#GeorgeFloyd: Shocking New Footage Of Arrest Surfaces

Published: Saturday 30th May 2020 by Sam

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officers has more than gripped the nation. It’s caused an international outcry.

Despite audible pleas from Floyd for arresting officer Derek Chauvin to take his pressed knee off his neck, the unarmed Black man was subject to seven minutes of pressure and died shortly after.

The shocking incident has caused for an outpouring of emotion in the form of protests, petitions, and even looting; with the consistent sentiment being frustration at the racial injustice experienced by Black people.

It’s a feeling that looks set to intensify. For, fresh footage – allegedly of Floyd’s arrest – appears to add a new layer of shocking to the moments before the kneeling encounter that initially went viral.

Watch below…


As reported, Chauvin has been arrested and charged with both murder and manslaughter, while three of his colleagues have been fired.

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ May 30, 2020

    I didnt see no beating.

    They were forcing him In the car forcefully, which is wrong.
    Pls let’s say the truth.
    Lying complicates matters.

    According to reports he had a drug induced heart attack and that’s why he couldn’t breathe.

    That racist white officer will probably be given a slap on the wrist.

    • Neon May 30, 2020

      I agree that from that clip, you can’t make out exactly what is goimg on inside the car. That he may have had a drug-induced heart attack doesn’t change the fact that as he lay defenseless on the ground with 4 men ontop of him, he pleaded with them for his life, and Chauvin did nothing but nonchantly look on, all the while with his hands in his pockets and his knee on George’s neck. If someone is telling you over and over again that they can’t breathe, for most people, human instinct would be to do anything you can to help them. These were COPS of all people, sworn to protect and serve, and did nothing but facilitate his discomfort, which ultimately caused his death.

    • Anne May 30, 2020

      All we have so far are preliminary autopsy results, not the final results and we certainly don’t have toxicology results yet. They are prematurely speculating and trying to help us get our minds ready for the possibility of Chauvin getting off. The fact that Mr. Floyd MIGHT have had drugs in his system or preexisting medical conditions that may have possibly been CONTRIBUTORY factors in his death doesn’t take away from the obvious fact that the knee in his neck for over 8 minutes was a contributory factor and cause of his death and certainly doesn’t negate the fact that it was intentional murder in the second degree. The prosecution is trying to treat the public like we are ignorant and trying to help Chauvin get away with murder.

      • ICANT’T May 30, 2020

        lets cancel clarkson.

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 30, 2020

        Clarkson is over Party

  2. Only Facts May 30, 2020

    Lord be with his family and be with us all. So sad

    • Bogus May 30, 2020

      Hope you were at the protest in LA today at Pan Pacific Park

  3. #TheTruth May 30, 2020

    Put them all in jail. The whole squad.

    I feel bad for the cops who are doing their job right, because with all these racist police agents…

  4. Cody+s May 30, 2020

    Y’all so gullible. That white woman loving, Non child support paying , drunk as a skunk, s** tape making , purchasing things with fake money. Dude was trash.

    • Neon May 30, 2020

      What’s your point?

    • Anne May 30, 2020

      Sure, put the victim on trial instead of the killer. Sounds like you are the one who is being gullible.

    • my+name June 1, 2020

      TGJ I understand freedom of speech but this comment is racist and offensive and by this being the issue on the forefront, it would be respectful to no longer allow racist hateful comments in your comment section.

    • my+name June 1, 2020

      so, even if we’re all those things you are claiming he was, does that mean he deserved to die. you are an asshole and at this point comments like this just sound… plain ol’ dumb and not funny dumb, like no intelligence dumb.

  5. Anne May 30, 2020

    On top of the fact that the officers who aided and abetted haven’t been charged yet, Chauvin was charged with 3rd degree murder (to be specific) and manslaughter. But he should have been charged with 2nd degree murder, not 3rd. It was clearly intentional murder, he left his knee in the man’s neck for minutes as he repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe and begged for his life and even minutes after he lost consciousness. The charges are inadequate. Although the max he’s facing is 25, there is no minimum jail sentence so he could end up with just a slap on the wrist, assuming he’s found guilty in the first place.

  6. 🙏+things+get+better+soon! May 30, 2020

    Some of yall can be very ignorant! Did this man live the best life…..no! Did he possibly have other factors that caused his death…..maybe! What we do know is regardless of what he’s done or didn’t do in his life; this man pleaded numerous times and said he could not breathe. His life could have been saved if the cops just repositioned the man and got a knee off his neck that had been there for 8 minutes cutting off circulation! And TGJ please make sure when you put out info that it matches what you state in the title as there was no clear indication of what went on in the vehicle. Lastly to all those who claim to be outraged…..get from behind your social media and typing how mad you are and help bring about change bc at the end of the day a majority of you just go about your day. I’ve spent most my life trying to bring about change for minority men. I’ve helped nearly 400 at risk youth graduate high school on time, give back to the community and proud to say 87% went on to higher education. Change starts with YOU so lets all do our part! Be about what you say and mean it 100%. God be with us all as no one is perfect. A life is still a life and we all have purpose!

    • PinotNoir May 30, 2020

      God bless you, ma’am/sir. 👏

    • Len75 May 30, 2020

      100% facts and thank you for expressing this. You are absolutely right and I thank you again!!!

  7. eric May 30, 2020

    He’s the same one who stood guard while his partner committed murder.

    • my+name June 1, 2020

      so that means he deserves to die as well? you humans have a lot of issue that you need to get through. y’all need to be healed

  8. Annmarie’ May 30, 2020

    The man was saying he could not breath the cop had his knee on his neck

  9. Honeyyyyy May 31, 2020

    The Asian guys is his wife’s brother 🤷🏾‍♂️

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