Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Must See Attractions

Published: Sunday 30th Jul 2023 by Sam

For over 100 years, Warner Bros. Studios has towered tall as one of the most iconic and impactful entities across the global entertainment sphere.

Serving as the home of a rich tapestry of movies, TV shows, and franchises, the juggernaut (which was founded by the Polish-born  Warner Brothers: Albert, Jack, Harry, and Sam) uniquely boasts a colossal collection of classic titles as well as a contemporary dominance of the media arena by way of new hits such as current blockbuster smash ‘Barbie.’

As ever, That Grape Juice‘s Meet The Makers shines a spotlight on the people, places, and spaces behind the scenes that make the magic happen.
For a special installment of the feature, we journeyed to Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood for a close-up exploration of Warner’s stunning history, present productions, and evergreen excellence.
Join us below as we tally 5 must-see attractions at Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood…

The ‘Friends’ Set

Few shows, if any, can rival the phenomenon that ‘Friends’ still is a year short of the 20th anniversary of its final episode.
Fittingly, then, upon touring the enormous Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood space, it quickly becomes clear that the ‘Friends’ installation serves as its centerpiece.
TGJ was able to pose it up in an immersive and interactive exhibit of Central Perk and even got to do the same in front of the famed fountain that appears in the show’s opening credits.
And while Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Pheobe, and Chandler now take residence in our memories, Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood makes it possible to create new memories – with you at the center.

‘Selena’ Movie Costumes

We love music here at TGJ. As such, you already know ‘Selena’ serves as one of our favorite films of all time. Because not only does it chronicle the incredible life and tunes of the Latin legend Selena Quintanilla, but it also birthed the mainstream career of another Latin superstar – Jennifer Lopez, who played the lead role in the 1997 movie.
At Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood, guests can get up close with the gorgeous costumes worn in the Gregory Nava-directed classic, while also learning little-known facts about the production.

‘Bob Loves Abishola’ Set

Much like talk shows, new sitcoms are one of the hardest formats to win with. However, the creators of ‘Bob Loves Abishola’ clearly struck gold with the hilarious series – which navigates a cross-cultural romance.

Though broadcast on CBS, the show (which is heading into its fifth season) is produced by Warner Bros. Television, as such shoots at Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood.

During our guided tour of the lot, we visited the set of ‘Bob Loves Abishola’ – which pretty surreally placed us quite literally into the center of all the spots where the action happens in the show. From Abisola’s living room to the hospital she works at. All of which are, in reality, just a few steps away from each other.


‘The Big Bang Theory’ Set

Like many the world over, we’re still finding it hard to say goodbye to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ four years after the show bid us adieu.

However, at Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood, visitors can celebrate one of the most-watched shows of all time by jumping into the action themselves.

For, Sheldon’s beloved apartment remains on the lot as one of the nuclei of the tour.

Don’t miss it!


‘Batman’ Exhibition

The moody and mysterious magnificence of ‘Batman’ is celebrated in a breathtaking display at Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood.

Residing in a cave-like enclosure that mirrors that of the caped crusader,  a wide array of the superhero’s costumes – across many of his titular movies –  are showcased in all their glory. So too are a variety of Batmobiles.

Both the scale and the detail are astounding in the best way.

Again, breathtaking.


Suffice it to say, Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood is a must-see. Click here for tickets and further information.

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