NFL Admits “We Were Wrong” On Kneeling Protests / Aligns With #BlackLivesMatter

Published: Friday 5th Jun 2020 by Sam

The NFL are taking accountability.

With the globe engaged in heated dialogue about race in the wake of the death of unarmed Black man George Floyd, the National Football League has dramatically pivoted on its stance about the kneeling protest kicked off by Colin Kaepernick. 

The star quarterback hasn’t played for four years after his demand for justice during the national anthem jarred senior officials.

Now, as the gravity of racial injustice is finally becoming apparent to the masses, said top brass are admitting: “we were wrong.”

Full story below…

In a video statement, NFL commissionerRoger Goodell publicly owned up to the league not listening as they should and aligned with the #BlackLivesMatter movement:

We, the NFL, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of Black People.

We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Matter. #InspireChange

A necessary step.

Suffice to say, it’ll be interesting to see what – if any – developments this leads to on the Kaepernick front.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: GQ]

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  1. eric June 5, 2020

    I look forward to seeing how true his words are September 10.

  2. J June 5, 2020

    Well damn

  3. Section8DaGreat June 5, 2020

    It had to take for all of this protest to happen for them to realize? GTFOH

  4. 1988 June 5, 2020

    Colin Kaepernick is iconic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Dear Black People June 6, 2020

      TRASHmine & TROLLmine = 1988 & Nancy are the person. FAKE accounts.

      • Fancy BISH June 6, 2020

        Clark, you are trying SO HARD after being EXPOSED by TGJ…don’t think I didn’t take a mental note 😂 Look on your dresser, get you a glass of water and GULP those mental medications 💊 🤣 You falling TF OFF 😂 I been here since 2014, NOT ONE name change, new account, NOTHING HEFFA 🤳🏽

      • Dear Black People June 6, 2020

        You are that vile Jasmine troll who has been exposed many times over lol. Have you donated any money the black lives?

      • Dear Black People June 7, 2020

        Try again Jasmine you troll im not that Clarkson. You are still unable to answer what you have done for the black community , people like you are the biggest hypocrites get a real life TROLL.

      • Fancy BISH June 7, 2020

        Chile, everytime I CLOCK you on one of your other accounts, you come running back to this one 🤣 I haven’t seen Jasmine in FOREVER on TGJ, take your daily medications 💊 😂 I’m ROCKING your little flavorless WORLD 🤣

  5. Hmmm… June 5, 2020

    NFL, Tell us something we don’t know. They need to address Kaep personally and directly. And when it’s genuine, it’s specific. Why were you wrong? What’s going to change? They let one of the interns write this one.

  6. tyty June 5, 2020

    Yeah ok start by allowing the opportunity for a black man or woman to own a team, or higher positions within the organisation, kap getting his job back is neither here nor there his developed some kind of martyr complex so….. this nfl thing needs to move past kap as it’s become stagnant

  7. RainonMe June 5, 2020

    Laughing cause all everyone and the people protesting all still tuned in to the nfl even if they were wrong. Not a single person canceled the NFL during the time kapernick started kneeling lol. So everyone is also at fault who tuned in and kept watching the NFL even if their was racism.

    • Lucy June 5, 2020


      • Clarks0o0ñ June 5, 2020

        Obsessed with me

    • Lucy June 5, 2020

      Get a job. We all know it’s you under tht account troll

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 5, 2020

        See a doctor cause u are mentally unstable

  8. Susan June 5, 2020

    The NFL should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t try to save face now. I expect Colin to be on the field this fall then. Keep that same energy

  9. stan June 5, 2020

    i need them to actually mention colin kaepernick in their statements

  10. Rashad June 6, 2020

    I hate how the NFL is getting a pass on this and people are like let bygones be bygones bc they like professional sports and football especially. It’s BS and this is not enough. The NFL is the richest league and way behind the curve on calling for justice and equality. Y’all know if a female celeb behaved this way she’d be cancelled but bc men love football this lame a%s apology will suffice and everyone will forgive and move forward. Tired of athletes and athletic organizations being held to a different standard than everyone else. This is only step 1…now prove you mean it each and every day

    • Re June 6, 2020

      I agree with you. Now the NFL players are happy. Come on these people were forced to apologize because 6 NFL players called them out about Drew brees comment. Otherwise we would never ave heared from them. Fake ass s***.

  11. Adonis June 6, 2020

    Fake a$$ crackers they still hate Colin for it and won’t give him a job for igniting all this tho

  12. Re June 6, 2020

    I agree with you. Now the NFL players are happy. Come on these people were forced to apologize because 6 NFL players called them out about Drew brees comment. Otherwise we would never ave heared from them. Fake ass s***. I bet if NFl players stop playing all around they would going through withdrawal but our black NFL players won’t do that when they all are millionaires and don’t need the money. Hell trump said he wants sports to come back as the virus had stopped it.

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