle the realness they’re used to being fake and talking behind each others backs. Now O.g is aggressive yeah right. Them so called women was aggressive beforehand. Evillyn(evelyn) must want chad back she talking about him every chance she gets. It wouldn’t bother her so bad if she has moved on like she say. Evelyn is a straight h** who wants to be black….with her hoeing daughter who helped her mama make it.

  53. Mita October 11, 2019

    Evelyn needs a gd country ass kicking

  54. Nina Riley October 11, 2019

    I think they need to drop Evelyn and Shaunie because she stands by Evelyn all the Mess she’s done. I say give OG her own show familiarity

  55. Kathryn A Dupree October 11, 2019

    I hope the sponsors pull out because they way they treated OG was very wrong she never attack anyone
    But on the other hand Evelyn has slept with Tami hisband when she was mareied to him sleep around with all these guys that play sports to come up. Jump over table run on table through drinks and glasses at people but no one say anything about how aggressive she is . Shaunie keep using the word aggresive when she use OG name OG should sue shaunie. Because she keep using that word . Just because you have money don’t make you a ladie shaunie only have money bexause she had all those kids by a basketball player.

  56. Gina October 12, 2019

    Shaunie is two faced…she is as bad as Evelyn. It’s ok for Evelyn to be a bully…now that she met OG who is not afraid of her…Shaunie is against the bullying…I don’t blame Tammie for leaving the show…CeCe, Tammie, Jennifer, OG are too good for the show…

  57. Belinda Tillman October 13, 2019

    Cancell the entire show. We are done with watching supposedly intelligent black women screaming, cussing and disrespecting each other. There is nothing positive about this show. Sick of this reality TV show.

  58. Lioness October 18, 2019

    Fire Evelyn she has made racist comments and why the hell did she file a law suit agaisnt og her and cece should be filing a lawsuit evelyn. The hypocrisy. Nice try again of deflecting. Bye Evelyn you took it to far and shaunie cant save you.

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