Pete Davidson Suggests Ariana Grande Spray Paints Herself Brown

Published: Friday 28th Feb 2020 by David

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande‘s ex-boyfriend, seems to be leading the chorus of spectators who feel that the Pop princess is trying to be something that she is not.

Find out what Mr. Davidson had to say about the Italian-American megastar below…

After learning that Grande called her time with a “distraction” Pete countered the jab by suggesting that the star, who is of European descent, uses makeup to fool people into thinking that she is biracial or Latina.

He made the remark in his Netflix comedy special, ‘Pete Davidson: Alive from New York.’

I wasn’t gonna do jokes about this, but then my buddy told me, he’s like, ‘Yo — I recently heard that Ariana said she had no idea who you were and she just dated you as a distraction.’ So, now I just think it’s fair game.

Can you imagine if I did that?” Davidson quipped. “My career would be over tomorrow if I spray-painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started s******* on my ex. Can you imagine? No, don’t clap! … I like the giggles, it’s just jokes.

Can you imagine if I did that s***?If I was just like, ‘Yeah, I was just f****** her because I was bored, and then Fortnite came out,’ it would be insane.

This is the image he is referring to.

Unfortunately for Grande, he isn’t the only critic to take aim at the look she sported in the publication.

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  1. bad boy aint 4 LIFE February 28, 2020

    the b**** does…. soo- he wasn’t lying and she’s fkn problematic af. also, charlies’ angels soundtrack was trash and a half

    • Only Facts February 28, 2020

      This comment needs to be on a shirt ? I’m dying. All facts though.

    • HavanaONana February 28, 2020

      Charlie’s Angels soundtrack
      Birds of Prey soundtrack
      ==Both bombed in the charts

      ===Normani is in both albums

      • Only Facts February 28, 2020

        Camila was on cashmere cat and Mark Ronson’s album. Both albums flopped on every chart and their songs with Camila were singles. ????

        Don’t self-drag yourself Clarkson

  2. Ugghh February 28, 2020

    And water is wet

  3. Clarks0o0ñ February 28, 2020

    C***** virus is an epidemic right now, remember that time this bìtch licked donuts meant to be sold to costumers.

    Arianna is whiter than toilet paper.
    This girl Is doing black face in 2020 and you guys are letting it slide cause she makes bops.

    I used to think Arianna was a black biracial woman, didnt know she was pasty white.

    • Only Facts February 28, 2020

      If you’re going to try to read someone, at least spell their name correctly. Ariana has ONE ‘n’ moron.

    • PinotNoir February 28, 2020

      Her VERY Italian last name had seriously never clued you in?

  4. Hmmm… February 28, 2020

    I mean… she do.

  5. Paulo February 28, 2020

    Hmmm I see right through him. He is using Ariana’s despicable racial convenience (which he stood by and had nothing to say about until now) to get sympathy for his fake symmetry. Women get constantly slandered on media and in public by garbage men like him on a daily with no consequence so no the reaction would not be the same cause it is NOT the same situation period

    Watch him turn around and say he faked this punchline for giggles in 5 4 3 2 1

  6. High Price February 28, 2020

    Ha! I honestly never knew or paid it any attention I guess.. how long has this been going on? I KNOW she isn’t Latina or biracial. We all found that out during the Mariah comparisons when her joint “The Way” became a hit! …. Soooooo?????

  7. Shayla Queen ? February 28, 2020

    What they gonna say next, that white people can’t tan? GTFO.

  8. DeanD February 28, 2020

    I just found out a couple of weeks ago she was white. I honestly don’t know enough about her or her music to judge, but if she’s selling herself as something she is not, then that’s problematic.

  9. Only Facts February 28, 2020

    Google pics of Ariana when she was on Nickelodeon. She used to be pale as Casper. She does paint herself brown. I love Ari but Pete is telling no lies. This is what I call a skull drag

    • HavanaONana February 28, 2020

      Normani is flop and it is inevitable

      • Cüümila Cebolla February 29, 2020

        And your mother is a dirty whöre ?‍♂️

  10. biancacook February 28, 2020

    soooo tanning is now blackface now?????? boa take away the internet

  11. PinotNoir February 28, 2020

    We been knew she partaketh in Trump’s suntan in a can fumigations. What saddens me about this stoned, jaundice-stricken rat’s comment? The “I fcuked her” part. Typical male – always resorts to downgrading a girl’s rep by boasting about soiling her modesty. At least Big Sean called it a Billion Dollar Pü§§y.

  12. BeyRihCi February 28, 2020


    • LOL February 28, 2020



  13. Kurtz February 28, 2020

    So when is having a tan blackface FFS
    And I know people who do spray tans for a living. She spray tans so what
    Why is this an issue again… NEXT!!!!

    • LOL February 28, 2020

      Exactly. Italians have been brown since time began.

      • pcd = waypipo fried chicken February 29, 2020

        yea no b1tch, that h03 is wayt as fk- dont play yourself c00n ?

  14. Hfh February 29, 2020

    Black face? Italians are brown people…
    You know some people can be in the sun for 30 min in the summer in be more brown than in the winter. And they dont even try to get browner skin that just how it works in my skin for example and im not even Italian… So STFU thinking you OWN brown skin like if it’s your d***. I can walk from my house to the grocery store and get my winter lighter skin browner. That just how it works b.i.t.c.h

    • pcd = waypipo fried chicken February 29, 2020

      that h** is wayt as fk- dont play yourself c00n ?

  15. SOGOOD February 29, 2020

    And so what? I don’t see a problem here, this guy is just mad at her because she said thank you next.

    • SOGOOD February 29, 2020

      “Black face” LMAO, it’s so ridiculous, I swear y’all are thirsty for fake dramas.

  16. The f*** would whitney say February 29, 2020

    And Pete told her she look go9d and wanted to f*** her with the tan…. So shut up

  17. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. March 1, 2020

    I’ve never heard a more unfunny person in my life. This guy is so sad.

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